Tuesday, April 25, 2017

America's Judiciary Blows Gaskets in Attempt to Stop Trump


Things would be much smoother if the courts would simply declare Trump is illegal, along with anyone who has an opinion to the right of Jeb Bush.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Seattle Among the Whitest Cities in America

Seattle's pedophile mayor has a couple of new ideas.

Seattle wants $1M legal-defense fund for immigrants facing deportation
A day after suing President Donald Trump over his executive order on so-called “sanctuary cities,” Seattle officials said the city plans to set up a $1 million legal-defense fund for immigrants the federal government attempts to deport.

Pending City Council approval, the money would be allocated through a competitive process to nonprofit organizations that provide legal representation to people with cases in immigration court, Councilmembers M. Lorena González and Tim Burgess said at a news conference Thursday.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray proposes income tax for city’s ‘high-end’ households
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will propose a city income tax on “high-end” households, he said Thursday night during a forum for mayoral candidates.

On stage with six challengers in a Lake City church, Murray said he would send a proposal in the “next few weeks” for a City Council vote. He didn’t offer many details.

“We all know that Washington state has a regressive tax system,” Murray told a crowd at the forum hosted by the 46th District Democrats.

“We can all argue about what we’re going to do about it. Those discussions have been going on since I was a kid in this city. But what I’m going to send to council is a proposal for a high-end income tax.”
Washington State doesn't have an income tax. The tax has a hilarious slogan:
For weeks, a coalition of local organizations led by the Transit Riders Union has been drumming up support for a city income tax under the slogan Trump Proof Seattle.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

An Hero James Murdoch Suicides Fox News

If you watched Fox News around March 2015, a lot of stories in the evening were about ISIS and overseas intervention, with Krauthammer saying the most important qualification for the next president would be foreign policy experience. Completely different from what people were talking about in real life and online (immigration). It looked and felt like a propaganda effort.

Fox News has since seen some shift in a Trumpist direction as on-air talent spread their wings. Tucker Carlson has probably made the biggest shift. Outside of his show and a few other programs, however, Fox News mainly puts out the cuckservative talking points, the Official Cuckservative Narrative.

The destruction of Fox News should therefore be welcomed. It is the loudest signal drowning out the dissident Right and because it is a near signal, it can drown out the dissident Right.

Michael Wolff: It's James Murdoch's Fox News Now
In some sense, with the ouster of Ailes and now O’Reilly, James has overthrown his own network. With them there, both men possessing vast industry, institutional, political and corporate powers, it would have been impossible for the owner’s jejune son to have forced change. Now with them gone, it’s nearly a clean slate. Fox News must become something else. The almost certain instant erosion of Fox’s primetime audience, built on the spillover of O’Reilly’s long-unbeaten 8:00 hour, means the existential moment begins, practically speaking, immediately.

Rupert, 86, is said to be watching this in some disbelief, but with some pride, too. He has long believed that what many others see as his son’s arrogance and superciliousness is actually brilliance. And while Rupert may disagree with much of James' instincts and actions — quite proved inadequate in the London phone-hacking scandal for which James received much of the blame — he yet seems pleased that he would be up to taking them.

James’ dream, wherein he hopes to match his father’s accomplishments, and which he has been spinning for all who might listen for many years now, is of combining Sky News and Fox News with the vast Murdoch reach and producing some ultimate global news brand. Where Fox News is parochial and America First, the new global brand is worldly and unlimited. It will give his family’s company, once the pirate company, new meaning and new stature — a force for stability instead of upheaval. Murdoch media, in an age of populist disruption, will stand for the established world order.
The Drudge Report has shown the way, a large number of his links go to UK and sometimes Australian media. An Anglosphere network is definitely a good idea, 24 hours from Sydney to London to New York. A sports channel that shows baseball in the evening (US time) and Australian Rules Football in the morning would do well.

But he's not going in a populist direction, he doesn't want to become the most powerful news network in the world, the pinnacle of opposition media against the globalist world order. Instead, he wants a pat on the head.

