Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ethnic Cleansing in Seattle, NYC

According to progressive logic of disparate impact and outcomes explaining intentions, the whites in progressive cities, the most SJW of SJWs, are the Waffen-SS of American racism. A slow motion Kristallnacht is unfolding across America's cities as black homes and neighborhoods are smashed by progressive sledgehammers.

Central District’s shrinking black community wonders what’s next
The vibrant Central District was more than 70 percent black in the 1960s and early ’70s. Today, African Americans represent less than a fifth of the neighborhood’s population as the city’s tech boom raises the cost of living.
Seattle is already a very white city, and yet they are in the downhill phase of ethnically cleansing the Central District, with the last fifth to be pushed out amid the final wave of gentrification.
The median annual household income for blacks in Seattle fell dramatically from $32,000 in 2000 to $25,700 in 2013. Some of that is because of an influx of immigrants who are just starting out. But the dip is even worse than it appears. Adjusted for inflation, that income in 2000 represents $44,800 in 2013 dollars.

Whites, by contrast, saw their median household incomes shoot from $45,700 to $70,200 in that time.
No rednecks waving Confederate flags have cleaned out Seattle's CBD, nor Twitter Nazis. Instead it was the Amazon employees who removed the Confederate flag from the site who played a starring role.

In NYC, progressive Mayor Bill DeBlasio only needs to draw a red circle on a map to signal the next target of cultural extermination.
The End of Black Harlem
Which Neighborhoods Will de Blasio’s Rezonings Target Next?
Two of the criteria—room for development and good access to transportation—are fairly obvious, she says. And others note that the administration will have the most success when they choose neighborhoods where the local councilmember is strongly supportive of a rezoning. But many advocates wonder why the administration has focused mostly on rezoning low-income communities of color, where it risks catalyzing displacement. In contrast, rezoning a high-income neighborhood would allow rents to cross-subsidize low-income apartments, allowing developers to provide the affordable units required under the city's new mandatory inclusionary housing policy but without the use of city subsidy.
A mayor supported by white progressives is clearing out minorities to make room for more white progressives, what more is there to understand?

One writer tries to understand: WHY CAN’T HARLEM STOP GENTRIFICATION?
But as I was reading his argument that Harlem’s upscale transformation is inescapable, I could not help but ask, why? Why has Harlem not enacted the critical protections that have prevented gentrification in other communities?

For example, Adams asserts that while Harlem has “miles of apartments,” they are “ripe for destruction and displacement by gleaming glass-cube condos.” Why are these apartments vulnerable? Did Harlem activists attempt to pass anti-demolition laws to protect the neighborhood’s rental housing stock long ago? If past efforts failed, what is stopping such laws from passing now?

I ask these questions because too often the gentrification of working class neighborhoods is deemed “inevitable” when it is not. Just as gentrification is often promoted by upzoning and other city laws, communities can pass measures to prevent or at least slow this process.
It's eerie how progressive speak about gentrification the same way they talk about demographic displacement via immigration. The strategies are doomed to failure though, as it cites a victory in San Francisco, but that city has become far whiter over time.
Adams believes race prevents Harlem back from winning preservation protections. Adams also sees race as underlying the drive for gentrification, and quotes historian Horace Carter that “Harlem is too well placed. The white man is ready to take it back.” But this dynamic makes it even more imperative that Harlem utilize more of the type of aggressive, proactive community organizing that has long been seen in the Northwest Bronx and other communities of color in New York City.
One cannot defeat the progressives with progressive tactics.
Considering de Blasio was elected on the strength of African-American support, and shouldn’t that mean that he will protect Harlem?

Adams says no. He feels black New Yorkers “were wrong” about de Blasio, who he accuses of supporting “trickle down affordability” and other changes that facilitate Harlem’s upscale transformation. Adams is referring to a recent mayor-backed housing plan that passed the City Council 42-5 in March despite strong opposition from community groups throughout New York City.
The community groups only managed only 10% of the city council. vote. They are toothless opposition.

Another Sign of Peak Progressivism

The perpetual victim classes are starting to get annoyed with the constant demand for progressive victimization.

Snoop Dogg Asks Fans to Boycott 'Roots': "Let's Create Our Own Shit Based on Today"
"I'm sick of this shit. How the f— are they going to put Roots on, on Memorial Day?" Snoop said in an Instagram video. "They going to just keep beating that shit into our heads about how they did us, huh?"

Snoop said he has no interest in new shows and movies — specifically mentioning 12 Years a Slave — that "keep showing the abuse we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago."

