Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Old White Boomers Are Destroying the Democrat Party

Liberal white supremacy is hard to stop, but at least Howard Dean has opened his eyes.

Vox agrees with the opinion here, that Democrats really need to step up and put female, LGBTQ, transgender women of color into leadership positions.

Democrats need black female leadership
If you're a Democrat and you don't support a gay black women for every party leadership position, then you are objectively a homophobic, racist, and sexist bigot. Loyalty must be rewarded and privileged Whites and Jews must be banished to the back of the party.
How can the Democrats claim the GOP is the White Party when most of their key leaders are Old White People?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Greg Johnson on the Nazi Panic

The Alt Right: Obituary for a Brand?
What is White Nationalism based on? Is it based on objective facts about human nature and politics, facts that are true in all times and places? Is ethnonationalism a political system that is good for all peoples, not just the white ones, much less just the Axis nations? Or is it based what happened in Germany between the World Wars? If ethnonationalism is objectively true and universally valid, then why bring the Nazis into it at all? Particularly because:

Regardless of the truth about National Socialism, our enemies have invested decades of work and billions in capital in turning it into the ultimate political taboo, a toxic stigmatizing brand — the kind of brand that is seared into your flesh. If the NPI audience had broke out into cries of “Hail Satan!” we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Some of our people conclude that all these defenses must hide the enemy’s greatest weakness. I think that is silly, but even if it were true, only a fool attacks the enemy’s best defended spot, especially when they are incredibly weak elsewhere, e.g., denying the reality of racial differences, proclaiming diversity is a strength, supporting open borders, free trade, hate speech laws, etc.

Even if there were nothing wrong with the Nazi brand at all, it would still have been wrong for Spencer to in effect foist it on people like Jared Taylor, who choose not to use it and trusted Spencer because they thought he understood this.

Please don’t give me the tired argument that they’ll call us Nazis anyway, so we might as well become them. First, some of us really aren’t Nazis. Second, even if you are, we’re only fighting against the whole damn world, so why take on additional and needless burdens? Third, just because your enemies are out to get you doesn’t mean that you should make their work easier. (Compare the press coverage of the recent NPI conference to the coverage of the NPI press conference back in September, then explain to me how the saluting made no difference at all.) Finally, they’ll call you Jews, informants, and fags too. Do you want to own those labels as well?

Cathedral Goes All In on Fake News

The best evidence of Cathedral memetic collapse is its post-Trump meme: "fake news."

The meme died on the spot because the Right immediately reversed the charge. From Walter Duranty to the Tet Offensive to GM gas tanks to George Zimmerman's 911 call, there's no end of "fake news" from mainstream sources.

But the Cathedral isn't giving up. It's expanding the geographic reach of the problem. This time to Italy.

Italy’s Most Popular Political Party Is Leading Europe In Fake News And Kremlin Propaganda
This machine includes not just the party’s own blogs and social accounts, which have millions of followers, but also a collection of profitable sites that describe themselves as “independent news” outlets but are actually controlled by the party leadership. These sites relentlessly regurgitate M5S campaign lines, misinformation, and attacks on political rivals – in particular, centre-left prime minister Matteo Renzi. One of them, TzeTze, has 1.2 million followers on Facebook.

Under lurid, all-capped headline phrases such as “THE TRUTH THEY ARE TRYING TO HIDE FROM US”, the party’s blogs, TzeTze, and other sites in the network have crossposted scores of fake stories. These include claims that the US is secretly funding traffickers bringing migrants from North Africa to Italy, and that Barack Obama wants to topple the Syrian regime to create instability across the region so China cannot get access to its oil.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Protect America's Hearing

H.R.3799 - Hearing Protection Act of 2015
This bill amends the Internal Revenue Code to: (1) eliminate the $200 transfer tax on firearm silencers, and (2) treat any person who acquires or possesses a firearm silencer as meeting any registration or licensing requirements of the National Firearms Act with respect to such silencer. Any person who pays a tax on a silencer after October 22, 2015 may receive a refund of such tax.

The bill amends the federal criminal code to preempt state or local laws that tax or regulate firearm silencers.
Pass this bill on a Monday during a week full of major legislative action.