The dissident media will have its chance to flourish.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Investing in Diversity

The little girl standing in front of the bull is a good metaphor for what happens if you invest in SPDR Gender Diversity (SHE) instead of SPDR S&P 500 (SPY).

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

No Platform for Aristotle

And she also had a problem with the quote from Aristotle.

“But he’s one of the most important philosophers who ever lived!” my friend said.

“Yes, he has contributed to the long history of patriarchy, and that’s why he has to be removed.”
In frieze, former Goldsmith’s student Casper Jade Heinemann represented SDLD50’s position with a construction from bell hooks: the enemy was “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.” She argued: “contemporary art is structurally dependent on right-wing sentiments inasmuch as such sentiments are intrinsic to current economic and social formations… I, and others in similar positions of relative privilege, have been complicit in a cultural discourse predicated on exclusion that implicitly or explicitly upholds white supremacy and misogyny, and which many of us continue to socially and economically benefit from.”

The reality is that international contemporary art promotes multicultural left-wing sentiments, for obvious reasons: it is a State-supported, global capitalist industry. Capitalism isn’t itself racist, sexist, or right-wing: it’s beyond ideology because it sells ideology, and the more manufactured it is, the more capitalist. Capital liquidates patriarchy because it it liquidates tradition and nature in insatiable hunger for profit — that is Marx’s argument. It’s anti-racist — it annihilates all human differences into quantitative units; on the same basis, if feminism lowers wages, and creates consumer markets, it’s pro-feminism.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Fracturing the West

The Deconstruction of the West
The problem confronting the West today stems not from a shortage of power, but rather from the inability to build consensus on the shared goals and interests in whose name that power ought to be applied. The growing instability in the international system is not, as some argue, due to the rise of China as an aspiring global power, the resurgence of Russia as a systemic spoiler, the aspirations of Iran for regional hegemony, or the rogue despotism of a nuclear-armed North Korea; the rise and relative decline of states is nothing new, and it doesn’t necessarily entail instability. The West’s problem today is also not mainly the result of the economic decline of the United States or the European Union, for while both have had to deal with serious economic issues since the 2008 meltdown, they remain the two largest economies in the world, whose combined wealth and technological prowess are unmatched. Nor is the increasing global instability due to a surge in Islamic jihadism across the globe, for despite the horrors the jihadists have wrought upon the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa, and the attendant anxiety now pervading Europe and America, they have nowhere near the capabilities needed to confront great powers.

The problem, rather, is the West’s growing inability to agree on how it should be defined as a civilization. At the core of the deepening dysfunction in the West is the self-induced deconstruction of Western culture and, with it, the glue that for two centuries kept Europe and the United States at the center of the international system. The nation-state has been arguably the most enduring and successful idea that Western culture has produced. It offers a recipe to achieve security, economic growth, and individual freedom at levels unmatched in human history. This concept of a historically anchored and territorially defined national homeland, having absorbed the principles of liberal democracy, the right to private property and liberty bound by the rule of law, has been the core building block of the West’s global success and of whatever “order” has ever existed in the so-called international order. Since 1945 it has been the most successful Western “export” across the globe, with the surge of decolonization driven by the quintessentially American precept of the right to self-determination of peoples, a testimony to its enduring appeal. Though challenged by fascism, Nazism, and communism, the West emerged victorious, for when confronted with existential danger, it defaulted to shared, deeply held values and the fervent belief that what its culture and heritage represented were worth fighting, and if necessary even dying, to preserve. The West prevailed then because it was confident that on balance it offered the best set of ideas, values, and principles for others to emulate.

