Friday, March 31, 2017

Separating Church and State in China

China tries to stop Islam from expanding.
Ban on beards and veils – China’s Xinjiang passes law to curb ‘religious extremism’
The law, which takes effect ­on Saturday, bans a wide range of acts including wearing veils or “abnormal” beards, without specifying the term. It will also be illegal to refuse to watch state television and listen to state radio, or prevent children from receiving national education – activities deemed “manifestations” of ­extremism, according to the ­official news website

Among them: using religious instead of legal procedures to marry or divorce or meddling in other people’s weddings, funerals and inheritance; interfering with or sabotaging the enforcement of family planning policies, and ­deliberately damaging national identity cards, household registration books or the currency. ­Applying the concept of Halal in non-food-related areas or using it to intervene in other people’s secular lives is also considered an extremist act, according to the law.
China clearly understands Narrative. China also understands the need for compulsory state education. They provide free schools like the Americans do, but the Muslims are tougher to indoctrinate with anti-religious narrative. Finally, China understands that religion is expanding into areas of State control.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Disaster: Homebuilders Raising Wages

Horrible news! Denver homebuilders are raising wages to attract workers!

Homebuilders struggle to fill jobs 'Americans don't want' (at the wage rate we want to pay them)
Immigrants make up about a quarter of the overall construction workforce, but that share is likely higher for residential homebuilding, partly due to a large number of undocumented workers. Builders say they make sure their contractors are legal to work, but they have less control over the subcontractors who often move from site to site. Even that group is shrinking, as President Donald Trump tries to impose travel bans and threatens to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

"There is a fear to get out into the labor force, I think there is an uncertainty," Myers said. "I had one of our trades who became a citizen last year ask me if that could be taken away from him. Even for the people who are legal and documented, it's a factor that is holding back the labor force."

And it's costing builders more money. Wages in the residential building industry are growing at twice the rate of wages in the overall economy. Labor is the top concern among the nation's builders, according to an NAHB survey, and worry over its cost and availability is growing.
Supply and demand still works? Scientists to test gravity at 11!

Imagine for a moment that instead of going to college, young men of middling IQ instead went into construction and earned high wages, enough to support a family. Instead of massive student debt, no job prospects and a hollowed out community, they would be married with a home by age 25, in a thriving community with no access to Mexican black tar heroin.
"The crews, we would hope, would be loyal to subcontractors and to builders, but in reality, many of the crews are just going to the highest bidder," he said.

Myers has employed Juan, a Mexican immigrant, for more than a decade as an excavator. Juan, who didn't want to give his last name, said he became a citizen in 1999, and last year he and his brother-in-law started their own excavation company. Juan said some of his friends in Denver are buying property back in Mexico and planning to move back there. He worries about his own future and even deportation.

"I don't know what to think anymore with all these laws changing," he said.
"Citizen" Juan.

Dear Mr. President,

If you want to increase wage growth and make life better for your supporters, tell all of your economic advisers and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Ross, Labor Secretary Acosta, that all of their departments must work with Homeland Security in a joint mission to end illegal immigration and deport all illegal aliens. They must also formulate an "American Workers First" agenda that looks a student debt forgiveness, reforming the H1-B visa system to only allow in top talent, and eliminating low skilled immigration entirely. Nothing else moves until this effort is underway. No tax cuts for corporations or the wealthy until a plan to help the American worker is ready and passed by Congress.

If this is done, the effect on communities ranging from reduced drug use, cheaper housing, lower crime, less crowding in schools and hospitals, to reduced strain on public budgets, will pay for itself, leaving aside the benefit from rising wages.


The Invisible Hand

Monday, March 27, 2017

California Fast Tracks White Nationalism

The Los Angeles Unified School District provides more funding for schools where the white population is below 30 percent.

In a letter to parents, the district noted the highly regarded middle school had been above the percentage for the past couple years.

The racial formula was a condition imposed by court decisions dealing with desegregation in the 1970s.
California is in deficit. It would have to cut spending from brown, black and Asian schools to raise funding at white schools. Or cut spending somewhere else.

It's unclear if this law would survive a court challenge because California is now minority white. Maybe spending should be increased if the non-Hispanic population is below 30 percent?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Globalization or Colonization

Thought experiment: what happens if the nationalists win the culture war, but lose political control of their nations because demographics change first?
China Vice Premier Sees `Unstoppable Momentum' of Globalization
“The river of globalization and free trade will always move forward with unstoppable momentum to the vast ocean of the global economy,” Zhang said. China will remain a strong force in the world economy and for peace and stability, he said, adding that countries must respect one another’s core interests and refrain from undermining regional stability.
Globalization is driven by technology. Instant global communication makes private global networks possible. Nationalists create networks that benefit their nation, globalists create networks that benefit whomever defects. China and Russia are hated because they are nationalist, and globalists only win if they defeat all nationalists.

The flip side of magic dirt is that you can go anywhere in the world and retain your culture, customs, and even laws. It only takes a few thousand people to set up a local community.

Anti-democratic political theories will become popular in the West. Increased globalization and destruction of native homelands will push anti-democratic, nationalistic and newly chauvinistic Westerners into the world like never before.

They say we are a nation of immigrants, but we are a nation of colonists.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Rising White Mortality Guarantees White Identity

Death Rates Rise for Wide Swath of White Adults, Study Finds
Mortality has been rising since the turn of this century for an even broader swath of white adults, starting at age 25, the researchers found, driven by troubles in a hard-hit working class. Death rates for white non-Hispanics with a high-school education or less now exceed those of blacks overall, the pair said—and they’re 30% higher for whites age 50 to 54 than for blacks overall of that age.
The left and cuckservative right will blame globalization and automation. Both are factors. But the gap with Europe is screaming mass immigration. Although Europe is very similar to the United States ideologically, it does not have the same demographics. Resources that would have gone to poor white Americans are being redirected to an ever growing population of foreigners, plus minorities who have been here long before 1965. There's not enough money to go around anymore.

Since conservatives oppose identity politics on principle and also because they favor small government, their people are being wiped out. There is no point in having a small government philosophy if the result is someone else raises your taxes and takes your money. Ron Paul was attacked unfairly for using earmarks, but he was entirely correct in saying if this is how the game is played, I must play by the rules.