"I ain't watching that shit, and I advise you motherf—ers as real n— like myself; f— them television shows," Snoop said. "Let's create our own shit based on today, how we live and how we inspire people today. Black is what's real. F— that old shit."
Demographic change will not lead to progressive nirvana, it will lead to the rejection of white influence. The Internet and demographic change may already have crossed the tipping point and if so, the market for progressive victimization will shrink with each passing year.

The sentiment expressed by Snoop is also the sentiment expressed by the alt-right. Both white and black are tired of the Progressive Narrative. Progressive SWPLs are about 20% of whites. Millennials are officially 56% non white, though self-identification likely pushes up, say 60% of the population, which makes for 12% of the overall cohort. Minorities are able to punch above their weight, but on a pure numbers basis, there might already be more blacks than progressives among the Millennials.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Globalists Almost Made It

Plenty of alt-righters and NRxers benefit from globalization. Several prominent people are currently living overseas and many others have lived abroad of traveled extensively.

Elites benefit from globalization because the higher you are on the economic pyramid, the more you can earn. Coca-Cola can sell the world a Coke.

We can't do a counterfactual, but it's probably the case that globalists could have expanded free trade and finance without much opposition. Eventually robots were going to show up and take the blame for the loss of jobs, the globalists just had to get past that stage. They only needed to keep a lid on opposition for 10 to 20 years, tops. Then minimum income buys off the first generation as VR and automation put fertility on a permanent downtrend (until the fundies take over the curve in about 100 years, but Amish can't fight drones).

Instead, the globalists started importing invaders into their countries and making war on the natives.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Voters Are Pissed

Welcome to the Election From Hell
Moms used to be my go-to group when clients needed information relevant to their product or service and I needed to hear some sanity, empathy and common sense. No longer. The session I hosted for CBS This Morning earlier this month with mostly moms was an utter train wreck. Many of the exchanges ended up on the cutting room floor because three, four, even five women talked at the same time with a critical tone usually reserved for their husbands. I entered the studio with excitement and anticipation, and left with a headache.

Today, our politics reside in an intellectual cul-de-sac. People only want to hear themselves pontificate, or listen to those who confirm, affirm, and validate. Proof? How many Democrats regularly listen to Fox News? How many Republicans frequently tune into MSNBC? Thirty years ago, voters rewarded politicians who spoke with vision and compassion about a “shining city on a hill,” “a thousand points of light,” or ”I feel your pain.” As recently as four years ago, we sought presidential candidates who were ultimately respectful, presidential, and statesmanlike.

Yet today, both presumptive nominees are so equally distrusted and despised by polarized sections of the electorate that their most effective message is: well, at least I’m not [insert other candidate]. As for the voters, they demand that politicians speak as angrily and as disrespectfully as they feel. Anything less, in their words, is politics or pandering.
The election from Hell is a sign that there is also an economy and maybe later this year, a stock market from Hell. Angry people don't engage in as much commerce as happy people.

Longer-term, the outlook is not good for a unified America.
I am fearful of expressing my concern publicly about the poison and toxicity of American politics. Democrats will claim I’m shedding crocodile tears, and Republicans will say I’m a wimp. So allow me to close with the hopeful words of one of my Hoosier participants, a rare voice of reason in a dark sea of negativity:

Many of us in this room disagree with each other, and it’s been loud tonight. But when we walk out of this room, we will all walk out together – as Hoosiers. And Hoosier values are what should matter most, not politics. We can disagree, but eventually we all need to come together.
America isn't coming together, it is coming apart. Increasing diversity calls for division, not unity. The United States should be shrinking the federal government and sending divisive issues to the states. Instead, it's moving in the other direction, creating a high stakes game where eventually one side wins permanent power. This is what caused the South to leave in 1860, and in the years leading up to the secession, the South could see what was coming as the free states would exceed the slave states in number and out vote them in the Senate. Today the focus is on the Supreme Court and demographics.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chinese Detergent Ad Causes Prog Horror

The progressives, in their desire to signal offense, are spreading the ad far and wide.

A better question is why no one in China finds this ad racist.

Between this and saying the Taiwanese cat lady president is emotionally volatile, China deserves the Troll of the Week award.

Taiwan’s new president is a female academic who loves cats and supports gay rights
Being a single woman makes Taiwan’s new president “emotional” and “extreme,” a Chinese official says

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wesearchr Is Live


Approaching Peak Faggotry

Only 2% of young men feel completely masculine (compared to 56% of over 65s)

Notice this is not simply feminism at work, there's movement at both ends of the spectrum. People became more andogynous. This is not a permanent shift, but a cultural cycle last seen in the 1970s, before that in the 1920s (Weimar Germany) and 1930s (Depression Quest America).

