Friday, June 13, 2014

Those Catholic Progressives

This post at Jim's Blog garnered nearly 200 comments. The Christian right – is left.
Suppose a neoreactionary becomes a Roman Catholic. Trouble is that the Pope is to the left of Pol Pot. So he can disown the pope, and keep the New Testament, which is kind of protestant of him, or disown the New Testament and keep the pope, which is kind of commie of him.
He wants to be a throne and altar conservative, but all the thrones are empty, and all the altars desecrated, so he winds up worshiping desecration, which is one step away from the New Age worship of demons and the evil dead.
Communion for the Remarried Still a Heated Debate
Pope Francis doesn't like the discussion in view of the upcoming synod being focused only on communion for the divorced and remarried. He said so to journalists during the flight back to Rome from the Holy Land. His preference is decidedly for a "holistic," global reflection on the family. But what focused everyone's attention on that controversial point was precisely the presentation with which Cardinal Walter Kasper introduced the consistory last February. A presentation that Francis immediately passed with flying colors, telling the cardinals he had found it theologically "profound," "serene," thought out "on [his] knees," and that the Argentine Jesuit Juan Carlos Scannone, the theology professor of the young Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has praised even more highly in the latest issue of "La Civiltà Cattolica."
The fact is that since that consistory the controversy over communion for the remarried has rocked the Church even at the highest levels. Cardinal Kasper himself has again spoken out in favor of communion for the remarried, in an extensive interview with "Commonweal." But there has also been public opposition to Kasper, including from cardinals Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Carlo Caffarra, Velasio De Paolis, and Walter Brandmüller.
There are two letters posted at the link, one by Brandmüller, and one by Monsignor Martin Grichting, vicar general of the diocese of Chur, Switzerland, arguing against communion for the remarried.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hey Floating City Guys (Seasteaders)

Maybe you should make a deal with the Chinese. You can build a city on the sea and run by your own rules, but the Chinese get to claim it as territory when it comes to mineral rights. Or maybe get the Philippines and Japanese involved and see who makes the best offer.

 China plans artificial island in disputed Spratlys chain in South China Sea



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