White identity politics is coming because it's the only way those numbers have a chance of going down. Money has to be redirected towards white communities and that's racist. Even if a cuckservative were to completely ignore race and say their communities are hurting, they will be turned into a white nationalist by the Cathedral.
“For many Americans, America is starting to fail as a country,” said James Smith, chair in labor markets and demographic research at the Rand Corp., who wasn’t involved in the paper and said he was struck that mortality rates are rising for young working-class adults. “The bad things that are going on in America do not appear to be going on in Western European countries, and that’s a big deal.”

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Refugee Aid Agencies Paid By The Head, Budgets Busted By Trump

If you run a charity and the number of people in need suddenly plummets, you are flush with cash. But that's not the case with refugee agencies because they're not charities, they are arms of the federal government. NGOs are paid by the government, by the head.

Many "community" programs and agencies function like the refugee resettlement agencies. More people sign up, the organization grows in size. Fewer people sign up and it immediately shrinks for lack of funding. It also highlights, once again, why cuck is such an appropriate term of derision for right-wingers who oppose gutting federal funding to NGOs. These groups do not operate like charities, they operate like McDonald's. Except instead of selling hamburgers, the are selling poverty, hunger, refugees, drug addiction... Their business models require a growth in dysfunction and destruction.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire refugee contractors begin cutback too
Refugee resettlement agencies receive funding based on the number of people they anticipate resettling, so the uncertainty around President Trump’s travel ban has serious fiscal consequences.

“It means that we have not filled a number of positions that were open in all three of our offices in the resettlement area,” he said. “It also means that we may have to make further reductions. We’re going to make those decisions in the next few weeks.”

Ascentria Care Alliance, a resettlement agency based in Worcester and operating in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, announced Monday that as a result of Trump’s travel ban it had laid off or reduced hours for 14 employees.

Before he left office, President Obama capped the number of refugees admitted into the U.S. during the current fiscal year at 110,000. Resettlement agencies engineered their budgets through September based on those projections.

President Trump cut that cap on refugees to 50,000. That’s an action within the powers of the executive.
Ascentria Care Alliance is dedicated to destroying local communities in Massachusetts, driving up crime rates and welfare usage, all while acting as if they are morally superior, getting paid for it all with taxpayer money. They were really excited in September, as were all the other refugee resettlement agencies across America, because Hillary Clinton would continue Obama's refugee policy. Big money was coming! And now these agencies are going to collapse in size.

The Left is very fragile once you cut off their funding. They have not built institutions to last, they have built institutions based on Ponzi economics: increasing customers are required to keep the business running. Or continued government financing. They do not have independent sources of financing in many cases. Those that do, such as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, can fund themselves with private money. The rest will all collapse unless the big foundations step in to finance them. That in turn puts a strain on Soros, the Ford Foundation and the rest, because they have limited funds. They can't issue Treasury bonds and sell them to the Federal Reserve for an "endless" supply of money. Instead of expanding, they will be forced to deploy resources simply to hold the ground they have. They will be on the defensive.

President Trump: If the streets aren't filled with the wailing of unemployed leftists, you're doing it wrong.

NYC Is An International City

Boost in Ridership Leaves New York’s Penn Station Platforms Packed
In 2016, average weekday boardings at Penn Station numbered 94,859 people, up from 92,314 in 2015 and 87,130 in 2014, according to Nancy Snyder, a NJ Transit spokeswoman. Each weekday, about 57,000 NJ Transit customers use Penn Station platforms between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., according to Nancy Snyder.

Compounding the frustration: Several sets of closed stairwells connecting the platforms with the concourse are gated shut, not yet ready to open. On many mornings, platforms are so crowded that commuters line up inside the trains, waiting to step out.
Gas prices are falling, not rising over this period. What did increase was the number of Asians (including Indians and Pakistanis) who don't mind being packed like sardines. In a free market, the people who are willing to pay the highest price, which in this case is to tolerate discomfort and crowding, determine the "market price." The NYC subway system is being assimilated. Add in the high cost (in time and money) of regulations that slow new construction, and you have a nightmare for white people.

Monday, March 20, 2017

NYTimes Welcomes Alt-Right Into the Mainstream

Is the NYTimes turning into Cracked?

Jane Austen Has Alt-Right Fans? Heavens to Darcy!
“No one who reads Jane Austen’s words with any attention and reflection can possibly be alt-right,” Elaine Bander, a retired professor and a former officer of the Jane Austen Society of North America, said in an email.

“All the Janeites I know,” she added, “are rational, compassionate, liberal-minded people.”

“Her characters are white, and her world is white,” she said. “What do you do with that?”

Elsewhere, a Jewish reporter can't figure out why Germans dislike being exterminated by Muslims. How a Sleepy German Suburb Explains Europe’s Rising Far-Right Movements
These interviews pointed toward something called intergroup contact theory. When people have direct contact with members of a particular ethnic or national group, studies find, they tend to become more tolerant of the group as a whole.

This suggests that regular contact with immigrants reduces support for right-wing populist parties by removing the sense of fear that fuels them.

Social scientists call this the “halo effect”: a phenomenon, repeated across Europe, in which people are most likely to vote for far-right politicians if they live close to diverse areas, but not actually within them.
The diverse areas don't vote for the right because they've been replaced by foreigners.

China Bets on AI, America Bets on Landscapers

The future is here: China sounds a clarion call on AI funding, policies to surpass US
“The development of AI has come to a tipping point,” said Li, a delegate of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), a political advisory body. “Whichever country makes a breakthrough in application can have a bigger chance to lead the world in AI technology. China’s AI prowess is certainly the second best in the world, if not the best.”

“Unlike the previous technology revolutions, AI is the once-in-many-decades chance for China to lead the charge in technology,” said Lei, a lawmaker at the National People’s Congress (NPC), the parliament.

Heavy investments poured into cloud computing and big data over the past few years and China’s huge talent pool in mathematics undergird the country’s ability to close its gap and surpass the US in AI, Lei said.

Baidu’s AI-powered facial recognition technology, which beat humans, was recently listed as the “10 Breakthrough Technologies” of 2017 by MIT Technology Review.

China has also overtaken the US, leading the world in publishing academic journal articles on deep learning, a sub-discipline of AI research.