Today, in the wake of decades of group identity politics and the attendant deconstruction of our heritage through academia, the media, and popular culture, this conviction in the uniqueness of the West is only a pale shadow of what it was a mere half century ago. It has been replaced by elite narratives substituting shame for pride and indifference to one’s own heritage for patriotism.
The West did not win a total victory over communism. It defeated Soviet communism, but allowed its media, universities and government to be taken over by communists. Plus, too many #FakeAmericans.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No God Emperor Without Empire

Black swans are random events that smash fragile systems. It is easier to identify fragile systems and predict how a negative event might unfold, but it is difficult to predict who, what, when, where. Lots of short-sellers saw the dotcom bubble, but nobody knew when it would stop. The 2008 financial meltdown was predicted at least 2 years in advance and many people correctly predicted a negative event, but the catalyst and extent of the damage was unknown. To people such as Federal Reserve Chairman Benjamin Shalom Bernanke and Joe Sixpack, it was totally unexpected. Many people who predicted the event incorrectly believed it would damage the U.S. dollar, instead of greatly strengthening it. World War I is perhaps the best example in military history.

A White Swan is the opposite: an unexpected positive event. Fusion reactors and cancer cures. Or the revival of American power. America is in relative decline because India and China are rising, because the developed world is aging, but President Obama made America look weaker than it was because he didn't use American power. President Trump has no such qualms. Bush the Elder, Bill Clinton and Bush the Younger also made America look weak because they refused to exercise power solely in the American interest. President Trump wants to use American power to benefit America.

Syria and North Korea have been thorns in America's side, but what if they are paper tigers in the face of American power? What if under Trump, the U.S. military is only shock and awe, flattening one nation after another as it picks up and leaves the rebuilding costs to the Saudis, South Koreans, Chinese and others? What if Assad is gone in a month and North Korea folds faster than Saddam's Iraq? What if Trump tells the Saudis and Qataris: you will have your gas pipeline, but it will be made with American steel and owned by Kinder Morgan?

What if the only way to stop a militant American President is for Russia or China to draw their own red line, but through diplomacy or fear of a global war, they don't?

The White Swan (or Black Swan depending on your perspective) is an America that successfully uses its military power. An America that uses its military power to successfully prop up its economy and currency. At the extreme, that the Neocons actually have a good strategy if the guy at the top isn't worried about body counts and flattened cities. That America can do false flags anywhere, anytime, and successfully turn global opinion in its favor.

We still don't know what's going to happen, but many people are assuming war is coming and that the United States will be on the losing end. The White Swan is that they're right about the war, but totally wrong about the outcome. Everyone was right about Trump's willingness to use American power, but perhaps totally wrong about how he would use it.

You wanted a God Emperor. You got one.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Tax Healthcare Benefits as Wages

Steve Sailer linked to this article today, ‘How dare you work on whites’: Professors under fire for research on white mortality. The commentary writes itself. There was a comment on healthcare though:
There’s one other policy recommendation that I’ve been pushing. We’re spending about three trillion dollars a year on health care. And our life expectancy is going down. Whereas all these other countries are spending way less, and their life expectancy is going up. For me the implication is if we implemented single payer, we’d get rid of a lot of these costs. Not without screaming and yelling, of course, and not without goring a lot of oxen.

But the crucial thing is recognizing the extent to which these rising health care costs are responsible, at least in part, for the stagnant wages for people without a college degrees. If they’ve got an employer and they’ve got health care, their wages are getting pushed down by the employer paying for that health care. People don’t even realize this. They think it’s for free.

I’m not a left-wing nut pushing for single-payer! It’s not because I like socialized medicine. It’s just because I think this is eating capitalism alive, and if we want a healthy capitalist society in America, we’ve got to get rid of this monster.
The other solution is to tax health benefits as wages and adjust tax rates to make it neutral. Then let employees opt to take the cash and purchase healthcare separately in a marketplace. Obamacare was a big step in this direction and provides a framework for creating a consumer-centric, rather than employer-centric model.

Right now, employee wages are forced into health benefits. Companies don't offer jobs at $20 an hour or $15 an hour plus benefits in part because it is tax inefficient. But if employees are told you can earn $20 an hour cash, or $20 an hour with $15 cash and $5 in health benefits, at least some will choose all cash. Imagine a married couple. Husband earns $70k and gets roughly $10k in health benefits. Wife earns $50k with a gold plated healthcare plan costing closer to $20k. Today, the couple chooses the wife's plan. But imagine instead the husband's salary is $75k without benefits and the wife gets $60k with no benefits. Family income is $130k with the husband's plan, or $125 with the wife's plan. Healthcare spending will fall as people begin to consider the actual cost of their health insurance decisions. The failure of Obamacare is largely centered on its restrictions and regulations that force people to buy high-priced plans. There is no low cost option under Obamacare unless you are poor or qualify for the tax incentives.