Chinese Hate Western Cucks Too

Trump Triumph Viewed From China
a widely-read Weibo post (again originated from Zhihu) summarizes what Trump’s win has “taught China”, generating tens of thousands of retweets.

“1. We should retain our college entrance exam system that ensures a pathway for poor kids to move up the social ladder. The American election shows how a lack of upward mobility tears apart the society;

2. China should protect its manufacturing sector and prevent it from being outsourced. America’s deindustrialization only benefits capitalists, not workers;

3. China should forcefully resist immigrants and reject political correctness. Illegal immigrants usually compete with lower working class people for jobs, not professional middle class. When the daily safety of working class residents is threatened, they should be able to protect themselves without fear of being politically incorrect.

4. China should be adamantly against excessive care for the LGBT community. Their values and choice should be tolerated, not advocated, especially not at the expense of suppressed mainstream values.”

Before we can properly explore the “Chinese support for Trump”, it is important to separate it from Chinese Americans’ rooting for the Republican candidate, which is based on more substantive issues for people who actually live in the US. A considerable amount of what’s written on Chinese-language sites about the election is actually by Chinese Americans, especially first generation Chinese immigrants. Their opposition to Hillary, and Democrats in general, often centers around issues such as the Affirmative Action which is believed to hurt hard-working Chinese American kids. ...

... The unveiled, intense disdain for American (and European) liberals demonstrated by a substantial segment of the Chinese social media is the key to understanding Trump’s popularity here, and something that ties the “intellectual” side of Trump’s Chinese support with his apparent lack of any intellectual appeal.

On, the Chinese equivalence of Quora, where enthusiasm about Trump is particularly strong, multiple top posts under the “Donald J. Trump” tag center around the theme of liberal hypocrisy and weakness. For a site that pride itself with informed discussions and a respect for expertise, the overall hostility towards Western liberal ideas deserves a moment of reflection. One of the posts that garners more than 18,000 likes is a broad stroke thesis about the decline of Western civilization under the pressure of Muslim immigration. “There are towns in Britain that are completely under the control of Muslim extremists, who are openly using white girls as sex slaves under the eyes of gutless British policemen***. Trump was right when he said there were no-go zones for French policemen in their own country. Western countries are in such a degree of self-deception that politicians like Obama and Merkel can be praised for their appeasement with Islamists while political correctness deters people from talking about the existential threat to Western civilization.”

It is one thing to be critical of the liberal ideas of multiculturalism and freedom of religion, it is quite another when a Chinese shows that level of concern for the demise of the West. ... Deep down they still see the West as something to aspire to, and they feel frustrated when “weak” liberal leaders squander their full hand of good cards. “Angry about them not putting up a fight” (怒其不争), as one Chinese saying goes.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nazi Panic: Roosh and Vox Do Not Disavow

Vox writes in I do not disavow
That being said, I don't believe there is a genuine schism, because the Alt-Lite has never been, and will never be, the Alt-Right proper. It is, rather, a large pool of newly awakened conservatives and liberals who are only beginning to shed the lies of the propaganda in which they have been steeped for their entire lives. Also, it is neither disavowing nor attacking someone to criticize a specific action they have taken. I've been criticized by my social media allies before, and while it wasn't public, it was certainly every bit as direct as most of the criticism that has been directed at Spencer. The criticism was justified, I appreciated the criticism, and most importantly, I learned from it and adapted my behavior according to their advice.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Alt-Lite to Alt-White spectrum has been the ability of the various parties to bury the hatchet and avoid the virulent divisions that the media, and occasionally, some of the followers, would like to see. Everyone is excited about the ascension of the God-Emperor Trump, so it should not be surprising that a few of us managed to go a little overboard, after all, we have had far too political successes to celebrate for most of our lives. But the tide is turning, so it is time to learn how to discipline ourselves and be prepared for the larger-scale challenges to come.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ramzpaul: Alt-Right is Dead

We Don't Need White People Running DNC

We don't need white people leading the Democratic Party right now
"In my opinion, we don't need white people leading the Democratic Party right now," she told CNN's Brianna Keilar Wednesday on "Wolf."