“Many jobs will be taken by AI and the fortunes of society will be controlled by a small number of AI giants,” Liu said. “The government needs to take action now to think about how to better distribute wealth and how to prepare people to move into the AI era. Otherwise it will be too late.”
No mention of open borders and importing unskilled labor to keep wages low. The Chinese even have policies designed to increase labor costs! The current government is halfway into a 10-year plan to double wages! In America, the goal is suppress wages as far as possible with imported labor.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Make America Green Again

Per capita carbon emissions in these USA: 17.2 metric tons
Mexico: 4.4
Guatemala: 1.0
Honduras: 1.2

Assume 12 million illegal aliens in America and all are Mexican to be conservative. Deporting 12 million illegals will cut carbon emissions by 153 million metric tons.

The U.S. was expected to cut 240 million metric tons by 2025 under the Obama EPA. Deporting illegal aliens takes care of 60%.

Assume there are 25 million illegals and their family members, now you're up to around 320 million metric tons of emissions, blowing through the EPA's aggressive 2025 target.

President Trump could agree to the Paris Accord and achieve most of the reductions through immigration policy because

The #1 source of carbon emissions growth is from legal and illegal immigration into the Untied States.

We can end it tomorrow.

We can Make America Green Again.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to Teach White Identity to Children

The NYTimes explains in Are We Raising Racists?

Parents of black and Latino children have long made thoughtful choices about when and how to engage in difficult and nuanced discussions about difference. Studies show that such parents are two to five times more likely than whites to teach their children explicitly about race from very young ages to counter negative social messages and build a strong sense of identity.

These parents have responded to the racial epithet overheard at recess in age-appropriate ways. They’ve figured out when to have “the talk,” explaining how their children must conduct themselves around police officers. They’ve had complex discussions about equality: “We should all be equal, we all have equal worth, but we don’t all experience equality yet.” Parents of children who are not white have long contemplated how to make their kids aware of painful racial realities in the United States, while simultaneously nurturing resilience and a healthy sense of self.

Those of us who are not immigrants or Muslim and who are raising white children stand to learn much from parents like these, even as we apply the teachings differently for our particular families.
When you have a sense of identity, you will make a point to explain it to your children. Black and Hispanic parents aren't teaching their children about equality, they are telling their children, "You are not white."
White children are exposed to racism daily. If we parents don’t point it out, show how it works and teach why it is false, over time our children are more likely to accept racist messages at face value. When they see racial inequality — when the only doctors or teachers they see are white, or fewer kids in accelerated classes are black, for example — they won’t blame racism. Instead, they’ll blame people of color for somehow falling short.
The more lies progressives heap upon their children, the easier it becomes to redpill them.

Disney Emits a Whiff of Sulphur

Disney refuses to show its film after a homosexual scene is cut.

Film Censorship Board chairman Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid said he did not know why the film was postponed as it was approved by the board after a minor gay scene was axed. He said scenes promoting homosexuality were forbidden and that the film was given a P13 rating, which requires parental guidance for children under 13 years of age.

"We have approved it but there is a minor cut involving a gay moment. It is only one short scene but it is inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie," Abdul Halim told The Associated Press.

He said there was no appeal from Disney about t
Progressives will cheer Disney's decision. Shareholders, not so much.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Progressive or Reactionary: The Witch

Female Freedom and Fury in The Witch
“It was not my intention to make a story of female empowerment,” Egger said, “but I discovered in the writing that if you’re making a witch story, these are the issues that rise to the top.”
Is Nightmare on Elm Street a story of pedophile empowerment?
The director grew up in a rural New England town and was fascinated with the history of the witch-trial era from a young age. “I wanted to make an archetypal New England horror story, something that would feel like an inherited nightmare, a Puritan nightmare from the past,” he said. The film is, after all, subtitled A New England Folk-Tale, and seems to serve as an eerie warning from the era against being prideful and leaving the community, which is William’s original sin. “The Puritans believed that if you were part of ‘the elect,’ you could not be harmed by witchcraft,” Eggers said.

He tried to build The Witch around the Puritans’ psychology. A folk tale like this one wouldn’t have been seen during that time as an allegory, or a story told for broader social reasons. “It wouldn’t have been a yarn to keep people under control, just like the Ten Commandments wasn’t just a yarn to keep people under control,” he said. “All of this is ‘literal truth’ in the period.”
I guess in the progressive mind, it's like racism in 2017.
The film’s exploration of patriarchal power was the key to unlocking Thomasin’s story. As a woman in the 17th century, she’s entirely stripped of agency. She exists only to work and help her family, and eventually be married off and bear more children. As The Witch progresses, it becomes clear that the campaign being waged against her family is targeted at freeing her so that she can join the coven in the woods. The idea that she’s been liberated is an intentionally muddy one—when she submits to Satan near the end of the film, he takes the form of a man—but there’s a giddy sense nonetheless that she has triumphed.
Everyone's life in the 17th Century was centered on work and helping their family, eventually being married off and bearing more children. The witch, the "empowered female" gets her family killed (beginning with the baby) and runs off to join a coven. The family is dead, civilization ends. Feminism in a nutshell. Feminism is satanic.

Degenerate Disney or Degenerate America?

Kids Are Getting Older Quicker. And Disney Tries to Adapt.
Grandma is mad. Her grown daughter, Bex, who got pregnant as a teenager, just blazed back into town and let a big secret slip. Grandma had raised 13-year-old Andi to believe that Bex was her older sister. Well, the truth is a tad more complicated.

Meanwhile, Andi’s school life is only a little less unsettling. A boy is coming to terms with his sexuality. And Andi has her own budding love life to consider.

The latest from MTV?

Hang on to your mouse ears: Disney Channel — land of safe, sweet sitcoms — is exploring this charged terrain with “Andi Mack,” a comedic drama aimed at children 6 to 14 and their parents.

While it is just one show, it represents a startling new direction for the squeaky-clean network, whose ratings are decaying as children, reaching puberty earlier and raised on the oh-so-cool Netflix, gravitate to live-action programming with more edge and authenticity.
The Asian Alex Mack, now totally debased. Hollywood hear the Asian complains and made them the vanguard of degeneracy.