Technically, peak gender bending may have arrived in the sense of what you see and experience. A shift is already underway with the worry over Bernie Bros and Trump supports on Twitter, with their masculine style of debate.

The real shift won't occur until the next crisis/recession. Then the cultural shift will become real, bottom will be hit and the public will look for heroes again. The last time the West saw this shift was in the early 1980s, with the arrival of action heroes, good guys as heroes and the emergence of Valley Girls and their feminine way of speaking.

The days of Spongebob and Teletubbies is soon to be replaced with the new iteration of He-Man and GI Joe (Trump will be blamed for that one). Anti-heroes dramas such as The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Hannibal, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Shield, Sopranos (there are a lot of these...) will be replaced by the new generation of good guy heroes.

Chinese Understand Socio-Sexual Dynamics

Left is men, right is women. People who won't marry are scribbled out.

They also know how to troll. The Chinese propagandists have said Taiwan's new president favors extreme policies because she is a single woman.

Taiwan’s new president is a female academic who loves cats and supports gay rights

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monarche is a Sign Your Democracy Is Changing

Are we about to see the return of the Kings?
With only two months until the Rio Olympics, Brazil’s woes continue, with a minister in the interim government being forced to resign after being accused of plotting to stop the country’s national corruption probe. It is not just president Dilma Rousseff being investigated, of course; a full quarter of Brazil’s congressmen are accused of criminal acts, which suggests the country may have a slight problem with corruption.

There is a solution at hand, however, and one favoured by the people. Two thirds of Brazilians say they would like to get rid of presidents altogether – and bring back the monarchy. And there is a man waiting in the wings.

Seventy-five-year-old Bertrand Maria José Pio Januário Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga de Orleans e Bragança e Wittelsbach, who prefers the more informal Bertrand Maria José Pio Januário Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga de Orleans e Bragança, is the great-great-grandson of Pedro II, the country’s last emperor, and lives in a two-bedroom rented home in Sao Paulo. But now may not be a terrible time for a return of the king.
Monarchy would bring stability to Brazil but
The advantage of monarchy is that, although it’s essentially reactionary, in its modern constitutional form it’s ersatz reaction, which is probably the best kind; it takes all those things we miss from the past, the sense of community, certainty and common ritual, but without the actual horror of the past.
The whole point of having a monarch (for the general public in Brazil) is to terrorize the politicians and bureaucrats.

Give Them City States

The Right is Exit, the Left is Entry.
The Right can't exit because it is too large geographically.
The Left hates exit.
The Left is sufficiently triggered by autonomous zones, let alone full secession:
The Silicon Valley Secessionist Clarifies His Batshit Insane Plan
Silicon Valley is relatively leftist.
SV is also willing to secede because of Shenzhen.
SV would likely be a success, and more left than America.
The Right could sell SV secession as an economic story,
While SV sells it as Leftist (immigration).
A success story invites copycats.
The incremental path to self-determination is to drive the Left out.
The Left has high time preference and likes money.
Newt Gingrich had low time preference.
He plotted the House takeover in the 1980s.
In the early 1990s, Congress reformed campaign finance.
Congressmen could no longer tap campaign funds for personal use after the 1992 election.
62 retired ahead of the law taking effect.
Republicans took Congress in 1994.
Start early.
Act incrementally.
Create a down slope.
Make it enticing for your enemy to slide out the door.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Zoning Out: White Supremacists Plan "Boulder" Solution for America

Now that they've learned The One Weird Trick White Nationalists Are Using to Ethnically Cleanse San Francisco, the White Supremacist Liberals have already moved beyond supporting Trump. They have "Boulder" plans.

Flirting with Trump? No, the US will vote for a Boulder solution
The future is here and it works. Importantly, it is not a conservative future. Boulder, Colorado, is not as famous as San Francisco or even Palo Alto – but this city of some 100,000, where the high plains end and the Rocky Mountains begin, is the leading American urban area of the 21st century. It is a bewildering alchemy of 1960s hippy culture, frontier technologies, thoughtful urban planning and burgeoning service jobs ranging from diet counselling to advanced road bike maintenance. Boulder has become the exemplar of how rich and satisfying urban life can be. It is also a Democrat stronghold.

It has been voted the US’s brainiest city, its happiest city, the country’s foodiest place and the number one city for health. It is a standing reproach to Donald Trump, and indeed Britain’s rightwing Brexiteers who ape his thinking. The place is booming around values and principles to which they are hostile – but attracting families, entrepreneurs and innovators from all round the US because it is such a delightful place in which to live and work.
It's true, the capitalist Trump and Brexiters end up bringing in foreign labor and putting blacks to work. Whereas the white supremacist liberals know that if you want to make a place boom, you make it difficult for minorities to live there.

