Saturday, January 30, 2016

Register for Worldcon to Vote on Hugo Awards Nominations

If you want to participate in this year's Hugo awards, the deadline to vote on the NOMINATIONS is January 31. You can sign up later to vote on the final ballots.

SJWs are as triggered by the nominations as the final awards.

If you want to play Hugos
Just a reminder for those who would have liked to be able to participate last time. The Rabid Puppy List of Recommendations That Is Most Certainly Not a Slate, Much Less a Direct Order From the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil will be posted in February.

Registration: MidAmeriCon II Memberships

This year the cost of a supporting membership is $50. You get to vote in the nominations if you sign up now, as well as the final ballot, plus receive the voting packet of e-books.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Voltron of Hate!

From days of long ago,
from uncharted regions of the North,
comes a legend: the legend of Voltron of Hate! Defender of the Internet!
A mighty force, loved by good, feared by evil.

As Voltron of Hate's legend grew, peace settled across the social media. On Twitter, an alt-right Alliance was formed. Together with the good people of Facebook and the blogosphere, they maintained peace throughout the Internet until a new horrible menace threatened the world. Voltron of Hate was needed once more.

This is the story of the superforce of trolls. Specially trained and sent by the alliance to bring back, Voltron of Hate: Defender of the Internet.

Ready to form Voltron of Hate. Activate interwebs! Memes connected. Shitposts up; Pepes are go!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Idiocracy Virus: Zika Doom

People with high time preference will spread Zika far and wide and have retarded babies. People with low time preference will delay childbirth, reducing lifetime fertility. Zika will spread to all parts of the U.S. and will only be stopped in Canada's frigid northerly climes.

Two Cases Suggest Zika Virus Could Be Spread Through Sex

Thursday, January 21, 2016

White Genocide Is Coming to Your Neighborhood

The goal is soft genocide. Unless stopped, the outcome will be hard genocide.
But in holiness competition, we get the phenomenon that neoreactionaries call “not getting the joke”. If you are going to be selected for loyalty to progressive memes, best take those memes absolutely literally and seriously, since only the truest believers get into the best universities and get the plum jobs. So the next generation of progressives takes the most ridiculous things as holy writ, the more ridiculous the better, since precisely the most stupid, ridiculous and outrageous things will differentiate you from the other applicant to Harvard.

Thus students sing “western civ has got to go” (meaning the course) and not long thereafter, you are not going to make it into the elite unless you believe in your very heart and soul, believe absolutely and utterly, that “western civ has got to go”, meaning the buildings, the books, the art, the science, the technology, and the people.
I wish I could argue against that logic, but I watched it in my own lifetime. At the current pace, there will be open calls for either segregation or killing of whites by 2040.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hungarian-Polish Media Strategy Pops Up in South Carolina

This law is designed to show the hypocrisy of the media's anti-2nd amendment push.

This South Carolina Republican Wants to Create a "Registry" for Responsible Journalists
The bill, proposed by Republican state lawmaker Mike Pitts, would establish vague requirements for journalists to submit to a registration process by the state. Journalists found in violation of the registry, by either not registering or breaking his rules, would be subjected to monetary fines and even criminal penalties—a lighter version of how the Kremlin treats its own pesky champions of free speech. As the Post and Courier reports, quoting Pitts, the Secretary of State’s Office would maintain a "responsible journalism registry" and create the criteria, with the help of a panel, on what qualifies a person to be a journalist—similar to the licensing for doctors and lawyers.

"It strikes me as ironic that the first question is constitutionality from a press that has no problem demonizing firearms," Pitts, a lifetime NRA member, said. "With this statement I'm talking primarily about printed press and TV. The TV stations, the six o'clock news and the printed press has no qualms demonizing gun owners and gun ownership."
If it was illegal to publish lies, the left-wing media would have to close up shop. The Narrative is a fiction created by the left to manufacture public opinion.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sicario Review: This Is Not Your Country Anymore

Sicario is a movie about a kidnapping task force agent (Emily Blunt) whose case intersects with a Mexican drug cartel. She is brought in on a larger case aimed at a local cartel boss, led by a Department of Defense adviser. Most of the movie is spent with Blunt trying to figure out the real target and purpose of the investigation. No big surprises, but it is an entertaining movie.

I can imagine the director or writers of Sicario coming from a left-wing viewpoint of distrusting the security state. Or coming from a viewpoint of moral nihilism, our side is as bad as the other. The deeper message ends up being far more reactionary.