Alex Mack was a show that ran from 1994 to 1998. One generation ago. This is what was shopped to children then:
Alex Mack is an ordinary teenage girl, living with her parents, George and Barbara, and older sister, Annie, in the corporate town of Paradise Valley. While walking home after her first day of junior high school, she is nearly hit by a truck from a chemical plant, and during the incident, she is drenched with a top-secret chemical called GC-161. She soon discovers that it gave her strange powers. These include telekinesis, the ability to zap bolts of electricity from her fingers, and the capacity to morph into a mobile puddle of water. However, her powers prove to be unpredictable (such as when her skin starts glowing brightly while she's nervous). She confides only in Annie and her best friend, Ray, choosing to keep her powers a secret from everyone else, including her parents, for fear of what the chemical plant CEO, Danielle Atron, will do to her if she finds out.
What do Disney executives think about these days?
“I know I can’t go to the hugely dramatic space,” said Gary Marsh, president of Disney Channels Worldwide. “I can’t go to the sexual space. I can’t go horror. Where can I go that would elevate the content and get people talking about us in a way that is different from the way they talk about us normally?”

Sitting in his office here, amid mementos from glory-days hits like “High School Musical,” Mr. Marsh mused about breakthrough shows for adults like “Orange Is the New Black” on Netflix and “The Walking Dead” on AMC.

“There has to be an equivalent in our space,” he said. “Stories that matter, that deal with more complex issues, that are emotional, resonate longer. They stick to your guts.”
And midway through we get to the truth:
The internet has created more curious and progressive kids. That has led to what the industry calls “age compression” — getting older younger. At the same time, Netflix in many ways has become the go-to outlet for families. YouTube has also had an enormous impact.
Ah, so they've finally figured out the Alt-Right. By the time you are 20 years old you are ranting about dyscivic filth on Disney.

Free idea for Disney. A bunch of nerdy guys find a magical frog...

This is the perfect moment for a rebooted Alex P. Keaton. Parents are total SJWs. Sister is a militant feminist. 2017 Alex is anonymous by day at school, but a shitlord online. The first episode involves the school wanting to throw him out of school because he's caught drawing "Nazi frogs" in his notebook. His parents are disturbed, but also upset that their son could be kicked out of school for such nonsense. After son gets off, parents are driving him home in the car, lecturing him about his nonchalant attitude. As son stares at the city skyline passing by, lost in thought, he says plainly, "I knew I wouldn't get suspended. This is Trump's America now."

Clockboy, trans bathrooms, a comedy goldmine awaits.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

NYTimes: Race War Now!

The Cathedral is an engine of racial hatred. Steve Sailer has the latest example:

Don't Mention the Asians! NY Times vs. NY Post in Covering Who Gets Into Selective High Schools

The NYTimes writes an article, "Diversity Lags as Students Are Matched With City Schools." The article says blacks and Hispanics are under represented, never mentions the word Asian. Implication: white racism.

The NYPost writes on the same topic, "Asian kids dominate admission to city’s elite high schools." Asians are 52.5% of students, whites only 28%. New York City was 44% white in 2010.

Why wouldn't the NYTimes mention Asians? Because the purpose of their article is to foment racial hatred. If they run The Narrative with Asians in the mix, the article will read as anti-Asian.

If you point out the under representation of whites, the Cathedral responds that whites are losers or "wow, you sound just like black people complaining about racism." They will not address the fact that their arguments are framed to maximize racial hatred of whites.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Style Over Substance

Remember: she almost won.

Progressive Admits White Genocide Is The Goal

I agree with Vox that white genocide isn't great rhetorically because of what the word brings to mind (mass executions). Based on the U.N. standard though, using demographic replacement to reduce the political power of the natives counts as genocide. The Chinese do in Xinjiang and Tibet, and now Progressive Democrats admit they do in the United States.
And the demographic shifts that Democrats so patiently—and foolishly—counted on to change everything will now be stalled and undermined at every turn. A few years of Republican border and refugee policies, and we’ll be headed back to the ever-whiter America that preceded Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 immigration reforms.
Progressives openly admit their ideas are not popular, rejected by the American people. The only way to advance their agenda is to commit genocide against the native population. He even cites the 1965 turning point.

The author of the piece is not a wacko leftist, but an ordinary run of the mill Progressive.

My suggestion for a Bluexit is federal city states. Keep the cities as part of the contiguous United States, but do not allow them to vote for President, Senate or House (less rights than DC, which will remain the capital). They will be given extensive liberty in terms of local control. Enough that they will be able to become more leftist as the rest of the nation becomes more rightist.

The Negative Effects of Immigration in One Picture

I Blame Charles Murray for Denmark's Bell Curve Gap

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

If You're Paying, You're Losing

Money can buy a lot. Astroturf events, protests and comments can give the image of widespread support. But people don't pay for what they can get for free. Even the paid provocateurs and rioters are a sign the Left is decaying. Forty years ago they didn't have to pay anyone to riot.

Pro trolls are the majority
A majority of online and social media defenders of Obamacare are professionals who are "paid to post," according to a digital expert.

"Sixty percent of all the posts were made from 100 profiles, posting between the hours of 9 and 5 Pacific Time," said Michael Brown. "They were paid to post."

He began investigating it after his criticism of the former president's health insurance program posted on the Obamacare Facebook page. He was hit hard by digital activists pretending to be regular people. She reports that he evaluated 226,000 pro-Obamacare posts made by 40,000 Facebook profiles.

"Digital activists are paid employees; their purpose is to attack anyone who's posting something contrary to the view of the page owner wants expressed," he told Attkisson. "Sixty percent of all the posts were made from 100 profiles, posting between the hours of 9 and 5 Pacific Time."
I notice on comment threads that conservatives and Alt-Right are more likely to be arguing with each other than with leftists. The paid trolls toss out left-wing rhetoric, but they're probably getting paid by the post, not by the word. They don't engage.

Feminists Endorse Patriarchy

If they do this for 365 days they will save America.

