Friday, September 29, 2017

Christian Nationalist America

Yesterday, I tossed out a protest idea centered around Christianity and the public square. Today, the news reports two more attacks on Christian symbols.

Bible Verse on Bench In Memory of Virginia Teen Must Be Removed
They decided to highlight his love for baseball and installed a bench next to the baseball field at his school, Randolph Henry High.

According to television station WSET, included on the bench is a scripture from Philippians 4:13 which reads, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

But the Charlotte County School Board said the Bible verse is a violation of school policy and must be removed from the bench.
No one complained, but the school's lawyers think it should go.

Federal judge rules cross on Lehigh County seal is unconstitutional
A federal judge ruled Thursday the large yellow cross at the center of Lehigh County’s seal violated the Constitution, which will likely force the seal’s redesign.

In a 23-page decision, Judge Edward Smith begrudgingly ruled in favor of The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based organization that promotes the separation of church and state.

In 2014 and 2015, the foundation threatened to sue Lehigh County if it did not remove the cross from the seal. The cross’ presence, it argued, violated the Establishment Clause, which forbids government from favoring one faith over others or prohibiting religious practice.

Stephen Meholic, David Simpson, John Berry and Candace Winkler — all Lehigh County residents and members of the foundation — joined the suit as plaintiffs. The four testified that they were opposed to the seal or found it unwelcome or offensive, according to court documents.

Commissioners refused to back down to the threats. In a resolution unanimously passed in 2016, commissioners argued the cross needed to be viewed in historical context. The cross, they said, represented the Christian settlers who colonized the region. The foundation filed suit last year as a result.

In his ruling, Smith said the cross was a passive symbol that did not coerce anyone into adopting Christianity or establish a county religion. However, existing case law required him to find that the county was honoring the settlers because they were Christians, which violates the Establishment Clause.

“This welcome ruling should settle the matter and get the seal redesigned to be inclusive, to ensure that it does not continue to send a message that only Christian citizens are represented or welcome,” she said.
It makes much more sense to remove those people from Lehigh County, if they are so offended by their neighbors. The Lehigh Commissioners should take a page from Judge Roy Moore and design an even more "offensive" symbol.

In any event, if you can't defend a widely popular symbol, you'll fail at defending less popular symbols such as Confederate statues.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Movie Everyone on the Alt-Right Should Watch

Stone of Destiny a great pro-nationalist movie made in 2008. It tells the story of Ian Hamilton and the heist of the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey.
The Stone, originally used for the coronation of Scottish monarchs, had been removed to England by Edward I in 1296 to bolster his claim to the throne of Scotland. After the Acts of Union 1707 between Scotland and England, it was used for the coronation of British monarchs. As such, Hamilton's action in returning the Stone to Scotland was applauded as a symbolic triumph for Scottish nationalism. The Stone was turned over to the Church of Scotland, which surrendered it to English authorities in April 1951. Hamilton and his accomplices were charged, but never prosecuted. The Stone was eventually returned to Scotland in 1996, with provision for subsequent use in the coronation of British monarchs.
According to the film, the act revived nationalist sentiment in Scotland, which if true means it has lasting impact into the present day.

The Scottish example is applicable to the U.S. because there is an American identity that has been lost or re-purposed. Christian symbols are snuffed out. One idea I had after watching the movie was to erect a cross on public land (the best would be ground that used to be Christian and now isn't) in an politically unfriendly city, but possibly religiously friendly one (such as Irish Catholic filled Boston or maybe a very left-wing city in the South). The toughs who want a physical confrontation can keep the Antifa away. The goal would be to keep the cross erect for as long as possible, to inspire massive support to keep the cross erect, and inspire more crosses to go up around the nation. Invite Christians of all denominations to pray at the cross and help form a human shield when the police eventually come to tear it down. It could be done as an "MIT-level" prank, erecting an extremely heavy cross or in such a way that authorities needs days to disassemble it. No violence except to protect the faithful. Prayers of intercession on behalf of the United States of America, asking Jesus to heal our nation and help restore it to order.