"The Democratic Party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in our leadership and throughout the staff at the highest levels from the vice chairs to the secretaries all the way down to the people working in the offices at the DNC," Sanders added.
If you believe in diversity then you can have no other position. The White Supremacy of the Democrat Party must end. People of Color must be placed into leadership positions. Show America the way! If you won't do it, why should anyone listen to Democrat hypocrisy on race?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nazi Panic

Neo-Nazi 'alt-right' crowd cheers the president-elect with 'Hail Trump'

Americans hate Nazis, Communists and Anarchists. Communism is foreign cancer from Europe, as is Nazism and Anarchism. The Amerikaner far-right thinks the mistake of WWII was Truman didn't give Patton the atomic bomb and let him march a reformed German army into Russia, that McCarthy failed in wiping out communists in America. America didn't kill too many Nazis. America killed too few communists.

The Right needn't punch right, but the goal is not rehabilitating Nazis, it's to punch the commies out of America.

This is the greatest challenge for the populist dissident Right in America:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Association with things Americans hate doesn't further the goal. Nazi trolling is an example of agree and amplify, not a mission statement for a successful dissident Right.

Update: Well trolled? There is a victim from the NPI salute incident. Politico's National editor has resigned after publishing Spencer's home address and threatening violence.

National Politico Editor RESIGNS After Publishing Home Addresses Of Alt-Right Icon Richard Spencer, Advocating For ‘Baseball Bats’

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sailer Reminds Us of Hamilton's Immigration Position

If the dissident Right wins, all the Founders will rise in stature (because American), but Hamilton might rise the furthest because he's generally disliked for his pro-tariff, pro-central bank, pro-centralization positions. He also wanted an American King and didn't want foreigners becoming citizens.

The impolicy of admitting foreigners to an immediate and unreserved participation in the right of suffrage, or in the sovereignty of a Republic, is as much a received axiom as any thing in the science of politics, and is verified by the experience of all ages. Among other instances, it is known, that hardly any thing contributed more to the downfall of Rome, than her precipitate communication of the privileges of citizenship to the inhabitants of Italy at large. And how terribly was Syracuse scourged by perpetual seditions, when, after the overthrow of the tyrants, a great number of foreigners were suddenly admitted to the rights of citizenship? Not only does ancient but modern, and even domestic history furnish evidence of what may be expected from the dispositions of foreigners, when they get too early footing in a country. Who wields the sceptre of France, and has erected a Despotism on the ruins of a Republic? A foreigner. Who rules the councils of our own ill-fated, unhappy country? And who stimulates persecution on the heads of its citizens, for daring to maintan an opinion, and for exercising the rights of suffrage? A foreigner!5 Where is the virtuous pride that once distinguished Americans? Where the indignant spirit which in defence of principle, hazarded a revolution to attain that independence now insidiously attacked?
Hamilton Denounces Jefferson for Putting Immigrants on the Path to Citizenship

Immigration Destroyed the Democrat Party, How to Nail the Coffin Shut

A popular meme says the Democrat Party didn't come up with new ideas, they just imported new voters. The "immigration as vote stuffing" meme.

Voting stuffing is the action, but what is the inaction? Thanks to vote stuffing, Democrats didn't worry about messaging, other than KKKrazy glue to align their voting blocs against the White Party.

As a result, the Democrat Party is an intellectually atrophied party attracting low quality candidates.

The best thing for the Democrat Party and the nation would be a ban on immigration.

If the GOP wants to ice the Democrats, it now has the power.

Republicans now control most state legislature and governorships.

The next step is to pick off a few more White votes.

Finally, in a state such as Minnesota where the GOP controls the legislature, it should pass policies to push Democrat-voting immigrants into deep blue states.

GOP states should be tougher than Trump on immigration.

Play the Electoral College map. If Los Angeles and San Francisco want to be sanctuary cities, if California wants to be a sanctuary state, let it.

Friday, November 18, 2016

China Doesn't Recognize Borders or Nations, Only Blood

Update: Derb comments at Other People’s Nationalism: China
The Economist keeps losing! Sad! Now it's mad at the Chinese.

The upper Han
China felt it could act this way because it does not accept dual nationality. The law is ambiguous, however. It stipulates first that a person taking a foreign passport “automatically” loses their Chinese nationality and then, contradictorily, that an individual has to “renounce” their nationality (hand in their household-registration documents and passport) and that the renunciation must be approved. According to Mr Gui’s daughter, he went through the process of relinquishing his citizenship. Yet the Chinese authorities considered that his foreign passport was superseded by birth and ethnicity: both Mr Gui and Mr Lee are Han, the ethnic group that makes up 92% of mainland China’s population.