The only way to cut healthcare spending is to cut healthcare spending, and give people incentives to spend less on health insurance. Single-payer is a solution, but the better one is to tax healthcare benefits. At the very least, if a lot of people opt for no insurance and costs are a problem, a small expansion of Medicaid would likely be enough. Since people have higher wages, they'd still come out ahead, but without the problem of shitty healthcare in a totalitarian single-payer system. The single-player plan (public option) can be sold as a separate insurance product so that it isn't financed by taxes, but is paid for directly by the consumers.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Peak Diversity: The Mass Market Is Dead

Most large companies serve a mass market. When whites were the vast majority of the American population, appealing to diversity was a way of maintaining a mass market without offending the core audience. Those days are over. There is no longer a mass market. The white consumer population is falling. Companies need to sell more to minorities to maintain growth. Minorities no longer want to be token add-ons to white advertising or white policies, they want their own. Blacks want black ads and policies that favor blacks, Spanish-speaking people want Spanish language programming. Advertisers tried race-mixing. This is interpreted as a conscious decision to force race mixing on the Alt-Right, but it might be a way to increase diversity (we got black and a white actor in the commercial, and they're gay with an asian baby. No one can complain!). That backfired and more people complained, plus the sheer number of them caused more people to notice that ads are social programming.

The big loser will not be consumer companies, but mass media outlets. Coca-Cola will be happy to deliver niche advertising to separate markets, they already do it for separate countries. Mass media companies will see advertising rates drop as the audience fractures. Mass media events such as the Super Bowl will showcase increasingly bland and unoffensive messages. I don't know if anyone keeps statistics, but I predict an increase in ads featuring only animals. Anecdotally, I think that is true already, but I have no data.

Case in point Target, who was damaged by a single blog post unapproved by the CEO.
The blog post, published in April 2016, publicized a policy that said transgender customers were welcome to use the bathroom or fitting room that matched their gender identity.

"Everyone deserves to feel like they belong," the post said. "And you'll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target."

Target CEO Brian Cornell never approved the post and found out about it only after it was published, according to The Wall Street Journal.

He later told colleagues that he wouldn't have approved the decision to "flaunt" the policy and that the backlash was "self-inflicted," The Journal reported.

The boycott cost the company millions in lost sales and added expenses. Shopper traffic and same-store sales started sliding for the first time in years after the blog post, and the company was forced to spend $20 million installing single-occupancy bathrooms in all its stores to give critics of the policy more privacy.

Sales fell nearly 6% in the three quarters after the post compared with the same period last year, and same-store sales have dropped every quarter since the post.
Marvel comics tried increasing diversity to attract a new audience. Instead of creating new products, it trashed its existing comics. Result: no one was happy.
One reason for increasing character diversity is to expand Marvel's audience, according to Augie De Blieck Jr., a columnist at Comic Book Resources.