Occam's Laser Hits the Ferguson Effect

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not buying into my own narrative of the world too much. Humans are prone to narratives for a reason. Wisdom and history were passed down for centuries in stories. It's easy to stretch a narrative beyond its limits and see connections where they don't belong or where the connection may exist, but more relevant factors are obscured. Robert Conquest's law is true: Everyone is conservative about what he knows best. Find a wacko leftist and engage them in a discussion about their professional field, and watch the insanity disappear. The most frustrating and scary thing about leftism is how you can engage a leftist in completely honest conversation and find lots of common ground on a topic removed from politics (such as doctors arguing over the best cancer drug to use for a certain class of patients), but they want to send you to reeducation camps when the topics broaden into politics. (The insane (pure?) leftists work in the opposite direction, trying to inject politics into everything.)

Even a very political field such as climate science is ultimately an objective question. There's nothing political about the truth of human influence on the climate, nothing political about measuring it against other goals. Only once we have all of that sorted and decide to act, or not act, does it start to become political. The Left wants to jump the gun because for the Left, everything in life is political. The Left turns school lunches, and even what's in children's bagged lunch from home, into political issues. It is easy to get lost in the Left's insanity.

A bad narrative shoehorns everything into the narrative, rather that accepting limits. It eventually turns into a fairy tale because its failure to predict requires replacing fact for fiction. The worst narratives eventually stop denying reality and reject facts entirely (the Soviet economy).

A good narrative is more like a scientific hypothesis. That's how I approach certain ideas such as the cycle theories of history. Can I make some predictions based on this theory? If yes, predict. Bet. Invest. Put skin in the game and see what happens. The more skin I can put in the game, the more I like the theory. I made a handsome sum in the 2016 election thanks to what could be called narrative or theory convergence. The more theories with similar predictions made from different sources, the better the odds.

Sometimes we can't bet, but we can parse the data. A lot has been made of the Ferguson Effect:
The Ferguson effect is a term referring to what its proponents claim is a causal link to increases in crime rates in a number of major U.S. cities, due to police forces being subject to heightened levels of scrutiny. The term has been criticized by some academics and politicians, including President Barack Obama
This is a bit of a nebulous theory, it involves ideas such as the police not working as hard while on the job. It sounds like the theory that the mortgage meltdown was caused by diversity and pushing for minority home ownership. That was a part of the overall picture, but its not the reason. You can't pull out a chart of home prices or the collapse and pinpoint changes in diversity on the chart.

With the Ferguson Effect, a rise in crime could be related to rising immigration, demographics, changes in sentencing, a whole host of issues. Pinpointing a single cause is close to impossible. Except in this case, it's so precise we are using Occam's Laser.
Sailer writes:
As I point out below, the latest Chicago surge in murders began in January 2016, immediately after or coinciding with four BLM-driven triumphs of liberalism over the Chicago Police Department from late November 2015 to early January 2016.

But Chicago is murky compared to Baltimore, where the current high rate of homicides can be dated to April 27, 2015, the day of the BLM riot over Freddie Gray’s death. This may be the single most clear-cut case in the history of social science.

Keeping Up With Reaction

Thanks to Nick B Steves and the TWiR staff for the '“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention' this week.

This Week In Reaction is one of the best weekly updates anywhere. It takes a week to digest all linked posts and articles. If you read only one post in Neoreaction each week, make it TWiR.

And if you missed a week, or a few, or dozens, don't worry. Neoreaction has a low time preference, TWiR stays fresh for years.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

David Brooks Is Trolling Now

Maybe I have been too harsh on Mr. Brooks.

A plain reading of his latest The Abbie Hoffman of the Right: Donald Trump makes it seem like he's very close to the truth, but oh so far.

A more charitable reading is he realizes he lives among the wackos and delivering a ounce of Truth requires a dump truck of "Donald Trump is a buffoon."

After World War II the Protestant establishment dominated the high ground of American culture and politics. That establishment eventually failed. It tolerated segregation and sexism, led the nation into war in Vietnam and became stultifying.

So in the late 1960s along came a group of provocateurs like Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and the rest of the counterculture to upend the Protestant establishment. People like Hoffman were buffoons, but also masters of political theater.

They never attracted majority support for their antics, but they didn’t have to. All they had to do was provoke, offend the crew-cut crowd, generate outrage and set off a cycle that ripped apart the cultural consensus.