The one-man army who uncovers more white supremacy in a day than the SPLC does in a decade, Steve Sailer informs us:
In the 2010 Census, Boulder was 0.9% black, 8.7% Hispanic (in a state that is 20.7% Hispanic), and 4.7% Asian. Boulder today is about as white as the United States was in the 1950s, and far less black than during Eisenhower’s days.
Steve asks:
If Boulder is the future, where are all the white people going to come from (as in all seven in the Guardian’s photo illustrating this essay)?
We all know the plan isn't to bring in more white people, but to move out the non-whites via zoning laws.

Weimar and Weimerica

Physician Magnus Hirschfeld established the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sexology) in 1919, and it remained open until 1933. Hirschfeld believed that an understanding of homosexuality could be arrived at through science. Hirschfeld was a vocal advocate for homosexual, bisexual, and transgender legal rights for men and women, repeatedly petitioning parliament for legal changes. His Institute also included a museum. The Institute, museum and the Institute's library and archives were all destroyed by the Nazi regime in 1933.
Weimar culture


You Can Trump Too

There are a lot of ways to size up the rise of Trump. Scott Adams views him as a master persuader, but the real impetus for this rise is the immigration issue.

Immigration is also important because other politicians can copy it. There is only one Trump, but any politician (or non-politician) who can attract a modicum of attention could use Trump's plain spoken "extremism" to rise.

Immigration was a hot button issue for a couple of basic reasons. First, it is a basic function of government, but USG has effectively left the border unguarded for 30 years. USG has increasingly abandoned its responsibility for border control as well, what was bad under Reagan, Bush, or Clinton, became very bad under Bush and then total chaos under Obama.

Defending the border is one of the primary jobs of government in the very basic sense of self-preservation. You can do a lot of nothing as a government, but if you allow another nation or government to walk in, and that sovereign begins policing the border, well good luck because you are now obsolete.

Trump advanced like a hot knife in a field of butter because he spoke common sense: we either have a country or we don't.

Now if border control is a basic function of government, Social Security and pensions are the basic function of the welfare state. Every welfare state started with old age pensions. Yet thanks to demographics and debt, this was coming to an end.

The story all across the West (and Japan, which doesn't care or prefers robots) says unfunded liabilities and existing debt are too high to service. Western governments must import young workers to pay the pensions of older workers. A logical solution and one that would requiring draining the brains of India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries with normal population pyramids. (China has its own demographic crisis and if you look at China's development strategy, it is successfully pulling brains and capital out of the West.)

Did Western governments flood their countries with the cream of the crop from Southeast and South Asia? Nope. They flooded their nations with people who consume more welfare than the natives, and also imported people in higher welfare use demographics, meaning the cost of welfare is rising at a permanently accelerating rate.

This is retarded. Deporting illegal aliens will improve the national balance sheet because it will save cash or keep debt from rising as quickly. The average voter doesn't think about this in these terms, but it's not hard to explain. They said we needed immigrants to pay for Social Security, but we're giving them welfare. This is as stupid as one can get, doing the exact opposite of what is needed.

Using the Richter scale of rising orders of magnitude, immigration is like a 7. It brings out massive crowds for Trump rallies, but people are generally upbeat. The destruction of a nation is unseen for most people. Those who experience it, or can extrapolate demographic trends, understand it is real, but most people probably favor a border wall and deportation because it is the right thing to do. Some understand there are economic costs, but fewer understand the political costs. When the pensions go, there is no theory involved. The money stops and retired people watch their dreams evaporate. They lose their homes. Then you will see a 9 or even 10 magnitude event in politics.

The pensions are already gone. They cannot pay their members in an economy that generates 0-1% interest rates, or 5% on long-term bonds. Things look OK at the moment, but pension funds are assuming long-term returns of 8%. At the current low rates of return, one bad bear market will erase the gains of the past 5 or 10 years. If the bond market falls along with the stock market, it is game over.

The government cannot bail out pension funds when it has to pay welfare to tens of millions of new welfare cases. Government pensions will also be on the chopping block, they are woefully underfunded in many states. In the future, when it comes time to fire teachers and police to pay the retired teachers and police, and the voters have watched their 401ks go up in smoke, the voters will not side with retirees.

AC: Pensions Will Go Away In The Apocalypse
Resources began to flow freely, and it changed the very way we viewed them. Suddenly, everybody had a right to a house, and college, and birth control, and diapers, and health insurance, and food, and cell phones, and anything else they could think of. Foreigners deserve citizenship, and free money, and they should even be allowed to send that money to their home country, so their families can have free money there. Nothing is worth anything, and money grows on trees. There was literally no way to communicate to the public that such profligacy would lead to a total collapse of the economic system which provided those resources, and even if there were, you probably couldn’t make people care enough to do something. Their amygdalae had grown too weak.