Foreign Policy Discusses Political Violence

From Mother Jones to Middlebury: The Problem and Promise of Political Violence in Trump’s America
“There were two ‘Reigns of Terror,’” Mark Twain wrote of the French Revolution. “The one wrought murder in hot passion, the other in heartless cold blood; the one lasted mere months, the other had lasted a thousand years; the one inflicted death upon ten thousand persons, the other upon a hundred millions; but our shudders are all for the ‘horrors’ of the minor Terror, the momentary Terror.” Perhaps the saints in heaven know that the blood spilled at Blair Mountain could not be pardoned, but they would judge the perpetrators of exploitation, too. They would see not only the five days of battle but also the evictions and assassinations and theft carried out for years against the residents of company towns. The mine operators broke men’s backs in exchange for a pittance; they left families to die in the cold. It is easier to declare a moral prohibition on political violence when your children are not starving.

...If unsanctioned violence is the product of intolerable pressure, does sanctioned violence deserve to even share a name with it? There is no identifiable pressure behind nor any clear prohibition in the way of the sanctioned violence that constitutes the vast majority of the world’s political violence and which is itself the very cause of grinding pressure in individual lives. Anarchists burn limos because limo owners burn the planet. The miners strike because the company robs and breaks them. The streets of Ferguson explode because the city of Ferguson loots and kills the streets.
What the progressives still do not understand is that they are the oppressors. The violence by striking miners 90 years ago was not sanctioned. The violence in Ferguson, at immigration centers, at airports, in DC, in Berkeley is state sanctioned. The state doesn't drop the hammer on these protests. Berkeley thought better of ruining the script and dropped charges against Based Stick Man.
What is so terribly difficult to understand about the clutched pearls of our present day is how readily those most eager to condemn the incivility of burning cars and punches overlook the most basic fact about their home. This is America. We do not resolve our disagreements with debate here; we do not respect all views, settle differences at the ballot box, and live calm and dutiful in civil peace except when we are interrupted by callous and unjustifiable outbursts of violence. The continent was cleared by guns and smallpox, the nation built up by the whip. A police baton and a jail cell prop up our civil life, and this is not simply a matter of who struck first. Political violence is a violation of our status quo, even one indulged by “both sides” of some political struggle. It is the essential mechanism. We have been examining what we took to be a feature of the landscape but instead discovered a foundation, deep and essential to the stone.
Somewhere between sanctioned and unsanctioned brutality, there is a liminal kind, officially condemned but operating in the service of sanctioned power. What are we to make of it? Two men beat an immigrant on the street, “making America great again.” George Zimmerman stands his ground. Dylann Roof walks into a church in Charleston, South Carolina, and murders nine people in prayer. If we are speaking of political violence today, then surely these right-wing acts are among its most visible terrors, but how can they be classified?

Zimmerman stood trial. Roof was even found guilty and will be put to death. In the strict sense, lynching was never entirely legal, but if we attempt to call it unsanctioned, to make hate crimes commensurable with strikes and slave revolts, our conscience invariably rises up to contradict us. If neo-Nazis burn down the block, their riot is not Martin Luther King’s language of the unheard. The right-wing killer operates outside the strict boundary of the law but in accordance with the structure of power. He is not rising up against his oppressor. He is beating and killing those over whom he already has dominion.
People wonder why progressivism is collapsing.
It would insult the intelligence of evil men to say that they do not understand this, that they are not, at least, cognizant on some level that they do not risk life and limb quite so fully as violent actors on the left. Although many may be suffering in their own ways, growing restless under the strain of economic and demographic forces they do not fully understand, their violence is not the result of intolerable pressure; if it honors the seriousness of its commissioner’s circumstances at all, it honors only a sublimation. Neither unsanctioned nor sanctioned, this liminal violence is a third kind, the unsanctioned violence of pure will. Its actors see a world slipping away or changing, a state insufficiently committed to their preferences. Their violence is political, but it is not for or against official power. It is for their own power, of which there is never enough.
Politics are the channels of power, and violence is the byproduct of their imbalance. The world changes violently, and violently it tries to hold itself together. It works toward equilibrium but cannot find it. Power breeds violence in its obligations and in its absence, in the lust it inspires within the wicked and the yearning it summons in the oppressed. The question is not how politics became violent. It is whether we can conceive of a world where it is not. We’ve never seen one. The world is not as it should be, and the chasm grows wider with every tectonic upheaval; the problem of political violence, then, is the problem of turning continental plates. Is this an impossible task? If it is not, then we have our final question: What is to be done?

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Second Antebellum

America's adversaries no longer need to find spies in the intelligence agencies. Enough intel agents consider America's intelligence agencies the bad guy and are willing to do the work of the Russians and Chinese for them. Fifty years ago, dumping documents was the work of communist agents or communist sympathizers. Defeat of America was the goal. Then the commies won.

Now America's intel agencies are riddled potential leakers. Some are clueless leftists who think taking down the CIA is furthering progress, even though CIA is a key component in the Cathedral's machine. Others are anti-American leftists. Others are diversity hires. Others may be Amerikaners watching an agency turn on their countrymen. Some may be patriotic Americans who support the President, from whatever party. The government is at war with itself.

Wikileaks dumps CIA data.