"Marvel has relied on an ever-dwindling population to market its books to. Overwhelmingly, that's white men now in their 30s and 40s, who were reading comics during the last comic booms," he told CNBC via email.
Is diversity to blame for Marvel's sales slump – or just a lack of imagination?
Last week, David Gabriel, Marvel’s vice-president of sales, told the comics industry trade reporter Milton Griepp that he had heard complaining from retailers about the company’s strategy of publishing books starring women and people of color in high-profile roles such as Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. The grousing, he said, correlated with a drop in sales.
The Guardian article is a great example of why companies should avoid convergence, in addition to immediately shrinking the size of the market, SJWs do not understand how capitalism works:
In fact, why give legacy comics fans what they think they want at all? The notion that the longtime readers somehow have a greater claim on a comics character than the new fan – and that both outrank the artist – has plagued the industry for as long as there have been superheroes; people who spend 20 or 30 years reading the adventure of a single character develop proprietary feelings that have nothing to do with the nature or intricacy of the creative process. Comics fandom has huge problems of sexism, entitlement and plain old cruelty, and it often pours out its vast reserves of ambient rage on the artists themselves.
Converged companies will collapse at increasingly fast rates in the coming years because the information economy allows for rapid market fracturing. A publisher no longer requires capital investment in logistics to reach a large enough audience to generate profits, and lower capital costs reduces the amount of sales needed for profitability. Companies that segment the American market will do OK. People won't complain if Marvel creates a new transgender hero, anymore than they objected to a black character. They will object to being sold a product they don't want, or a message they don't agree with. Successful companies will segment, essentially operating as several companies serving different audiences. Converged companies will collapse trying to sell a niche message or product to a mass audience, or they'll rapidly become a nice company by refusing to serve the largest single market: whites.

Finally, diversity appeals are starting to increase conflict as resources become scarce. IN this case, Intel is shedding workers while promoting diversity. Instead of giving more opportunity to minorities, they are taking opportunities away from whites. The diversity policy is exactly the same in both cases, but the results are totally differnt.
Intel CEO's pay rises to $19.1 million over security costs
The decision to bolster the security program came as Krzanich in April last year said some senior executives had faced backlash for the company's stance and efforts to increase diversity, according to a TechCrunch report. The company spent $1.86 million on personal security for Krzanich and another $275,200 to protect his residence.

Threats were targeted against the CEO and certain other executives, and in some cases their family members, according to a filing, which didn't provide details on the specific arrangements. By comparison, Intel spent $39,600 for Krzanich's security in 2015.
Initially, rising security costs increases the virtue signaling. Look at how these people reacted! As the security costs mount and the personal toll rises, corporate boards will start rethinking their policies. Exactly as predicted by Anonymous Conservative's r/K Selection Theory

Thursday, April 06, 2017

What Happened in Syria?

What caused the chemical calamity in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria on April 4, 2017?
Developing Story - Interim Summary (updated April 6, 2017 5:00 PM UTC):

The Rootclaim analysis finds that this was unlikely to have been a deliberate attack by the Syrian Arab Army. It was most likely either a deliberate attack by opposition fighters or an unintentional release of opposition chemical weapons caused by a Syrian Air Force attack.

This outcome is based primarily on the following factors:

In considering the Starting Point there are hardly any useful statistics, as such attacks are very rare. There is only one known prior large scale use of sarin gas on civilians in Syria (Ghouta 2013). Rootclaim's analysis found that the evidence strongly indicated it was an attack by the opposition. Thus, the basis for the Starting Point leans moderately in favor of an opposition attack.

This inclination is strengthened when considering the further requirement that in order to carry out a chemical attack, the Syrian government would have needed to have successfully evaded the internationally supervised destruction of its chemical weapons arsenal.

In evaluating the possibility of an unintentional release of opposition chemical weapons, the analysis considers the frequency of sarin use by the opposition, and the likelihood that a government attack could cause the chain of events necessary for an accidental sarin release. The result indicates that while requiring a rare coincidence, there were enough opportunities for this to occur, making it a viable option.

Subsequently, the specific evidence of this case is considered. So far, no evidence has surfaced that significantly supports or contradicts any of the hypotheses. The limited geography of the attack and the Syrian government claims somewhat raise the likelihood of an unintentional release.

Note: This is a developing story. Rootclaim will continue to incorporate and assess relevant evidence as it becomes available. Use the “Propose new evidence” option below to add information that is relevant to this analysis.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

How to Think About Putin

How to Think About Vladimir Putin
So why are people thinking about Putin as much as they do? Because he has become a symbol of national self-determination. Populist conservatives see him the way progressives once saw Fidel Castro, as the one person who says he won’t submit to the world that surrounds him. You didn’t have to be a Communist to appreciate the way Castro, whatever his excesses, was carving out a space of autonomy for his country.

