Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hispanics: Fastest Growing Coverts to Islam

Muslims In America: More Latinos Converting To Islam As US Population Grows, Report Claims
By most official measures, Latinos in the U.S. are considered to be the fastest-growing demographic. They are also the fastest-growing group of Muslims in America, according to organizations that cater to Hispanics converting to Islam. Although the statistics haven’t been widely tracked, there are an estimated 150,000 Islam converts among the Latino community in the U.S., reported the Press-Enterprise, a California newspaper.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 We Must Stop White Men

White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it
The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt. For five centuries his ever more destructive weaponry has become far too common. His widespread and better systems of exploiting other humans and nature dominate the globe.

The time for replacing white supremacy with new values is now. And just as some whites played a part in ending slavery, colonialism, Jim Crow segregation, and South African apartheid, there is surely a role whites can play in restraining other whites in this era. Beneath the sound and fury generated by GOP presidential candidates, Fox News, website trolls, police unions and others, white people are becoming aware as never before of past and present racism.
Of Jews and minorities? Yes, it's becoming clearer and clearer. The goal is to create a white civil war.
Admittedly, this encouraging development is hardly the dominant view. To the contrary, given the possibility that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or one of their ilk might become president, white supremacist ideology seems to be digging in harder than ever.

I don’t take this lightly. Once upon a time I foolishly thought that there was no way that Ronald Reagan could get elected president. Lesson learned. Now is the time to start contingency planning for intensified resistance to mass deportations of immigrants, atrocities against Muslims and extreme danger to African Americans.
Leftists deny Cultural Marxism is a thing, yet will write a sentence about white supremacy that includes Ben Carson. Though since Ben is a neurosurgeon using "white man's technology" I guess he qualifies as a white supreeemist in this bizarro view.
White racism distorts how we think about virtually everything, including history itself. No one will dismiss Bill O’Reilly’s goofy books about Jesus or Lincoln or Patton or Reagan as irrelevant because, “oh, that was a long time ago, it’s got nothing to do with me now.” As a general proposition people appreciate that we can discover in the present important things we didn’t previously know about the past.

Not so when it comes to race in the USA. Not for some people anyway.

This matters a great deal. In many years of anti-racist work, I have discovered that whites who deny any connection to the racism of the past will also generally deny any connection to the racism of the present. “Please don’t tell me,” cry deniers of systemic white racism. One step removed is the view that we should “accept” the history but must take the good with the bad. This is sometimes known as the “warts and all” theory of history. A variation is the convenient idea that slavery was the “original sin.” Sin, of course, in the Western Christian point of view is inevitable and immutable.

This takes an especially pernicious twist when white racism deniers argue that there has always been slavery as though that itself somehow makes it justified. It’s not true that every society over all time has enslaved people. But even if it were true, the kind of slavery on which the U.S. was built is unlike any other that preceded it. It co-evolved with capitalism and it conflated slavery with “race”—plantation capitalism as the Rev. James Lawson calls it. CSU Fresno scholars Blain Roberts and Ethan J. Kytle put it this way recently in theNew York Times: “New research has gone further, exposing how American capitalism and democracy — once thought to be antithetical to slavery — emerged hand-in-hand with it.”
"Slavery in America is the worstest because I live in America and I hate white people."
Hard as it may be for propaganda-conditioned whites to grasp, global race-based capitalism is not a system of the past with lingering effects. It is a living, breathing organism of the present. It is a unitary thing. It is therefore not a good thing with warts. It is one thing. The “good” things always comes packaged with the “bad” thing. The mechanics of how it often works has a name: grand bargains.

The mother of all grand bargains is the U.S. Constitution which accommodated slavery in several ways, including the notorious three-fifths clause. While the Constitution was by no means the first grand bargain, it solidified a pattern that continues to this day. The New Deal, as Ira Katznelson demonstrates in his book Fear Itself, was another grand bargain that combined “progressive’ achievements such as union rights and Social Security with reaffirming the power of Dixiecrats and the institutions of Jim Crow.

Katznelson is white. So am I. So are many others now writing and speaking honestly and openly about the enduring power of white racism. That is valuable because it strengthens the idea that whites can come to terms with reality, past and present, as opposed to the myths we are encouraged to believe. As we do so, another world does become possible.

Of course white people can’t “save” the world. That mindset is the problem not the solution. But we can help. As Vietnam antiwar leader Rennie Davis points out, it is when we stop being invisible to each other that we start to become a movement.
The progressive bubble is increasingly small if they think articles like this are going to create an anti-white movement. It provokes the exact opposite response because they've dispensed with ideology and gone straight to race. This is pure identity politics. They've merged ideology to race, the argument above is much closer to pure genetic determinism than you will find anywhere on the right. There's no where for the conservakins and moderates to hide: this is red line racism. You are either pro-white or anti-white. If you hold any values that would be considered traditional in the cultural or religious sense, if you hold any ideas that are right of center on economics, you are a racist, you are a problem, you must be removed. As white power declines with demographics, this argument will get louder and it will increasingly use state power to persecute whites.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Perfect Example of Exhausted Left

No better example of left-wing craziness than these two article on the Daily Beast, side by side. Without fresh ideas to carry it forward, the progressive left suffocates like a shark, killed by its own rhetoric. Identity politics can carry a movement forward if it has achievable goals, but once its goals are gone, all it has left is identity. The KKKrazy Glue works at keeping a coalition together to pass the Affordable Care Act, but if there's nothing on the horizon, then the only thing left is the KKKrazy Glue. At the same time, the white reaction to KKKrazy Glue is to become a "white supremacist." I don't know how things are where you live, but regular folks who hold regular, safe political views, are saying things that are unrefined alt-right talking points. An average mom, commenting on the student protests at Missouri said to me, "What white privilege will my daughter ever have?!"

Daily Beast: Rush Limbaugh’s Favorite New White-Power Group
At the least, Roy was strategic; he got America’s most-listened-to talk radio host to obliviously thumbs-up a white supremacist movement. What Roy left out of his interview is that the alt right is a neoreactionary effort comprised of right-wing agitators brought together by their opposition to immigration (in particular, Hispanic and Muslim immigration), animosity to Muslims, and general opposition to multiculturalism (they call it cultural Marxism). They hate political correctness, they like Donald Trump, and they love dubbing their enemies “cuckservatives.”
The very next article on the Daily Beast website (at the moment if you scroll down from the first, you get this): Brown University Professor Denounces ‘McCarthy’ Witch-Hunts

The progressive left is creating its own nightmare. The KKKrazy Glue puts everything into a racial lens and see most right-wing opposition as "white supremacy." In the next year or two, the white supremacist movement will have grown from maybe 50,000 or 100,000 people into a "white supremacist" movement of 50 to 100 million people. The left is brainwashing itself into insanity.

Ramzpaul responds to being named in the first story: Betsy Woodruff, the Alt Right and RAMZPAUL.



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