Progressives Make Trump a Woman, Get Redpilled

Progressives realize (not really) they are sexist after they switch the sexes for a replay of the second Trump-Clinton debate.
What if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Had Swapped Genders?
Guadalupe reached out to Joe Salvatore, a Steinhardt clinical associate professor of educational theatre who specializes in ethnodrama—a method of adapting interviews, field notes, journal entries, and other print and media artifacts into a script to be performed as a play. Together, they developed Her Opponent, a production featuring actors performing excerpts from each of the three debates exactly as they happened—but with the genders switched. Salvatore cast fellow educational theatre faculty Rachel Whorton to play “Brenda King,” a female version of Trump, and Daryl Embry to play “Jonathan Gordon,” a male version of Hillary Clinton, and coached them as they learned the candidates’ words and gestures. A third actor, Andy Wagner, would play the moderator in all three debates, with the performances livestreamed. Andrew Freiband, a professor in the Department of Film/Animation/Video at the Rhode Island School of Design, provided the video design.
Salvatore says he and Guadalupe began the project assuming that the gender inversion would confirm what they’d each suspected watching the real-life debates: that Trump’s aggression—his tendency to interrupt and attack—would never be tolerated in a woman, and that Clinton’s competence and preparedness would seem even more convincing coming from a man.
“The atmosphere among the standing-room-only crowd, which appeared mostly drawn from academic circles, was convivial, but also a little anxious,” Alexis Soloski, a New York Times reporter who attended the first performance, observed. “Most of the people there had watched the debates assuming that Ms. Clinton couldn’t lose. This time they watched trying to figure out how Mr. Trump could have won.”
Many were shocked to find that they couldn’t seem to find in Jonathan Gordon what they had admired in Hillary Clinton—or that Brenda King’s clever tactics seemed to shine in moments where they’d remembered Donald Trump flailing or lashing out. For those Clinton voters trying to make sense of the loss, it was by turns bewildering and instructive, raising as many questions about gender performance and effects of sexism as it answered.
We heard a lot of “now I understand how this happened”—meaning how Trump won the election. People got upset. There was a guy two rows in front of me who was literally holding his head in his hands, and the person with him was rubbing his back. The simplicity of Trump’s message became easier for people to hear when it was coming from a woman—that was a theme. One person said, “I’m just so struck by how precise Trump’s technique is.” Another—a musical theater composer, actually—said that Trump created “hummable lyrics,” while Clinton talked a lot, and everything she was was true and factual, but there was no “hook” to it. Another theme was about not liking either candidate—you know, “I wouldn’t vote for either one.” Someone said that Jonathan Gordon [the male Hillary Clinton] was “really punchable” because of all the smiling. And a lot of people were just very surprised by the way it upended their expectations about what they thought they would feel or experience. There was someone who described Brenda King [the female Donald Trump] as his Jewish aunt who would take care of him, even though he might not like his aunt. Someone else described her as the middle school principal who you don’t like, but you know is doing good things for you.

Hops in Beer

Beer used to be made without hops. Instead, a variety of herbs were used to impart the bitter flavor. In 1516, the Beer Purity Act was enacted in Germany to insure’s beer’s purity, stating that all beer had to be made with hops. Some people see a conspiracy in this, fomented by the protestants at the time, who were thrilled to see that beer made men sleepy, less aggressive, more feminine, and lowered their sex drive. All good things for the protestants at the time.

THE DAILY SHOAH #136: Zero Polerance Tolicy

Lay Back and Enjoy the Totalitarianism

Only religious people who believe that Life is about something else than emotions, and something more than mortal existence, have any serious objections to their minds being comfortably colonised and directed by the linked bureaucracies of employers, the state and the mass media; and there are so few Western religious people; and they are so scattered and mutually mistrustful or hostile, that their resistance to totalitarianism has, so far, been apparently ineffectual.
Why resist totalitarianism? (What is it?)

The most powerful weapon totalitarians have is abundance. The most powerful weapon against it is religion. In the self-denial of abundance. The season of Lent is always a good time to break the conditioning.

The GOP's Final Cuck

The GOP blew it on healthcare. The House healthcare bill repeals the individual mandate and tax, but allows insurers to charge 30 percent more on people who have gaps in coverage. The GOP cucked for the insurance industry, an industry that is in bed with the Democrats.

The GOP also gives tax incentives for buying healthcare. This will increase healthcare costs, not lower them.

To reform healthcare, laws going back to World War II have to be repealed. Back in WWII there were wage controls and companies could not give workers wage increases. They paid out healthcare benefits instead. America's screwed up healthcare financing system is one of FDR's many gifts still paying dividends.

Since the GOP controls government and major tax reform is on the table, the GOP could tax healthcare benefits, but adjust the tax rate lower to account for it. People receiving very large healthcare benefits would pay a little more in taxes, but most people would pay less. Following the rule change, workers would demand cheaper health insurance and more cash wages. Healthcare spending would decline. Costs would follow.

Conservatives deficit hawks also appear clueless from reports. Some people would lose coverage as part of an ACA repeal. Instead of biting the bullet and paying to keep people covered for a few years, these conservatives want to cut people off. The deficit is being driven by permanent spending programs, not temporary spending increases. Paying to make a clean and total repeal of the ACA possible is a good investment. Instead, America gets a half-assed law that drives up costs. Next time Democrats win, they will further expand Medicaid, undoing whatever cost savings conservatives think they're achieving.

The major fallout from the GOP cucking on healthcare is the U.S. dollar will turn to toilet paper in the next 25 to 30 years. Possibly in the next 10 to 15 years if the next U.S. dollar cycle low (~2024-2026) is followed by continued decline in the dollar. Deficits will grow wildly in the coming decade once the GOP loses power, there is a recession, and Democrats build on existing welfare and entitlement spending.

There is still time to salvage the mess. Perhaps President Trump, the post-cuck Rand Paul and others will put together a new bill. But the cucks in the GOP have already blown a major opportunity and wasted two precious months of time. They have given Trump supporters enough reason to primary all of them in the 2018 midterms.

America is too diverse and too fractured to govern. The GOP's unwillingness to use its power is the clearest signal. In order to rule, one must make enemies with half the nation because the nation is truly divided. The GOP as elected is mostly made up of cowards.

Jim comments: Why Ryancare will not work
Ryancare requires that insurance cover people with pre-existing conditions. That is not insurance, that is a handout. If the government is going to give people handouts, should be done openly through government funded hospitals and the like. If you rope private enterprise into giving handouts, you will find that this turns out to be a stupendously expensive way of providing handouts, not a cheap way.

Ryancare is the continuing ratchet leftwards, Ryancare is Republicans doing their jobs as tax collectors for the welfare state, where Democrats create unfunded entitlements, and Republicans proceed to make white middle class males pay for them.
AKA, cucks.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Immigration Drives Down Wages

First it was Bloomberg admitting immigration drives up home prices. Now WaPo tells us immigration drives down blue collar wages. Discussion increased deportations to Mexico:
More returnees means lower wages for everybody in blue-collar industries such as construction and automobile manufacturing, where competition for jobs is likely to increase, economists say.
But it turns out in the long-run, deporting Mexicans back to their home nation will Make Mexico Great:
“We suffered a cost as a nation by sending those hard workers to the U.S., in the sense that we lost a lot of talent,” de la Calle said. “When they come back to Mexico and they are properly trained, they will make more than a proportional contribution to Mexico.”