The movie begins in the Arizona suburbs with a corpse-filled house, a cartel dumping ground. It is emphasized that this is not what people in Arizona want in their neighborhoods, and if nothing is done, there will be lots more houses like this soon. It ends with the movie's Mexican killer telling the Emily Blunt's FBI agent character to move to a small town, someplace where the rule of law is still in effect. This place has become the territory of wolves.

The Southwest does not belong to you anymore Mr. & Mrs. American, your ideals have to purpose in this place. Take flight to Whitopia. If you plan on holding the ground, be prepared for it to become a warzone.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Poland Learns From Hungary's Purge of Progressives

It's happening.

BBC: EU ready to fight Polish media law amid row over values
Polish MPs have approved a law giving the government direct control over top appointments in public broadcasting.

It undermines free speech, critics say.

...The PiS says new managers are needed at the top of state institutions because the previous centre-right Civic Platform party allowed corruption to flourish.

The PiS is also Eurosceptic, firm on traditional Catholic values and committed to increasing social welfare spending.

Comparisons have been made with Hungary, whose conservative Fidesz government also clashed with the EU Commission over human rights.
This is part of the major rightward shift in politics that has only just begun. All of Eastern Europe is drifting away from the Washington-Brussels model of transnationlism towards nationalism.

The Economist: Poland’s new government dislikes critical media, vegetarians and cyclists
SINCE parliamentary elections in October, Poland’s far-right Law and Justice party (PiS) has controlled the country’s presidency and both chambers of parliament. It has spent its first two months in power tightening its grip over the security services, the constitutional tribunal and the civil service. Now it is purging the country’s public media. On December 31st parliament ignored a letter of concern from the European Union and passed an amendment to Poland’s media law that sacks the management of the public television and radio broadcasters, TVP1 and Polskie Radio, and empowers the treasury minister to appoint their successors. Meanwhile, as Poland moves closer to Hungarian-style illiberal democracy, the European Commission is warning that there may be consequences.
The Economist is not happy:
The new law is just the start, according to its authors. The next step will be to turn the public media into “national media”, said Krzysztof Czabanski, the deputy minister responsible for media reform. Yet the problem runs deeper. Poland lacks a clear notion of the “public media”, says Jan Zielonka, a professor of European politics at Oxford University. Under communism, the state media simply gave a megaphone to the ruling party. Many politicians today would like a similar arrangement.
A good argument were it not for the fact that the media is filled with communists.

This is the beginning of a major political realignment in the West. The foreign policy battles are not between nations, but civilizations. The progressive-transnationalists of Brussels and Washington have proven incapable of defending Western values. Domestically, the central issues are identity and core values. Liberty versus Equality, Christianity versus Secularism, homogeneous culture or multicultural.

The Economist isn't happy:
The Polish government’s efforts to defend the new law have only made things worse, creating an impression of amateurism. In a January 3rd interview with Bild, a German newspaper, Witold Waszczykowski, the foreign minister, condemned Poland’s previous centre-right government for pursuing a “left-wing” political agenda: “As if the world, in a Marxist fashion, were destined to evolve only in one direction—towards a new mix of cultures and races, a world of bicyclists and vegetarians.”
Not amateurish at all. Though it contains a rhetorical jab at the end, the first part is a clear and concise rejection of the ruling ideology in the West. It shows that Poland understands the battle in the same way that Orban in Hungary understands it. Calling the centre-right party "left-wing" is what is happening in the United States with the internal fighting in the GOP, the rise of "cuckservative" and the ascendancy of Trump. The U.S. is far more liberal than Eastern Europe because of its Anglo-Saxon roots. Things will play out differently in the U.S., but what is happening in Poland, if it is as successful as Hungary, will makes its way West over time. The left has been all but eliminated as a political force in Hungary:
Backing for Fidesz increased to 31 percent in September from 30 percent in June and 27 percent in April, polling company Szazadveg said in an e-mailed statement on Thursday. Support for the radical Jobbik party dropped 2 percentage points in the last five months to 15 percent. Support for the Socialists, the third most popular party, stayed steady at 8 percent.
A more recent poll:
Target the media and judiciary and the Cathedral can be defeated. The media may be the key: it cannot reproduce without control of the Narrative. When one debates progressives and leftists, are you not struck by their lack of understanding? Basic science, history and economics is sorely lacking from their arguments. If most progressive support is simply manufactured consensus, the herding of rabbits in their warrens, then destroying their microphone and reforming the judiciary to not allow them a way to block you, may be all that is needed to end their 150 year run. They melt away as the communists melted away in the former Soviet Union.



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