...That’s exactly what he’s doing. Donald Trump came into a segmenting culture and he is further tearing apart every fissure. He has a nose for every wound in the body politic and day after day he sticks a red-hot poker in one wound or another and rips it open.
If we consider the audience in question, painting Trump as the villain is the way to go. But in reality, he's compared the establishment to a collapsing regime. They're headed for the trash bin and there's really nothing they can do about it. Nowhere in this piece say what the Protestant establishment should have done...
The members of the educated class saw this past weekend’s N.F.L. fracas as a fight over racism. They felt mobilized and unified in that fight and full of righteous energy. Members of the working class saw the fracas as a fight about American identity. They saw Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin try to dissuade Alejandro Villanueva, a three-time combat veteran, from celebrating the flag he risked his life for. Members of this class also felt mobilized, unified and full of righteous energy.

I don’t know which planet is bigger, or which would win an election, but that frankly doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Trump is shredding the culture and ending the dominance of the meritocratic establishment.
He continually goes after racial matters in part because he’s a bigot but also in part because multiculturalism is the theology of the educated class and it’s the leverage point he can most effectively use to isolate the educated class from everyone else.

He is so destructive because his enemies help him. He ramps up the aggression. His enemies ramp it up more, to preserve their own dignity. But the ensuing cultural violence only serves Trump’s long-term destructive purpose. America is seeing nearly as much cultural conflict as it did in the late 1960s. It’s quite possible that after four years of this Trump will have effectively destroyed the prevailing culture. The reign of the meritocratic establishment will be just as over as the reign of the Protestant establishment now is.
Remember, he's writing to the NYTimes audience. He's telling them they will be completely laid waste in 4 years.
Of course Donald Trump is a buffoon. Buffoonery is his most effective weapon. Because of him, a new culture will have to be built, new values promulgated and a new social fabric will have to be woven, one that brings the different planets back into relation with one another.

That’s the work of the next 20 years.
Is David Brooks giving up The Resistance? Or is he trolling his NYTimes audience? There's no way (short of effectively resigning his NYTimes column) Brooks could lay the entirety of the blame where it belongs, on the establishment. Maybe he can make "Donald Trump the Buffoon" into a recurring joke as he skewers the collapse of progressive orthodoxy.

The bad news for everyone, not only Mr. Brooks, is that the next 20 years will be a continuation of the past 2 years. This isn't the 1960s, but the 1860s. This isn't a phase transition from one leadership class into another. This is Civil War. Secession is on the table. The Progressive are like Abolitionists, they will not allow one-half of the nation to live in peace. Unity is only possible if they are stopped.

Culture War: Trapped in Satan's OODA Loop

Trump is a political genius. After suffering a string of defeats, gaining no traction on the wall and even seeming to favor amnesty, he was quickly losing support from his base. What does Trump do? Attack the NFL. It's the same strategy he used during the campaign. It works because American politics is tribal now. It works because the Cathedral can't help but pile on. The media is destroying its cash cow, the NFL. Media outlets that have paid billions for broadcast rights are leading the charge. With a throwaway tweet, Trump can troll the establishment and convince them to annihilate hundreds of millions in market valuation. (It would be interesting to quantify the damage Trump has inflicted on the media and the NFL, by now it is probably into 9 figures considering intangibles such as brand. We'll know for sure next time the broadcast rights are up. How does Amazon feel about paying $50 million for Thursday night streaming rights, when Twitter only paid $10 million last year?)

The cynic in me wants to say, "It's not rational! He's distracting you with the shiny while he stabs you in the back!" Except, it is rational because in a Culture War, your only options are to fight or Exit. America is trapped inside Satan's OODA loop, circling the drain in a never-ending battle for position within an increasingly fractured polity. Every stupid battle over meaningless minutiae represents an opportunity for advance on the battlefield. Furthermore, the enemy is even more invested in status. A victory for the Right causes far more damage on the Left. The asymmetry has drawn the energy of the Right into activities such as trolling.