It is impossible for us to imagine a world where people who worked their whole lives, and contributed to a pension fund, could just have all their contributions wasted away, and end up in their golden years with nothing – unable to even afford housing or food.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cashing Out of the Cathedral's Casino

The eurodollar, a creation of the banking system, has been in deflation since 2011.

The U.S. dollar started to rally in summer 2014.

The dollar tends to run in 15 to 18 year cycles, made up of 5 to 6 year sub-cycles. There is the bull phase, the bear phase, then the consolidation phase. The dollar bottomed in 1980, skipped a consolidation phase under Volcker/Reagan and peaked in 1985 with the Plaza Accord. It fell for about six years and then it went sideways making a triple bottom, before the 1997 crisis kicks off and the dollar peaks again in 2002. Next comes six years of decline until the 2008 crisis, followed by 6 years of consolidation to the 2014 bull market. By this formula, the U.S. dollar should peak in 2020, at the end of Trump's first term.
2015-2016 looks a lot like 1997-1998

The nexus of the current dollar rally is eurodollar decay. Eurodollars are pure credit money, the linked ledgers of the Western banking system.
In Financial Terms, Bank Reserves Are Arpanet
I struggle to answer because a eurodollar is not a thing like a dollar is a thing; the eurodollar system is therefore not a redistributable pile of eurodollars. If we are trying to be as specific and comprehensive as possible, the eurodollar is really just a system of standards that allows common functions to be carried out among various and often quite disparate systems - it resembles in so many ways the TCP/IP protocols that delivered the internet. That isn't so much an accident, either, as the eurodollar system grew up and evolved alongside the same technology and functionality as the internet. As computer power was shifting into the 1980's, so, too, was modern banking and finance: interest rate swaps were born then, as were eurodollar futures, the early forms of math-as-money (Basel) and bridging all of that together were computer networks that allowed more instantaneous settling and communication.

The eurodollar can thus be described as a multi-dimensional series of often parallel but intersecting financial functions all designed to encompass a single, global whole. The nature of those functions just happens to be monetary, so that the end result of eurodollar functionality is monetary or financial. In most simple terms, it solves the basic equation of how to get numbers all over the world to balance and stay balanced. That used to be quite cumbersome and often dramatic, as under the prior currency standard, gold or dollar/sterling, meant taking some accountant(s) down to the vault and performing a physical audit. By removing the dollars from the eurodollar (in reality, there weren't many in it to begin with) or money from the monetary, the system could perform in unimaginable ways since it would be free to reinvent itself over and over. The standards would remain but the methods and products did not.
The eurodollar is an unbacked credit and it has been in deflation since 2011, exactly the time when China's stimulus ran out of steam, Brazil's economy tipped over and global commodity prices began to drop.

State Of The Eurodollar System; The Outrageous And The Absurd
Global commerce was fueled by a purely credit money, backed by member banks and ultimately their national governments and central banks, operating in economies which had reached the maximum level of debt, were stagnating due to demographic headwinds, and could not increase debt levels. Countries such as China wanted more debt, but they too reached very high debt levels by 2011. The system stopped and went into reverse, or in the case of China, new debt is being added to pay off old debt, aka Ponzi finance.

The flipside of eurodollar decay is a bid for U.S. dollars. The banks can create unlimited U.S. dollar credit, but they cannot print U.S. dollars. The creation of derivatives and credit money is the inflation and it created a future demand for USD. Even ignoring the derivatives, there is a large bid for U.S. dollars in the $9 trillion in offshore bonds, most of which cannot tap the Fed for a bailout: The $9 Trillion Short That May Send the Dollar Even Higher

Once the system enters deflation, eventually there are defaults and holders of credit money swap it for fiat or real money (gold). This process is underway.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

How Trump Can Deport XX Million People

The NYTimes can't figure out how to deport 11 million illegal immigrants.
What Would It Take for Donald Trump to Deport 11 Million and Build a Wall?

Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, the United States moves more than 40 million people. Deporting millions of illegal immigrants will not strain the transportation system.

Many people in the country illegally have minor violations such as visa overstays. These people will be given an "amnesty": leave now and avoid a fine, avoid being banned from entering America.

There will be a general amnesty like this for people in the country illegally, who aren't wanted for a crime. They can voluntarily exit the country and not be blacklisted.

There may also be a voluntary registry. A fixed period of time to register and settle affairs will be granted.

