Wednesday, October 22, 2014

On Anarcho-Tyranny

From More Right: Social Technology and Anarcho-Tyranny
But I’ve come to understand that anarcho-tyranny, properly used, is a much more specific diagnosis. It is describing a particular set of adaptations that societies are forced to use when they’re living in the aftermath of a collapse in what I’ll call social technology. ......We use the term “technology” when we discover a process that lets you get more output for less investment, whether you’re trying to produce gallons of oil or terabytes of storage. We need a term for this kind of institutional metis – a way to get more social good for every social sacrifice you have to make – and “social technology” fits the bill. Along with the more conventional sort of technology, it has led to most of the good things that we enjoy today.

This fits into this recent post on The Right Stuff on Context Denial, in regards to race. Or as Sailer would put it, noticing things. Leftism in the pursuit of equality denies all context and refuses to notice things. This is why we can't have nice things.

Anarcho-Tyranny is what might be called social sabotage: the destruction of social technology. There is cost, but little to no benefit. Trade-offs are in the middle. Social technology delivers large benefits for small costs.

Problem: high crime in minority neighborhoods
Social technology: deploy police into minority neighborhoods and increase police presence (which could mean physical bodies or tougher policies) until crime rate declines
Context denial: conflate random shootings by white people as equivalent to far higher non-random minority murders
Social sabotage: promote universal police laws that are solely a burden for low crime areas and do nothing to reduce crime rates, such as gun control

Problem: exploding Muslims
Social technology: find the exploding Muslims (as is done in Israel) or deport all Muslims and restrict their entry
Context denial: everyone is a potential terrorist because Oklahoma City
Social sabotage: pass universal airport screening and security checks that burden the 99.9% non-terrorists; spend precious police resources investigating milita groups who play paintball on the weekends

Problem: illegal immigration
Social technology: control the border; find and deport illegal immigrants; ask business to help
Context denial: Europeans came to America with no checks in 1750 so Bangladeshis can come to America in 2014 with no checks
Social sabotage: the State Department implements a labyrinth system of immigration checks on legal immigrants, subjecting them to extensive background checks, medical checks and forcing native citizens to be legally liable if said immigrant ends up on welfare; visitors are all assumed to be immigrants and must pass extensive background checks, denying millions of potential tourists entry. Department of Homeland Security keeps the borders wide open to illegal immigrants and grants them an extended stay in the U.S. free from prosecution; does not check them for diseases and ferries them around the country, spreading disease as far and wide as possible. Propose a national ID system and allow all illegals to stay permanently.

For every failure, the policy response is to tighten universal controls. One shoe bomber? Everyone take off your shoes at the airport. One underwear bomber? Full body x-ray. One iPhone bomb carried in terrorist's anal cavity? ......

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Obola Goes Viral

A Picture Speaks 1000 Words

And that's good news, because soon most Americans may only have a 1000 word vocabulary.



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