Outgrouping the left's rabbits is difficult, but once the battle is turned, they collapse. The Cathedral launches "shock and awe" on every heretic, using government, courts, media and social pressure to achieve a minor victory such as getting a gay wedding cake baked. Even then, it sometimes only succeeds in creating a martyr. The Right is the guerrilla; Trump the Ayatollah. He lives in exile in his fortress of solitude, surrounded by enemies in the swamp. He lobs tweets (the Ayatollah used cassettes) and the guerrilla forces launch tactical strikes before blending back into the ocean of the silent majority. The raids cause terror and anxiety on the left. They feel like a dinghy in an ocean of racism and hate.

Once you're inside the Culture War though, can you find your way to Exit? The cultural Right is now "triggered" by the flag, military and statues the same way the left is triggered by sodomy, diversity and transgenderism. It is not enough for the left to tolerate homosexuals, one must celebrate them and everything they do. The right is not terribly different with its support for the military these days. The national anthem was seldom played at sporting events before WWII and the Cold War. A rational response would be to remove the anthem, denying the left an opportunity for Culture War. However, we're inside the loop. To stop playing the anthem now is to give in to the left. You can't go back to pre-WWII America because it is dead. If the national anthem isn't played at sporting events, most Americans might not hear it at all except maybe at a 4th of July fireworks display.

A nation needs a flag, a military, and a history. If nothing is sacred, then you don't have a nation. Which is why the trap of the Culture War is almost inescapable. Jockeying for status isn't meaningless when the national economy is deteriorating. When there's no more pie, or people believe there is no more pie, the only way to get a bigger slice is to take someone else's pie. This behavior shrinks the pie and you fight harder to defend your slice, and the pie shrinks, so you pour more resources into defending your slice, and down the nation goes. Like global thermonuclear war, the only way to win is to not play the game. It's nice to counter-strike, but the game will never end until the enemy's launch capability is permanently degraded.

Monday, September 25, 2017

A New Inquisition

Pope Francis, Fr. Martin, and Faith without Reason
We’re witnessing a period in which the Church is trying to have Faith without the full benefits of Reason. This is odd, in a way, because it’s usually thought that the only Christians who forsake reason are impossible-to-reason-with fundamentalists. In the current moment, we have a progressive group in Rome and beyond that seems to think that Reason in any strong sense distorts or even blocks Faith.

They know the outcomes they want and aren’t about to let the logical contradictions theologians, philosophers, or ordinary believers notice, stop them.

It’s an old philosophical truth that that once you abandon the principle of non-contradiction, you can prove anything. And here is proof positive.

For example, Father Antonio Spadaro, S.J., of La Civiltà Cattolica has argued that, as a good Jesuit, the Holy Father does not take something and explore its logical consequences, but instead looks directly at it and seeks inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps so (we can’t be sure that anyone really speaks the Holy Father’s mind).

But behold the confusions this leads to in the Church:

In Amoris Laetitia, as we’ve been told by various interpreters, sexual relations between the divorced/remarried are sometimes the best that can be done in the circumstances. That ceasing sexual relations may harm the family and the good of children.

But here’s another case: an industrialist makes gobs of money polluting the local environment (real pollution, not speculations about climate change). He’s confronted by a reader of Laudato Si’. He replies, however, that to clean up his plant would cripple him, probably leading to the departure of his wife and children, to say nothing of the damage to the families of workers he would have to lay off. So the best he can do under the circumstances is to regret those circumstances, seek to do better – someday, and – in the meantime – do nothing.
Where this is headed:
You only have to look at a figure like Aquinas to see that all that thinking is in the service of knowing and understanding the Beloved better, and seeking to do what He wills.

The alternative to this careful, patient, loving attention to the One who revealed himself in history, Scripture, tradition, the lives of holy men and women, and great Catholic thinkers is to substitute what you or I or someone else thinks Jesus was, or should have been.

That path now has a 500-year history. It even has a certain, if truncated logic of its own. But that logic isn’t Catholicism.
Is a new Inquisition on the way? Perhaps, when (if?) the West wakes up to its existential threats.

