Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chop Suey Louie

Back in the olden days of 1998, before there were Twitter hashtag activists patrolling the world, even Conan had haters on. The hate begins after 8:30. I can't believe there were professional haters back in the olden days. This is not acceptable.
Don Rickles Conan 1998 by dm_51e2740562bcb

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anissimov Hits the Faux Right

This is a great post by Anissimov worth sharing with right-leaning friends and family who would be likely to line up and vote for another liberal Republican if that is the candidate in 2016.

The Milquetoast Conservative Squad

“True conservatism,” “paleoconservatism,” or, as it used to simply be called, “conservatism,” has been almost completely hollowed out by classical liberals with little interest in social conservatism. These people chat, party, and are allied with libertines. They almost exclusively live in New York City or D.C. They are a bunch of frauds, and they know it, which makes them hyper-defensive. These are the people you might see trashed at cocktail parties during CPAC. They’re clued into the fact that I have their number, which manifests as hysterical anti-Anissimov ad hominem attacks; you’ll note that they never respond to the substance of my criticism.
To these folks, conservatism is not a cause, it’s a career. There is a niche for liberal “conservatism,” and they fill it. A few genuine conservatives like Rod Dreher are along for the ride, mostly clueless about the machine they are embedded in. Tradition means nothing to these people. They used to be a uniquely American aberration—people who call themselves conservatives but worship the “immortal principles” of the French Revolution. They are a controlled opposition for progressives, a “false target” that can be used for rhetorical needs.
Faux conservatives should be outed and they should have no part in leadership. One reason why conservatives see a continually shrinking circle of influence and are open to entryism is that they adhere to social rules that no longer exist outside of conservatism. In politics, this means outing your enemies and calling for their removal from leadership positions, or being accurately labeled as liberals. It is similar with chivalry: those women who adhere to traditional sex roles should be treated with chivalry, but those who insist upon modern rules should be treated exactly the same way as you treat men.

Some conservatives will say this means you are becoming just like the liberals. Hardly. No one is going to do to a faux conservative what liberals do to their own when they utter a sentence of crime think. But in order to keep it that way, you need to have organizations led by conservatives who will keep them conservatives. Otherwise, you will get Richwined.

How Democracy Destroyed America's Housing Market

The Red Pill is getting into the water supply.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Important Primary Race in North Carolina

If you want to send a message to the GOP on immigration, North Carolina House District 02 has a Republican primary race that is centering on the immigration issue. Here is Laura Ingraham taking it to the amnesty favoring incumbent.


Sunday, March 09, 2014

Wave Bye-Bye to the White Democrats

I'm confused about which party is more racist. Supposedly the GOP has racist policies, but the white Republicans do represent racist white people, so they're at least consistent.

The Democrats are the party for minorities, where non-whites are getting close to 50% of membership. Pretty sure they're counting white people with Hispanic surnames as not white, but'd have to think that there'd be several minority candidates for statewide office this year. Except......the Democrats are running almost a full slate of white people, exactly like the GOP. Is the party run by cryptoracists?

From Red State:
At this writing, the Democrats are running a candidate in 62 Senate and Governors’ races this fall (nobody has really stepped forward yet in the Nevada, Tennessee or Wyoming Governors’ races). And depending how you count the frontrunners, anywhere from 57 to 60 of those 62 candidates will be white (92-96%), and 47 to 49 of them will be white males (more than 75%).
And then check out this: Wendy Davis, the white Democrat candidate for office in Texas, lost all the Hispanic counties to a candidate with a Hispanic surname (shades of Alvin Greene).There may even be another Alvin Greene result with a black woman running for Senate against a white male in South Carolina. The Democrats’ 2014 Whitewash

I already have the post-election messaging for the 2014 midterm election: Democrats blew their chance to beat the GOP by running all white candidates, the same as the GOP. In 2016, they should show their commitment to diversity and run minorities for every statewide office.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Immigration Will Be The Central Issue in European Parliamentary Elections

So says Nigel Farage starting around the 18 minute mark. "If you support open door immigration, vote Labour, vote Conservative, vote LibDem. If you believe we should govern our borders, if you believe we should control immigration, if you believe we should have a sensible immigration policy with...not just quantity control, but also quality UKIP."

Sunday, March 02, 2014



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