Ethnicity is central to China’s national identity. It is the Han, 1.2bn of them in mainland China alone, that most people refer to as “Chinese”, rather than the country’s minorities, numbering 110m people. Ethnicity and nationality have become almost interchangeable for China’s Han, says James Leibold of La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. That conflation is of fundamental importance. It defines the relations between the Han and other ethnic groups. By narrowing its legal labour market almost entirely to people of Han descent, ethnicity is shaping the country’s economy and development. And it strains foreign relations, too. Even ethnic Han whose families left for other countries generations ago are often regarded as part of a coherent national group, both by China’s government and people.
In China's defense, someone who obtains a foreign passport, but spends all their time involved in their home nation's politics, reveals their true allegiance.
Chinese are now organising in small ways to fight for labour rights, gay rights and environmental concerns but there is little indication that Han are gathering to defend their ethnic peers—perhaps unsurprisingly, given that to do so could be seen as supporting separatism. If anything, the opposite is true: the government’s rhetoric, particularly on the dangers of Islam, has exacerbated existing divisions.

Hui Muslims have long been the successful face of Chinese multiculturalism: they are better integrated into Han culture and widely dispersed (importantly they speak Mandarin and often look less distinct). Yet Islamophobia is rising, particularly online; social-media posts call for Hui Muslims to “go back to the Middle East”. In July, Mr Xi used a trip to Ningxia province, the Hui heartland, to warn Chinese Muslims to resist “illegal religious infiltration activities” and “carry forward the patriotic tradition”, a sign that he views this group with suspicion, as well as those on China’s fringe with a history of separatism.
Cathedral indoctrinated Chinese are increasingly at risk. The Muslims have been in China for centuries, yet perhaps they too will have to go back.
The Chinese government even risks clashing with foreign governments by claiming some form of jurisdiction over their ethnic-Han citizens. Last year the government of Malaysia (where the Han population is 25%) censured the Chinese ambassador when he declared that China “would not sit idly by” if its “national interests” and the “interests of Chinese citizens” were violated. The threat he saw was a potentially violent pro-Malay rally, planned in an area where almost all traders were Han but few were Chinese nationals. In isolated cases it goes further. The arrest and detention of naturalised American citizens born in China has long been an irritant in relations between the countries.
If the globalists win, then ironically, no nation can accept Chinese on its soil because the Chinese government will claim their presence confers a right to intervene. The American government has already made Americans pariahs in much of the world, at least when it comes to simple things like opening bank accounts.
China’s Han-centred worldview is not just a historical curiosity. It is a decisive force in the way it wields its growing power in the world—a state that respects neither equality nor civil liberties at home and may ignore them abroad too. In economic terms, China will cut itself off from an important source of economic growth, waste resources in discriminating against ethnic minorities and fail to use its human talent to better effect. Exacerbating ethnic tensions may spur the separatism it fears. And by sorting citizens abroad by their ethnic identity rather than their national one—whether by claiming to defend “its own” or punish them for disloyalty—China risks clashing with other countries. Over the past century, China’s founding myth has been a source of strength. But as it looks forwards, China risks being borne back ceaselessly into its own past.
China’s Han-centred worldview is not just a historical curiosity. It is a decisive force in the way it wields its growing power in the world—a state that respects neither equality nor civil liberties at home and may ignore them abroad too. In economic terms, China will cut itself off from an important source of economic growth, waste resources in discriminating against ethnic minorities and fail to use its human talent to better effect. Exacerbating ethnic tensions may spur the separatism it fears. And by sorting citizens abroad by their ethnic identity rather than their national one—whether by claiming to defend “its own” or punish them for disloyalty—China risks clashing with other countries. Over the past century, China’s founding myth has been a source of strength. But as it looks forwards, China risks being borne back ceaselessly into its own past.
Also consider this news: Locals come first: the end of the golden era for expats in China?
“I think the sense now is the fewer foreigners in China, the better,” the management consultant and entrepreneur told the Post from his home in Beijing.