It was under this threat that the Pope authorized the Spanish Inquisition if it should be needed. Queen Isabella instituted it two years later. The specific threat that the Inquisition faced was the "conversos." Spain had been freed form Islamic control for only a few generations. Because no Jew or Muslim could hold a high position in the Christian kingdom many Jews and Muslims had converted to Christianity. Many of their descendents now held high positions both within the royal court and within the Church. (Isabella's confessor is one example.) Many of these conversions were matters of convenience and some continued to practice their original faith secretly. With good reason it was feared that these secret Muslims and Jews might betray the Spanish cities to the Turks. This situation also affected those who had sincerely converted since they were now publicly suspect.
Today, Muslims, Jews and Westerners openly call for the destruction of the West. No Inquisition is needed when their actions speak louder than words, but the institutions are also littered with people of questionable allegiances. Whose side are they on? As for the Church, who really believes in Catholic doctrine?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Filtering

Neoreaction is to politics as physics is to engineering. You can build any structure you like, but if you violate basic natural principles and you don't account for that in your structure, it will have a high risk of collapse. If nothing else, Neoreaction is about cutting to the core truths in politics.

An example from basic economics: price controls on certain items might create more political benefit than economic cost (healthcare, food, fuel, college education), but if the designer of the system doesn't understand economics, it will probably end up being both an economic and political disaster. Having a market-dominant minority in the country is very beneficial, but not understanding the history and downsides of it is a recipe for violence. It is easy to overlook the the problems because the systems can run for generations before the structural failure point is made obvious to the idiots.

Before Neoreaction, most of the "far right" understood that universal suffrage cannot protect property rights. Democracy is mob rule; letting people who do not produce vote away the resources of producers will always end badly, it's only a question of when the non-producers outnumber the producers and if the system gets junked before reaching the inevitable end stage. The problem then is where to draw the line, but wherever the line is drawn, there will always be a pull back towards universal suffrage because in an immediate battle for political advantage there will always be a high time preference politician willing to sacrifice long-term goals for short-term gain.

Neoreaction is also elitist in the most basic meaning, that of being focused on the "ruling class" (either the extant one or a new one) and having a high bar to membership. It is not easy to become worthy. Free Northerner explains:
Passivism is about seeking victory through building and preserving resources and taking battle after victory has been achieved. That is why it is called accepting power. If we become worthy, ie: if we build our power bases, legitimacy, and authority to the extent necessary, then when the time comes, there will be nothing to do but for the great man to accept what is rightfully his. Lord Monck will walk into London unopposed and restore the king to his rightful place.

Alternatively, the more resources we squander now and the less we build, the greater the fight and the lesser the odds of victory will be when the black swan flies.
He also explains how Cthulhu swims left:
Everybody likes to posit that some bogeyman composed of people they dislike is in charge and running, ruining, things behind the scenes because that is comforting. Even if a conspiracy is leading to disaster, at least we’re being led. Even if they are evil incarnate, at least they know what they’re doing and are leading society in a specific direction. It is comforting to know someone is in charge, even if we hate them.

But we’re not that lucky. There is no one who really knows what they’re doing and no one is in charge. Everybody has just a little bit of power, some have more some less, to accomplish tiny things, so nobody has any real power to accomplish anything. Our system is veiled anarchy.
You cannot escape the leftward drift of society until you figure out what moves it leftward. We can reduce/halt immigration and turn aspects of Sailer's "affordable family formation" into policy. Let's say they work and native people start having more children as the society moves rightward...what next? A repeat of the Baby Boomers? Leftward drift is like entropy. Just as Man (life) counteracts entropy in the universe, perhaps Cthulhu's leftward swim can only be stopped by a constant application of counteracting force. Perhaps a better names for him are sin, temptation and Satan.

In contrast, the Alt-Right is thoroughly populist and democratic. Its major issue at the moment is free speech. There is no real barrier to entry on the Alt-Right and it argues for an extreme right of speech that would be wholly alien to Southern honor and Yankee religion both. We can dial the clock back to the 18th and 19th Centuries and find pamphleteers running wild like social media shitposters, but we cannot find a society that enshrines this behavior into law. The Alt-Right is a contrarian reaction (in the most basic sense) to the Cathedral and also wholly within the Cathedral. Contrarian in the sense that some of Alt-Right oppose basic decency and respectability because the Cathedral imposes a perverted standard. Within the Cathedral because it's conception of free speech depends on leftward reinterpretations made during the 20th Century.

If Cthulhu always swims left, anything that is not outside of the Cathedral will be destroyed or assimilated. Filters will be broken down, tolerance wins. Populism rules. The tweet with the most likes always wins.