Saturday, March 04, 2017

The Cathedral's Existential War with Islam

Al-Qaeda likes Steve Bannon so much, they put him on the cover of their official newspaper
The way al-Qaeda tells it, the West is locked in an existential war with Islam. This is how the terrorist group justifies its violence and its fundamentalist ideology. And now it has found a Westerner to back them up — top Trump adviser Steve Bannon.
Everyone on the dissident Right is aware of this howler. Islamic fundamentalists justify their violence because some people in the West say they don't want Muslims in the West. Meanwhile, the Cathedral pumps out sodomy, fornication and blasphemy 24/7 through all forms of media and drops bombs all over the Middle East.
Bannon graced the cover (above the fold!) of the most recent al-Qaeda-linked Al Masra newspaper. That prominence, University of Oxford researcher Elisabeth Kendall told Quartz, is “striking.”

The piece focused on Bannon's views of Islam, saying he believes that “the forces of Islam cannot be stopped by peaceful means.” The paper cited a conversation Bannon had with a Danish journalist in May 2016. It also claimed that Bannon believes that the struggle is really between Christianity and Islam, not just Islam and the West. And it suggested that Bannon has “lost confidence in secular Europe, and sees Muslim immigrants as partially responsible for the retreat of traditional Christian values.”
I can see how a Muslim might be offended at being blamed for a retreat of Christian values since Muslims didn't cause the retreat (initially) and they, like many Christians, would blame it on the Church and secularism. Muslims arrived late to the collapse. They're gaining ground quickly because Christianity already largely collapsed. Given time, Christianity will revive itself, but not if is exterminated by Islamic jihad. Jihadists will not use violence if they don't need to, but if other avenues of advance are closed, they will resort to violence.

This article ends like traditional "fake news," with the conservative truth buried at the end:
People are saying that Trump shows America's true colors, he said. But it's nothing new. These same sentiments existed under Obama, they say, even though his rhetoric was less inflammatory. “They'd rather Trump than Obama, a snake who hides what he's doing,” Stalinsky said. Terrorists sympathizers say, “We're grateful to have Trump removing Obama's mask.”

The message, Stalinsky says, is this: “There's a new fool in the White House.” But he's just replacing an old fool. And the goal — “to ignite the ground under America's feet” — remains the same.
Jihadis don't care who is in the White House, hatred of Americans remains as high as ever. But that isn't news. The one thing the MSM needs is news. No news, no advertisements, no profits. If they can't find any news, they manufacture it.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Fear of Borders

Etymologically speaking, synoros derives from the Greek prefix syn which is used to mark an addition to something (think of it as the Greek equivalent of plus) and oros which is a Greek word meaning (in its neutral form to oros) a mountain, a hill. Together, they signify a boundary, a line, a limit, and, most often, a literal border between two countries. An additional, less-known meaning of this now obsolete adjectival form, can be directly translated into neighborly, adjacent, contiguous.
Synorophobia or synophobia both could work. The latter sounds like Sinophobia, but a lot of people who fear borders also fear the Chinese because in the back of their mind they know what happens if there's no borders and 1.4 billion Chinese. Also China is allied with Russia, and many modern synophobes express an irrational fear or hatred of Russia because the nation recently changed it borders.

Fear of borders. What are other types of borders? The male and female sex. Racial identity. The Laws of God and/or Nature.

The left's constant need for revolution, for destruction and chaos, is the pathological expression of childhood rebellion. Some people become snyophobic as a reaction against strict parenting, but most have pathologized the fear and disorder felt in their childhood, being raised by parents and institutions which failed to provide nurturing boundaries.

Some signs you are dealing with a synophobic. Note that in isolation these could represent some other mental disorder or personality quirk, but taken together they form a diagnosis of synophobia:

Frequently violates standards of decency or decorum, such as use vulgar language (swear/curse worse)
React angrily to the imposition of standards, borders, limits, and even definitions of words
Generally will favor reducing parental power
Overly negative reaction to dead institutions that imposed limits, such as patriarchy or monarchy
Engages in or celebrates sodomy, bestiality or pedophilia
More likely atheist than not, but also expresses anger towards religion and God, often specifically in reference to limits such as those on sexual activity
Likely supports multinational institutions over national governments, including their own government
Becomes angry/upset at defining things, such as male and female
Although they oppose limits and definitions, they do not oppose limits they themselves set, such as the growing number of genders created by those who fear male and female

Many Jews show a deeply developed synophobic condition because of the history of the diaspora. Crossing borders was a matter of life and death for Jews for much of their history. Jews therefore developed a specific fear of borders, but this was not the broader synophobia described above. At least until modern times. Therefore, it is hypothesized that a specific fear, such as of borders, can eventually develop into full blown synophobia if left untreated. Treatment does not require a clinical psychologist, however. Among the more religious Jews, we see a weakening of synophobia, likely due to the limits imposed by strict religious adherence. The creation of the State of Israel also likely weaken synophobia, but is difficult to measure because synophobics will support their self-defined borders. Among non-religious Jews, we see the other traits of synophobia manifest, such as vulgarity and pornography (institutionalized in the ACLU's efforts to weaken limits on the First Amendment) and celebrations of sodomy. Many also oppose the State of Israel, likely still tapping into the deep-seated fear of borders. Religion is often a panacea for many psychological conditions and more research in this area is warranted.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Cathedral Wants Its Narrative Back

An amazing opinion piece at the NYTimes reveals the Western establishment's ignorance. Stripped of ideology, the piece could read as an NRx critique of democracy and the Cathedral. That the Cathedral only notices changing political forces is a testament to their indoctrination.

How the Internet Threatens Democracy
As the forces of reaction outpace movements predicated on the ideal of progress, and as traditional norms of political competition are tossed aside, it’s clear that the internet and social media have succeeded in doing what many feared and some hoped they would. They have disrupted and destroyed institutional constraints on what can be said, when and where it can be said and who can say it.
Leaving aside "the ideal of progress," a whole separate can of worms, the article starts off by saying control has been lost. In other words, up until now there were controls on what can be said, when and where you can say it, and who can say it. An anti-American regime was/is in power.
Even though in one sense President Trump’s victory in 2016 fulfilled conventional expectations — because it prevented a third straight Democratic term in the White House — it also revealed that the internet and its offspring have overridden the traditional American political system of alternating left-right advantage. They are contributing — perhaps irreversibly — to the decay of traditional moral and ethical constraints in American politics.
Alternating left-right advantage is at the level of presidency. Various states and the U.S. Congress have been ruled by one party for decades on end. The Democrats controlled the U.S. House of Representatives for about 60 years until 1994 with only a brief interruption. Or if you believe in cycles of history, the left has been in control since the 1700s or maybe the 1930s. A major shift to the right would not be a surprise, in fact it is probably overdue.