“I think there’s a sense that the country needs to be Chinese.”
Globalism doesn't work when one nation sells out its jobs and companies, and the other refuses to allow foreigners to take their companies or jobs. Even if nationalism didn't revive politically, an ethnic nationalism of only dealing with your own people and keeping business and capital inside the group, would form as a response to global competitive threats.

Oh what a mess the Cathedral made.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Panic as Google Announces Ban on Fake News

The editorial boards of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, BBC and other mainstream/state media outlets are in a state of total panic after Google News announced it would ban fake news.

Google boss: We will 'work to fix' fake news

Chinese and Russian state media were also said to be upset over the new Google rules, while North Korea's Kim Jong-Il heralded the decision stating, "DPRK media only publishes 100% verified truth."

Along with the DPRK state organs, a coterie of shitposters and niche news outlets across the ideological spectrum welcomed the news. Many are preparing for surging traffic following implementation of the fake news ban.

The National Enquirer is expected to become a top 10 media site in 2017, with speculation the Daily Mail could become the most visited news site in the world.

There was confusion at the offices of The Onion, a publisher that openly reports fake news. However, The Onion editorial board believes it will succeed under the new rules because an internal study showed The Onion articles contained an average of 25 percent more reality than The New York Times.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2016 Post-Mortem I

In the 2016 Election, the Alt-Right had the truth about the polls. Trump won the Electoral College bigly.

One possible explanation for why the Cathedral was wrong is information transmission broke down.

In the past, the media passively absorbed information and served as the central gatekeeping node in the network. It controlled information by deciding which information flowed out, or by reforming it into Narrative. It had all the information because it all flowed through its gates.

I submit that in 2016, the information stopped flowing. The Cathedral is no longer a central node in the network, it is a local node in the Left network.

New local nodes on the Right now serve as focal points for the Right.

If this is true, the Cathedral wasn't lying. The lugenpresse wasn't lying. It was blinded. They didn't know. They didn't know there was a large pool of Trump support because this information did not flow into the Cathedral central nodes. They didn't know there was an untapped pool of white voters for the GOP because the information didn't flow. This is the exact opposite case with the dissident Right, which allows information to fully flow from all other nodes. Or, a less optimistic model, the dissident Right can't yet shut off the flow from leftist nodes because their signals are way stronger. The dissident Right hears leftists arguments all the time. For the time being it is also more realistic though: it knows there is a large and growing pool of Democrat voters, that is one of the central organizing pieces of information, what pulls many people out of Cathedral-controlled Outer Party and into the dissident Right.

This failure of information collection is largely the fault of the Cathedral because it got lazy and assumed it was still functioning as a central node. (The Cathederal also went full Narrative, and believed it was shaping reality.) The information is out there, but it requires going out and getting it. They may or may not make the same mistake in 2020. The AI prediction bot correctly called the election based on social media data.

There also was some sabotage by the Right: Trump voters refused to talk to exit pollsters. Most media outlets could not call the races even on election night, but the Cathedral had the information it needed: the NYTimes website was very accurate once it had enough data (it was projecting final vote total based on what areas had yet to vote), it showed PA and MI for Trump around 9:30 or 10 PM if I recall correctly and Trump was already above 50% odds of winning earlier in the evening. They ignored it because exit polls told them the race was tighter. It's likely Trump voters were doing the same thing to pollsters throughout the campaign. (The Cathedral also sabotages itself with censorship and political correctness, they made the shy Trump voter into a thing. This is a bigger factor when looking beyond the 2016 campaign to the wider society.)

If that's the case, it's possible that the key "truth" in the election was the dissident Right itself and the fact that it effectively denied information to the enemy. The key piece of information we had on the Right was self-knowledge, that we existed. Second, we caused the Cathedral to believe it had an accurate picture of reality. Most importantly, the Right redirected information flow away from Cathedral nodes and through local nodes, for example Mr. Trump's Facebook and Twitter feeds. Information was (passively) denied to the Cathedral and more of the non-dissent Right started using alternative information sources.

Although Black Lives Matter and Univision are Cathedral, they are also local nodes and sometimes indirectly oppose the Cathedral's goals by soaking up attention. Keeping everyone on the same page becomes harder and harder for the Cathedral.