As this is going on, there will be increased immigration raids.

All local police, hospitals, welfare offices and schools will have to check immigration status or lose federal funding.

Those who have not registered will be immediately deported.

Trump can declare a national emergency, using national security authority, and bypass the courts. There will be no court hearings for illegal aliens.

People will be deported within days of falling into the hands of the Deportation Force.

Those caught, having not registered, will also be banned from ever returning to the USA.

With a combination of carrots and sticks, moving several million people is a matter of will.

The progressives will quickly shift from saying it can't be done, to saying it shouldn't be done this quickly.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Commentary Notices NRx

In Buckley's formulation, the conservatives stands athwart history, yelling Stop. Neoreaction and much of the alt-right is what happens when nobody listens.

Trump’s Terrifying Online Brigades
In Yarvin’s Hobbesian view, history is an unending game of Risk, and the only way to achieve the ideal political state is to destroy the current one and replace it with another. In his eyes, there is no reason to believe that the life of humans in the West in 2016 is at all superior to the way men used to live in 1788, the fateful year before the French Revolution, when everything started going to hell. “We have no reason to think that the political designs we have inherited from this tradition are useful in any way, shape, or form,” Yarvin writes of the Anglo-American political inheritance. “All we know is that they were more militarily successful than their competitors, which may well have been flawed in arbitrary other ways.” Yarvin is more explicit about the future of the American republic: “This thing is done. It is over. It is not fixable by any form of conventional politics. Either you want to keep it, or you want to throw it out. Any other political opinions you may have are irrelevant next to this choice.”
But what about that element of the alt-right that actually does have a political agenda beyond annoying its adversaries? The primary alt-right constituency, according to Yiannopolous and Bokhari, consists of “natural conservatives,” largely white, male, middle-class Americans “who are unapologetically embracing a new identity politics that prioritizes the interests of their own demographic.” These voters are “conservative” not so much in the American sense as in the European one; they show no interest whatsoever in the GOP’s traditional free-market economic agenda of trade, low taxes, and flexible labor regulations, preferring instead a strongman leader promising trade protectionism, entitlement expansion, and the assertion of white male privilege.
The alt-right exists because "natural conservatives" realized that agenda may be doomed by demographics and even simply basic math. The difference between the varying strands of alt-right is how they deal with it. The neoreactionaries among others, largely want to preserve Anglo-American liberty for themselves and their posterity. Others have abandoned this agenda because it is doomed.

Anyone who understands demographics and statistics knew the GOP would eventually swing left. It was obvious with Bush's push for the Medicare prescription drug benefit that the entitlement state was never going to be reformed, at least not until many Boomers were dead. Immigration made sure the government would not shrink once the Boomer pigs made it out the other end of the python. Democratic politics is about finding the 51%. When a shrinking minority of people favor the traditional (theoretical) GOP agenda, it is dead. On one side you have the alt-right who want to preserve something close to that agenda, but believe democratic politics isn't the way to do it. On the other side are those who don't want to preserve that agenda, but believe democratic politics (of some sort) is the way to a better future.

In many cases, the more anti-democratic the alt-righter (using the broadest sense of the term, both communism and fascism are democratic), the more likely he is trying to achieve something that would be recognized as an evolution of the Anglo-American political experiment.
One way to understand the neo-reactionaries is to view them as arch-libertarians who have accepted that the liberal democratic state will never wither away—and therefore that more extreme means must be taken against it. “A libertarian democracy is simply an engineering contradiction, like a flying whale or a water-powered car,” Yarvin writes, because the voting masses are too fat and spoiled to ever do something like vote their social-welfare state out of existence. With the option of “exit” foreclosed, the only alternative to living under an oppressive state is to seize control over it.
When you put it that way, exit seems like a much smarter solution for you, no?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Why Hasn't Hollywood Made Social Justice Cannibals?

Thanks to Nick B Steves for the mention. This Week in Reaction (2016/05/15)

How political hatred during Cultural Revolution led to murder and cannibalism in a small town in China
The Cultural Revolution was a time of total chaos:
Launched by Mao in 1966 to topple his political enemies after the failure of the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution saw a decade of violence and destruction nationwide as party-led class conflict devolved into social chaos.

Teenaged Red Guards beat teachers to death for being “counter-revolutionaries” and family members denounced one another while factions clashed bitterly for control across the country.
Violent SJWs with a monopoly on violence, who set to work tearing apart the foundations of society. Pick a a dangerous hellhole like present-day Venezuela, and you will find looters set on fire and political enemies killed. A violent place, but one that still has a sense of very basic order. During the Cultural Revolution, order was gone. There were no limits, only the mob. And when they had total power and a monopoly on violence, the SJWs started eating people.
At the height of the frenzy of China’s Cultural Revolution, victims were eaten at macabre “flesh banquets”

Some of the worst excesses happened in Wuxuan, in the far southern region of Guangxi, where the hearts, livers and genitals of victims were cut out and fed to revellers.