In the same way, Putin’s conduct is bound to win sympathy even from some of Russia’s enemies, the ones who feel the international system is not delivering for them. Generally, if you like that system, you will consider Vladimir Putin a menace. If you don’t like it, you will have some sympathy for him. Putin has become a symbol of national sovereignty in its battle with globalism. That turns out to be the big battle of our times. As our last election shows, that’s true even here.
Or all the anti-communists from the Cold War, who were anti-Russian only to the extend Russian meant communist. When Russia ceased to be Soviet, the hatred for Russia melted overnight for many on the Right. The Right didn't win an election until 2016 though, and maybe not even, since it looks like we could be headed for 30 years of insane Russia policy. Tom Clancy is missed.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Russia, Rice and the Police State

According to the latest reports, the Obama Administration spied on the Trump campaign for more than a year. Why is difficult to say, but the administration was also accused of using the IRS for political persecution. Other departments such as the EPA were also accused of partisanship under Obama. The DOJ...

They didn't expect Trump would win.

When Trump won, they knew they were screwed. They couldn't cover their tracks, so they invented a Russia narrative to cover up the story. They knew their worthless toadies in the MSM would report whatever lies they spewed as gospel. Hence the concoction of a Russia connection to Trump. A giant smokescreen designed to create an after-the-fact explanation for spying on political opponents.

Or it could be the political spin about Russia and Trump spurred an attempt to create a false connection. Even before the Russia lie, Trump was attacked for saying "nice" things about Putin. The Obama Administration might have been looking for any dirt they could find on Trump. A phone call or email with something connected to Russia that could be leaked to a reporter who then whips up a false narrative.

Finally, it's possible the Russia story is unconnected. That it was cooked up by others with access to Rice's treasure trove of unmasked data.

As for the politics, progressives are defending Rice saying she did nothing illegal.

That's an odd route to take.

There's a greater amount of political collusion between Mexico and the entire progressive establishment, including the media, on the topic of immigration. Or maybe they're all secretly working with ISIS, trying to help them get terrorists into the country. A national security issue. Trump could have the NSA unmask all personal communications of all Democrats, NGOs and major media employees. And all those judges ruling against Trump's travel ban. Once the files are open information, criminal wrongdoing of any kind could be passed on to the relevant authorities: FBI, DEA, state & local police.

That's the power of NSA data collection. A complete and total violation of constitutional rights is one step away once this personal information is accessed by the government. Progressives are cheering it because they were in charge.

Progressives are why we can't have a nice country.

American Carnage

If you take too much heroin, your breathing slows until you die. Unfortunately, the drug sets an addictive trap that is sinister and subtle. It provides a euphoria—a feeling of contentment, simplification, and release—which users swear has no equal. Users quickly develop a tolerance, requiring higher and higher amounts to get the same effect. The dosage required to attain the feeling the user originally experienced rises until it is higher than the dosage that will kill him. An addict can get more or less “straight,” but approaching the euphoria he longs for requires walking up to the gates of death. If a heroin addict sees on the news that a user or two has died from an overly strong batch of heroin in some housing project somewhere, his first thought is, “Where is that? That’s the stuff I want.”

Residents of the upper-middle-class town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, were shocked in January when a beautiful twenty-four-year-old woman who had excelled at the local high school gave an interview to the New York Times in which she described her heroin addiction. They were perhaps more shocked by her description of the things she had done to get drugs. A week later, the police chief announced that the town had had twenty-six overdoses and four deaths in the past year. One of these, the son of a fireman, died over Labor Day. At the burial, a friend of the dead man overdosed and was rushed to the hospital. One fireman there said to a mourner that this was not uncommon: Sometimes, at the scene of an overdose, they will find a healthy- and alert-looking companion and bring him along to the hospital too, assuming he might be standing up only because the drug hasn’t hit him yet. In communities like this, concerns about “hurtful” words and stigma can seem beside the point.