Technology is fracturing the polity. The Cathedral is fighting a losing battle against a force of Nature. More and more people, enemy and ally alike, will obtain information that is produced outside of Cathedral control. We don't want to see false narratives, but even the false narratives will increasingly come from non-Cathedral sources. The Cathedral cannot make a pareto-optimal move. It either has to become truthful, in which case it must push the Overton window far to the right. Or it doubles down on false narratives and tries to manage a declining empire. At least in the first week post-election, with a far-left black Muslim being proposed as DNC head, it is doubling down.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

White Democrats Are Well and Truly Dead

The lesson of 2016 for Democrats should be: there's too much racism in America. To fix it, it's up to the Democrats to become even more diverse. Every white Democrat is taking a spot away from a minority.

House Democrats Are Getting More Diverse. Republicans Aren’t.

I Lined My Pockets in Betting Markets

I hope everyone who played in the betting markets made bank.

If you didn't, information asymmetry isn't limited to polls. The Cathedral spouts nonsense about climate change and diversity, and invests (or refuses to invest) lots of money based on those ideas. More opportunities to profit will come in the future.

Trumpenreich Favors Nuclear Families

We know married couples vote Republican more than single people, but Republicans never do anything to promote the nuclear family. They push things like child tax credits that help all families with children, but do not design the law to tilt benefits in favor of marriage and procreation.

That is changing.

Buried in the Trump tax plans are changes to the individual tax code that favor married couples with children.

Donald Trump's Tax Plan Would Hit Single Parents Hard
hree major changes make Trump’s plan particularly hard on single parents.

First, he would eliminate the head-of-household filing status, thus requiring single parents to file as individuals. By itself, that boosts tax rates for single parents at most income ranges.

Second, although Trump would boost the standard deduction, he would eliminate personal and dependent exemptions, raising taxable income for all single parents who do not itemize. Under current law in 2017, a single parent with one child can take a $9,400 standard deduction and two $4,100 exemptions, thus reducing her taxable income by $17,600. Trump would replace that combination with a $15,150 standard deduction, making $2,450 more income subject to tax. And bigger families would get hit even harder—their taxable income under Trump’s plan would go up by $4,100 for each additional child, relative to current law.

Finally—and most consequentially—Trump would collapse the current tax schedule from seven rates to three. That may seem less complicated but it would actually raise rates at some income levels. The result: Higher taxes for many heads of household. For example, in 2017 a single parent with one child who claims the standard deduction would face a 25 percent tax rate on adjusted gross income (AGI) between $53,050 and $68,550, compared with just a 15 percent rate under current law.
Remember the child care tax credit? Turns out everyone may get it:Trump Child Care Tax Deduction Has Nothing to Do with Child Care
The amount would be pegged to the average cost of child care in your state (the national average is $12,000 per year per child), and can be claimed for up to four children. It is disallowed (apparently in a cliff cutoff) at $500,000 for a married couple and $250,000 for all others.

Here’s the rub: the deduction is available both to families who enroll their children in child care and those who do not.

Currently, the dependent deduction is $4000 per child. Applying the national average for child care costs ($12,000) increases this de facto to $16,000.

When combined with the $4000 personal exemption, the $12,600 standard deduction, and the child tax credit, most families of four would face no income tax on their first $60,000-$70,000 of earnings.

That’s the story from the Trump announcement, not anything having to do with child care costs. He has proposed a big tax cut for families with kids which is of limited help to the very poor (their taxable income is already $0), is a good amount of help for median/middle class families, and is a pretty large windfall for all but the wealthiest parents in America.
In other words, the law might encourage middle class and wealthy families to have more children. Single parents will be hit, and some single childless people may also see some tax burden shifted their way.

In other words, it's a eucivic change to the tax code.

Get ready for a battle royale with progressives and GOP cucks over these changes to the law.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

What's Next?

Deportation of all illegal aliens and all children (including U.S. citizens).

Reduction in all legal immigration, with bans on low skilled immigration (low skill includes liberal arts majors). Top talent only.

Retroactive repeal of birthright citizenship.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Was White Nationalism Created by the Racist FBI?

Whatever happens on Tuesday, this election season ended with leftists attacking the FBI for being too White.

If the Cathedral could manufacture Russian control of Trump, could it hilariously reinterpret the Right's "FBI run KKK" meme?