Some residents say they have never heard of the dozens of acts of cannibalism, motivated by political hatred rather than hunger, that once stained the streets with blood.

At least 38 people were eaten in Wuxuan, a high-ranking member of an early 1980s official investigation told AFP, asking not to be named for fear of repercussions.

“All the cannibalism was due to class struggle being whipped up and was used to express a kind of hatred,” he said. “The murder was ghastly, worse than beasts.”

“There were beheadings, beatings, live burials, stonings, drownings, boilings, group slaughters, disembowellings, digging out hearts, livers, genitals, slicing off flesh, blowing up with dynamite, and more, with no method unused.”

In 1968 a geography instructor named Wu Shufang was beaten to death by students at Wuxuan Middle School. The body was carried to the flat stones of the Qian river where another teacher was forced at gunpoint to rip out the heart and liver. Back at the school the pupils barbecued and consumed the organs.

“This was not cannibalism because of economic difficulties, like during famine,” X.L. Ding, a Cultural Revolution expert at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said.

“It was not caused by economic reasons, it was caused by political events, political hatred, political ideologies, political rituals.”
If you made a horror movie about this and set it in 1960s China, with a Chinese speaking cast, it could do reasonably well as a cult horror film. If you set this in modern times at a U.S. university, some Hollywood executive might reject the script or ask that you make it sci-fi, with an alien virus or some disease making the students go nuts and murder each other.

All that is really needed to make the story plausible is to have a remote campus with some time of stressor applied, like an extended power outage that takes down Internet and cellular networks amid a time of campus unrest. Then let the SJWs get a hold of the weapons and away we go. The protagonist would be a student who is not an SJW and fears being tortured/killed/eaten but maybe not in that order. The movie would recreate the terror of life under communism, the sense that anyone could turn on you. (The 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers did a good job of setting that type of atmosphere.) There is a non-stop tension building because the characters are dying off and the odds are growing that the protagonist is next. The revolution demands blood!

Eventually the protagonist is accused and as in the Cultural Revolution there is public shaming and he/she is headed towards a painful death. But in the last moment he wins the mob, accuses his close friend/sidekick who has helped him stay alive to this point. In the end, he is laughing maniacally as he chops up his friend for being a counterrevolutionary, just like he was 5 minutes ago. The afterword is text explaining the events of Wuxuan. Everything you have seen really happened, only the place and context changed. Then cut to the worst videos of SJWs protesting on campus. Fade to black.

And now: Skin Flicks at Cannes: What's Up With All the Cannibal Movies?

Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Cathedral Can't Comprehend Trump

Republican Party Unravels Over Donald Trump’s Takeover
But for leading Republicans, the dismay is deeper and darker. They fear their party is on the cusp of an epochal split — a historic cleaving between the familiar form of conservatism forged in the 1960s and popularized in the 1980s and a rekindled, atavistic nationalism, with roots as old as the republic, that has not flared up so intensely since the original America First movement before Pearl Harbor.

Some even point to France and other European countries, where far-right parties like the National Front have gained power because of the sort of resentments that are frequently given voice at rallies for Mr. Trump.

Yet if keeping the peace means embracing Mr. Trump and his most divisive ideas and utterances, a growing number are loath to do it.
The Cathedral's Trump Narrative says the GOP made Trump because of their racist/sexist/xenophobic policies. The Times repeats it:
Traditional power brokers long preached limited-government conservatism and wanted to pursue an immigration overhaul, entitlement cuts, free trade and a hawkish foreign policy, and nominees like John McCain and Mitt Romney largely embraced that agenda. Republican leaders also vilified President Obama and Democrats, stoking anger with rank-and-file conservatives.

Many Republican voters trudged along with those earlier nominees, but never became truly animated until Mr. Trump offered them his brand of angry populism: a blend of protectionism at home and a smaller American footprint abroad. And he was able to exploit their resentments and frustrations because those same Republican leaders had been nurturing those feelings for years with attacks on Mr. Obama, Democrats, illegal immigrants and others.
The Times has the villain all wrong. Trump is a creation of the Cathedral and mainstream media if he is a creation of anyone.