Second, one can only laugh at a leftist writing about "the decay of traditional moral and ethical constraints." Do you have a moment to speak about Jesus Christ?
Matthew Hindman, a professor of media and public affairs at George Washington University and the author of “The Myth of Digital Democracy,” said in a phone interview that “if you took the label off, someone looking at the United States would have to be worried about democratic failure or transitioning toward a hybrid regime.”

Such a regime, in his view, would keep the trappings of democracy, including seemingly free elections, while leaders would control the election process, the media and the scope of permissible debate. “What you get is a country that is de facto less free.”
He's talking about the 2008 and 2012 elections, right? Right?
The use of digital technology in the 2016 election “represents the latest chapter in the disintegration of legacy institutions that had set bounds for American politics in the postwar era,” Nathaniel Persily, a law professor at Stanford, writes in a forthcoming paper, “Can American Democracy Survive the Internet?”
Institutions built by communists and socialists in the postwar era.

Finally we get a straight paragraph describing how America is becoming more democratic thanks to the breakdown of institutional control:
The influence of the internet is only the most recent manifestation of the weakening of the two major American political parties over the past century, with the Civil Service undermining patronage, the rise of mass media altering communication, campaign finance law empowering donors independent of the parties, and the ascendance of direct primaries gutting the power of party bosses to pick nominees.
“We are witnessing a period of deep challenge to the core claims of democracy to be the superior form of political organization of civilized peoples,”

The current moment of democratic uncertainty draws from four central institutional challenges, each one a compromise of how democracy was consolidated over the past few centuries. First, the accelerated decline of political parties and other institutional forms of engagement; second, the weakness of the legislative branches; third, the loss of a sense of social cohesion; and fourth, the decline in democratic state competence.
Right here the Cathedral tells us they are built on a house of lies. If you are a real pro-democracy true-believer you want institutional controls smashed and direct democracy for the people. Everything that is happening is good. The current shift to the right is merely a reflection of leftist institutional control. The left is more ossified than the right and unable to quickly maneuver in the new environment, unwilling to give up institutional power. The dissident right has no institutional power and therefore wholly embraced change. The left will catch up once their rebels take over.

Additionally, if you believe in these institutional controls, then you don't believe in pure democracy. You admit there must be limits. If there must be limits, then let's discuss what the limits should be. Limiting the franchise to white males is a limitation and would preserve all of the "traditional moral and ethical constraints." The loss of a sense of social cohesion a result of mass immigration, the decline in state competence a result of mass immigration, affirmative action and progressive idealism. But you see I am violating what can be said, and who can say it, and where, and so on.

If you thought this was supposed to be an intelligent piece on the changing landscape of American politics, you are wrong. It's simply a long set-up for another "Russia hacked the election."
Two developments in the 2016 campaign provided strong evidence of the vulnerability of democracies in the age of the internet: the alleged effort of the Russian government to secretly intervene on behalf of Trump, and the discovery by internet profiteers of how to monetize the distribution of fake news stories, especially stories damaging to Hillary Clinton.
There is good reason to think that the disruptive forces at work in the United States — as they expand the universe of the politically engaged and open the debate to millions who previously paid little or no attention — may do more to damage the left than strengthen it. In other words, just as the use of negative campaign ads and campaign finance loopholes to channel suspect contributions eventually became routine, so too will be the use of social media to confuse and mislead the electorate.
Confuse and mislead means does not believe in the Cathedral Narrative.
Our politics are vulnerable to nefarious influences — whether of the Kremlin variety or the Breitbart variety — not because our information landscape is open and fluid, but because voters’ perceptions have become untethered from reality. For reasons that are both complex and debatable, very many voters have stopped seeing government as a tool for the production of the common good, and have instead turned to politicians (and others) who at least make them feel good. Thus, the news we consume has become as much about emotion and identity as about facts. That’s where the vulnerability comes in, and its roots are in our politics — not in the internet.
If that is the problem, we know the solution: physical removal of leftists. We can achieve this via Exit, by creating new, leftist-free spaces. It is taking place on the Internet as alternative media of all stripes create new outlets and their own narratives. Before getting to an ethnically homogeneous state, there must first be an ethnically homogeneous nation. The next step for the Right will be creating alternative entertainment in digital media, movies and television. This is the Cathedral's remaining source of Narrative control. Once it loses its white audiences, it will stop creating media that whites want to see. It will be the Fox News effect. Once you create an alternative and your enemy is ideologically opposed to competition that requires appealing to the market, you can monopolize the audience. Today, the right can only bitch about leftist Narrative in movies and television. It's spurs the Right to confrontational action, but it is mostly unproductive. After creating its own media, when the right hears that Disney is putting gay orgies into their children's movies (looking ahead a few years), it's response will be "I don't care."

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Get Out

The new film 'Get Out' warn blacks of race mixing, or even being in the presences of whites. Blacks are clearly warned to stay out of white areas, to avoid white people, not to date white men or women.

Steve Sailer found this review:
In Get Out, writer-director Jordan Peele takes 90 minutes to meditate on a lesson Kim Kardashian once spelled out for America via snake emojis and Taylor Swift: White women are not to be trusted.

The film begins with Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) traveling home for the weekend to meet his girlfriend Rose’s (Alison Williams) parents who live on the set of a horror movie — excuse me: in a secluded, wooded, mostly white suburb.

But here, condensed into one 10-minute span, I recognized the sinking feeling of being betrayed by a white woman you’ve stanned for, loved, liked, or even simply been mildly okay with.

White women have always played, and continue to play, a large part in upholding the supremacy. They have not held the best interests of people of color. Putting full trust in them has often been to our detriment. Rose’s willingness to put herself and, essentially, the survival of white bodies above the well-being of black people was as unsurprising as it was terrifying. In Get Out, whiteness trumps all, and the true horror is leaving the theater knowing that, in this case? It’s not just a movie.
Get out: it's not just a movie. It's a warning!



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