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

A Visitor From the Cathedral Echo Chamber

If you're online and Alt-Right by now you've seen Chris Matthews' endorsement of Trump.

30 Seconds Of 'Deplorable' Reality From MSNBC's Chris Matthews

Matthews has a soft spot for Reagan Democrats, the white working class. I'm not sure if he was anti-Reagan in the early 80s, if so he might come around on Trump too.

The best part of the clip isn't the endorsement though, it's Matthews telling us he is deep in the Cathedral's echo chamber:
Whatever you think of Donald Trump, I mean, whatever you think of Donald Trump, you have to wonder, why isn't he doing it? Why isn't he running for president?

Why isn't he spending every hour asking the voters again and again do you like way things are? The way they've been headed in this country? Do you like the continued destruction of our manufacturing base, and the jobs that went with it? Do you like the uncontrolled illegal immigration? Do you like the string of stupid wars from Iraq to Libya to Syria? if you want to say yes to all of that, if you want to keep all this way it is, vote for Hillary Clinton. If you don't like the way things have been headed, you have have a chance to really shake the system to its roots.

And if you wake up the day after the election, and if it is the same as it is today. If it's the same four, five, or eight years from now, remember you had the chance to change it but you were too dainty to do it.

If Trump were to win the election, those would be the reasons listed right at the top of the newspaper the day afterward. So why doesn't he say now what would win him the election? Why doesn't he fight and create stupid headlines with his battles with Megyn Kelly and Dana Bash?

He seems to devote everyday day after day to fighting fights that make people forget the reasons he started running for president, reasons that continue to carry the shrinking chance he has to win this thing. I say this not because I want Trump to win, but because I can't stand politics being practiced so pathetically.
If you watch Trump rallies online, you know he's saying exactly that in slightly less polished language.

Matthews is correct if he leveled this criticism at Trump for his debate performance because this is all Trump should have spoken about. It isn't really fair to Trump the candidate though, because Cathedral media created the narrative. Trump fell into their narrative because he is not a practiced politician,but it's hard to say what else he could have done outside of the debate. If Trump was "presidential" and ignored the charges, does anyone think the media would not have run coverage 24/7 about how Trump is avoiding the issue?

Yoga Pants Killing Post-Menopausal Women

Mysterious Infection Linked To Water Targets Healthy, Fit People In Our Area
It’s a lung infection, similar to tuberculosis, that is caused by a bacteria found mainly in water but also in soil and in the air. Doctors say NTM is rare but the number of patients is growing.

The unlikely victims are white, thin, post-menopausal women who live in affluent neighborhoods around Philadelphia’s Main Line. “This is being researched very intensively right now,” says Dr. Leah Lande, a pulmonologist at Lankenau Medical Center which is part of Main Line Health.

...Doctors say African-Americans and people who are heavy tend to not get NTM even though the bacteria that causes it is everywhere.

So why do only certain people develop the infection? “We don’t know,” says Dr. Lande. “A lot of people are trying to figure that out now but that’s not really understood right now.”
It doesn't say they've ruled out yoga pants as a cause, and black women and heavy women tend to wear yoga pants less.

New Hard Right Site: Men of the West

Welcome to the Hard Right
What is civilization? It is expectation. It is shared protocol. It isn’t so much about what thing is done but how one does that thing. The savage shows up at the local Wal-Mart in pajamas. The civilized man shows up dressed within the socially acceptable norms.

Aha! But what if pajamas are within the social norms? Then you’re in a civilization of savages. See, we have this notion that civilization is related to what we think of as civilized, but that is a lie. The cannibals of the darkest jungle are a civilization. But they are not civilized.

These are different concepts. Most all of us come from some civilization, but to be considered civilized, you must abide by the protocols of the civilization you are currently inhabiting.

And make no mistake. All civilizations are not equal. Equality does not exist on this earth. For example, you may admire the pygmies of New Guinea, but they haven’t launched a space program, have they? They have produced no great works of art, have they? Can you name their great composers?

But am I not judging them by the standards of my own civilization? Indeed, I am. Because I happen to very much prefer my own civilization. To paraphrase Jules his own bad self… Humans may taste like bacon and pork chops, but I would never know because I would never eat the filthy… and so it goes. No doubt the savages of the islands would think me an idiot for the refusal.



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