The deeper problem, however, is at once metaphysical and practical, and we’re going to have a very hard time confronting it. We in the sober world have, for about half a century, been renouncing our allegiance to anything that forbids or commands. Perhaps this is why, as this drug epidemic has spread, our efforts have been so unavailing and we have struggled even to describe it. Addicts, in their own short-circuited, reductive, and destructive way, are armed with a sense of purpose. We aren’t. It is not a coincidence that the claims of political correctness have found their way into the culture of addiction treatment just now. This sometimes appears to be the only grounds for compulsion that the non-addicted part of our culture has left.

Cathedral Runs Alt-Right Propaganda

The Cathedral has been on a terror campaign since the 2016 election, scaring the shit out of Mexicans and other illegal aliens. Now their propaganda campaign has people overseas quitting before even trying to emigrate.

Chinese and South Koreans reconsider the American dream
"Before Trump's rhetoric was all over the news, I didn't feel that U.S. society was so divided," Su said. "Now, the U.S. is probably not where I want to live the most. But it was my top choice before Trump."

"People who have applied to immigrate to the U.S. are nervous, as there are too many rumors about new [U.S.] policies," said Park Jong-hwa, a director at Universal Network Connection, an immigration agency in Seoul. Many potential applicants are holding off on their paperwork amid the uncertainty. "They are just waiting until the situation becomes clearer," Park said. "Our business has been squeezed since Trump's inauguration."

While much of Trump's immigration rhetoric has been directed at Muslims and illegal immigrants, there is a growing sense in China and South Korea that the U.S. will expand the scope of its visa restrictions.

South Korean nurse Jang Hyo-jeong was worried her application for permanent U.S. residency might run into obstacles under Trump, so she rushed to submit her paperwork last year. So far, the process appears to be moving forward normally.

"It seems that the U.S. still needs more nurses for their hospitals," Jang said. "[Now] I think I may have no problem entering the country."

"My husband likes Hawaii a lot, but I don't find the place very attractive," commented a person using the handle Emiko on the Chinese social media network Weibo recently. "Looking at Trump, I don't want to go to the U.S. anymore."
The more outlandish the media gets, the more they further Trump's immigration policies because they only think of their own domestic audience. They don't think of how propaganda affects people who could really be affected by the news. Such as that Massachusetts Rep who warned the illegals about a coming raid:
“If you are undocumented don’t go out on the street,” DuBois, who represents the 10th district, added. “If there is a knock on the door of your house and you don’t know who it is, don’t open the door. I ask you to be careful.”
They're so desperate for anti-Trump stories that they'll publish almost anything. They want stories of foreigners hiding like Anne Frank. They're only one or two steps away from "you better go back to your home country. It's not safe here anymore."

Illegal immigration down 67 percent under Trump: Former commissioner

Monday, April 03, 2017

Cernovich Trolls the MSM

"we have people, your bartender, your IT guys, your interns, your janitors, I got people everywhere now"

White Birth Rate Holding Up

Audacious Epigone: Majority of US births are to whites

The whitest states are Montana, West Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho. Kentucky and Iowa are surprisingly high as well. Alabama too.

Politically the outlook still isn't good. AE points out that if California leaves, the white share of births rises from 53.7% to almost 60%.

Instead of secession, think expulsion.

Although geography isn't broken down, it's also the case that most non-whites are in cities.

Reverse migration is possible!

Steve Sailer points out how a measly $2.6 billion in corn exports from the U.S. killed 1.9 million jobs in Mexico. Conservatively impacting at least 6 million Mexicans. If 1 million of them moved to the U.S. and collect $10,000 in welfare benefits or other social spending, that's $10 billion in annual costs to the USA.

To Make America Great Again, make Mexico Great Again. China is more of a threat to Mexico than the USA because it takes away low skill labor that might otherwise be employed in Mexico. Redirecting jobs to Mexico to raise Mexican wages is a sound policy. As Mexicans voluntarily leave the United States for higher wages in Mexico, low-skill wage rates in the U.S. rise.

Carrots and sticks.



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