Trump's rise is Arthurian, the first serious national candidate to unapologetically strike back at the media and Cathedral Narrative. Recall the 2012 South Caroline primary debate, in which Newt Gingrich attacked the media and ended up winning the primary. Trump took that moment and turned it into a campaign. In 2008, there were those who called Obama "the one" people had been waiting for. In Trump's case, it is actually true, the base has been looking for someone to represent them, to defend their views and interests.

The Cathedral won't comprehend Trump's rise because to comprehend is to crime-think. To admit the GOP is tribal is to admit the Democrats have been tribal far longer. Which is to admit the Democrats are not a unifying force, but merely an enemy tribe which acts indifferent or in opposition to Christianity, whites, men, stay at home moms, intact families and traditional values. If politics is tribal, the language used by the Cathedral and Democrats condemns them.

If the new GOP tribe becomes self-aware, it will begin pursuing the policies it wants, to benefit its own people, whether or not those policies also help, harm, or are indifferent to the Democrat's tribe. The Cathedral "can't go there" because to go there is to look in the mirror and reveal their own selves. The cuckservatives and GOP establishment have gone there, they have seen the future, and they reject it. They put American politics on a pedestal, and like the MGTOWs who recoil from women's true sexual nature, they recoil from the new reality of American politics.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Cathedral's Rejects

Trump broke the Overton Window and there is broken glass everywhere. The Cathedral sometimes doesn't know where to tread.

The men America has left behind
The plight of these blue collar workers is now in the national spotlight. The 2016 presidential election has awakened their political power and reshaped the course of the campaign.

Their anger -- which has brought millions to the polls, particularly on the Republican side -- has prompted the candidates to focus heavily on manufacturing, trade and other issues of importance to this slice of America. Four years ago, the GOP nominee Mitt Romney dismissed the 47% of Americans who don't pay taxes. Now, frontrunner Donald Trump proclaims that he loves "the poorly educated."

Monday, May 02, 2016

The 2016 Crisis

Cathedral Goes Into Overdrive, Scares Canadians Out of Their Houses

Canadians begin selling Florida real estate
Canadians who collected Sunbelt bargains during the housing crash have shifted from buying to selling. They're locking in gains from years of soaring values that are even sweeter because the American dollar, in the past five years, has jumped about a third against their home currency. Meanwhile, the contentious U.S. election, marked by the nativist rhetoric of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, is holding back some purchasers.

In Naples, a wealthy southwest Florida town that's bolstered by Canadian snowbirds escaping cold winters, sales plunged 19 percent in the first quarter and inventory is piling up. Transactions are also down in once-booming getaway areas such as Palm Springs, Calif.

..."We're seeing economic uncertainty, and, on top of that, we have a presidential election that might lead to restrictions in economic commerce in the future," said Lawrence Yun, the group's chief economist. "So Canadians are looking ahead and want to make the decision this year rather than after the election."

While some U.S. citizens are threatening to move to the Great White North if the presidential election doesn't go their way, many seasonal visitors from Canada are acting now, said Carol Bezaire, vice president of tax and estate planning at Mackenzie Investments in Toronto. The primary motivation is to cash out while the currency and home values play to their advantage, but protectionist comments by candidates including Trump and Ted Cruz are providing an extra push.

"If Mr. Trump does become president, do you have visa restrictions, and does that impact snowbirds?" Bezaire said.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Obama Jokes About Murdering Wedding Party

“We’re going to do this right here, right now. It’s like the Red Wedding.” -President Obama

The Wedding That a U.S. Drone Strike Turned Into a Funeral
Turning a Wedding Into a Funeral: U.S. Drone Strike in Yemen Killed as Many as 12 Civilians
Wedding Party Death Toll Jumps to 131 as US-Backed Coalition Denies Wrongdoing
"We live in fear day and night," he said. "Our children and women cannot sleep.” -Villager who survived

Obama Brags that he's 'Really Good at Killing People'
Now imagine -- no, actually, just read this, which explains that Journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann have a new HBO film script (a.k.a. "a book") in which they quote President Obama boasting to aides that he's "really good at killing people" with drones.

It's true, not only according to Halperin and Heilemann, but all other available statistics on the matter. Obama is better at killing people than any commander-in-chief to date. Estimates vary, and honestly no one's bothering to keep track, but 5,000 dead bodies is a decent guess -- which is based largely on Sen. Lindsey Graham's tally of 4,700 from last February. It's likely higher by something between "a smidge" to "HolyJeebusGodinHeaven!"

So, woo-hoo, 5,000 terrorists dead, yeah? Would you take no instead?

The actual number of people these figures represent who were really considered a threat to the United States is closer to just 100.
Obama is willing to kill 50 to 1.

Pew Study Says More Than 350 Million Muslims Support Violent Jihad

350 million X 50 = 10.5 billion



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