In order to swim right, we must have a filter. Where the left tends towards universal suffrage and chaos, the right tends towards monarchy and order. The Truth wins even if it has 300 million down votes.

Society falls apart is because Man lets it fall apart. Because he is not worthy. God will not stop the entropy until Judgement Day. Satan is the prince of this world.

Before you can become worthy of power, you must become worthy of civilization.

To become worthy of civilization, you must resist sin and temptation.

You must become worthy of God's grace.

Civilization will be rebuilt Man by Man, family by family, polity by polity, and only then will it be worthy of good leadership.

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More Joy

Applied practically, this means that to bring people to traditional ways of thought and life, the right should not focus on breaking down the beliefs of moderates and progressives. Instead, we must show our countrymen that there is a better way. This is not a political action, at least not in the modern sense of the word. Instead, it is made up of human actions. We should learn from Alasdair MacIntyre that traditions are passed on only through lived practices. These practices can be intricate like religious rites, or they can be as simple as praying before meals. Indeed, when looking through their simplicity, it becomes apparent that meals constitute a fundamental part of any social revival.

The Future of the Democrat Party

This chart from The Audacious Epigone looks like what the Baizuo want for national demographics. The real Rainbow Coalition

Friday, September 01, 2017

David Brooks Calls for Caesar

In Praise of Equipoise
How do we get out of this spiral?

The first step is to just get out. Turn the other cheek, love your enemy, confront your opponent with aggressive love.
This won't get you out of identity politics, but it's not bad advice. It's not cucky to wish your enemy a happy and healthy life in his own homeland. Feel sorry for the sick and twisted individuals promoting white genocide, do not dwell too much on your hatred of them. Focus on stopping them, but hatred is ultimately self-destructive because you end up doing things to harm your enemy (such as arming up in Charlottesville to do violent battle with Antifa) instead of focusing solely on elevating your self. It also makes you reject choices that are win-win. Finally, for enemies who really do irrationally hate you, returning love back at them only drives them more insane.

Brooks swings back to rootless cosmopolitan values:
The second step is to refuse to be a monad. Maalouf points to the myth that “‘deep down inside’ everyone there is just one affiliation that really matters.” Some people live this way, hanging around just one sort of person, loyal to just one allegiance and leading insular, fearful lives. In fact, the heart has many portals. A healthy person can have four or six vibrant attachments and honor them all as part of the fullness of life.

The more vibrant attachments a person has, the more likely she will find some commonality with every other person on earth. The more interesting her own constellational self becomes. The world isn’t only a battlefield of groups; it’s also a World Wide Web of overlapping allegiances. You might be Black Lives Matter and he may be Make America Great Again, but you’re both Houstonians cruising the same boat down flooded streets.
This reiterates the first point. It's possible to love your enemy, but the fact that enemies might help each other in a flood or root for the pathetic Houston Texas doesn't change the fact that they have different religions, want different forms of government, and one of them wants to take the other's stuff.

He ends with a call for a Caesar to rule over the diverse American Empire:
The final step is to practice equipoise. This is the trait we should be looking for in leaders. It’s the ability to move gracefully through your identities — to have the passions, blessings and hurts of one balanced by the passions, blessings and hurts of several others.

The person with equipoise doesn’t feel attachments less powerfully but weaves several deep allegiances into one symphony. “A good character,” James Q. Wilson wrote, “is not life lived according to a rule (there rarely is a rule by which good qualities ought to be combined or hard choices resolved), it is a life lived in balance.” Achieving balance is an aesthetic or poetic exercise, a matter of striking the different notes harmonically.

Today rage and singularity is the approved woke response to the world — Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. But you show me a person who can gracefully balance six fervent and unexpectedly diverse commitments, and that will be the one who is ready to lead in this new world.
This is America 2000 shmaltz. It's also crazy to create a new world without a leader. Defense contractors can build fighter jets that cause higher G-forces than the human body can withstand. The Pentagon, as stupid as they can be with procurement, don't bet the national defense on building such jets on the assumption that one day some people might be able to withstand those forces. Yet that is what the elite have done in America, created a system that can only be sustained by a non-existent philosopher king.



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