Friday, November 29, 2013

Withdrawing Consent

Spread the word.
Do the one thing that the ruling class and their sycophants can not survive.
Withdraw consent.
All you have to do is believe they represent illegitimate power.
Not much to it really.
Change in thinking, add a bit of reason, a minor grasp of the intent of our system of rule of law, and it becomes preference and culture.
Quietly mention it to everyone in the sphere of your life.
The truth becomes self apparent to those who have open minds.
Change one mind, you change the world.
Politically, crisis of legitimacy is political assassination of those who hold power through illegitimate means.
The elites can not survive a plurality who withdraws consent.
The folks in the liberty movement who advocate the movement of the 3 percent are far more prescient than they may know.
Where consent of the people is politically critical for the elites to hold onto power.
A cascade of preference among the governed, just regular people like us, who withdraw consent, is the most dangerous political force possible the ruling class faces.
Nothing represents as existential a threat to power, continuation of that power, the entire system of tyranny and corruption, the elitists have created, as loosing legitimacy in the minds of we the people.
Not our arms, our rule of law, revolution, political assassination via the vehicle of impeachment, nothing has the power of secession of political thought among the governed as withdrawal of consent to legitimacy of what our republic has been turned into by the ruling classes.
It is not only those who come up for election, but the people who really run things who don’t ever come up for re-election who require consent of the people for the elected in order to have the power to rule over us.
Hence it is not only the elected we deny consent thus legitimacy, it is the insidious rule of the unelected permanent bureaucracy.
It only requires an act of withdrawal of support for the status quo among consenting adults to achieve change in the thinking of the body of the people.
Once a plurality begins to believe, not only what is possible, but in itself as a force that is righteous, it begins to take on a political emphasis. It self perpetuates. It snowballs. It is culture up stream of politics. It is self perpetuating because by the very human nature of it’s simplicity, this plurality occupies and holds the legitimacy of moral high ground. It is this high ground which gives the advantage of power both political and cultural that supersedes all forms of governance.
Here is the thing.
Millions are looking for a sign, something that is self actualizing, the truth of who and what we are, in this atmosphere of universal deceit, treasonous dissimulation, and corporate system of corruption the elites create and perpetuate.
It is the elites sowing of disorder, doubt, Potemkin fantasy, the shell game system of big lies, crisis as means for manipulating and socially engineering, scandal as camouflage, purposefully deceiving continuously, overwhelming the body of the people, to wear them down, discourage them, disenfranchise them, manipulate them, make some subservient, creating classes of useful dupes, using fear as a lever to manipulate and instill false narratives, obfuscating the truth, creating but a fig leaf of legitimacy, to distract people from the truth it is they themselves who hold all the power. Truth it is the people who grant power. Not the other way around.
And all you have to do is believe.
And if you can, so can others.
It is the people’s sacred prerogative to distinguish what is legitimate and what is not.
There is comfort and security in believing as others, and knowing the truth.
Such a simple thing when the lies and obfuscations are stripped away.
Consent is yours as sure as your soul.
Withdrawal of consent costs nothing.
But it gains everything.
It requires no political party or entity.
You don’t vote for it.
It isn’t granted.
You don’t need permission to use it.
It requires not official sanction.
Indeed, what higher sanction than the natural born law of self determination, free thought, and will.
In that free will lies the beauty and the power of consent. Of the power a plurality possesses naturally, power to change the world. A plurality can not be denied. It’s mere existence would require extermination to do so. It can not be bargained with, because what, is it to bargain to relinquish it’s legitimacy to something illegitimate in the first place? It needs nor requires leadership, for it is the body of the people through it’s awareness, of it’s inherent legitimacy in numbers and thought that leaders are contradictory to the truth we are all born as freemen, and as freeman, we do not require to be led in our beliefs, principles and morals. Is this not the essence of what a freeman is to begin with?
Just imagine if you will the power of a plurality, it’s self awareness, it’s primal right to arm itself not only with truth of sovereignty, but with it’s natural right to possessing arms to defend itself.
It is a tyrants worst nightmare.
It is the stuff that changes the world.
A plurality did just that.
It was 3% of a population of 2.5 million, a plurality of 750,000, who accomplished an unknown feat in 5000 years of humanities history.
It destroyed a great and elitist tyranny and the ruling class power behind it.
Three percent did this. Three quarters of a million American’s fought the most kick-ass, successful revolution in all of history. And not only did this plurality win, against all accepted odds, against an empire that singularly ruled more of the world than any tyranny before or after, it went on to design and create for the very first time in all of history a nation where liberty and intent of the idea of rule of law placed all power of a government upon the simple concept of consent of the people.
A place where more people lived in liberty, than all the people combined in all of history, including those who have lived in liberty in America to this day.
Some contend the republic was flawed from the start. As soon as it began it ceased to be a republic. Well you know what, if so, then it was illegitimate only because people who abused others liberty acted illegitimately. What is the crux of what happened because of a plurality is Liberty lived. And I care not what but that today I am a freeman because of a plurality. I do not give consent to the illegitimate. It is My preference to determine my life, what I believe in, whom/what I give My consent to. Killing me because I refuse consent means I lived, and die a freeman. That is Liberty. That is preference. It is upstream of everything but my faith in God.
What about The III%?
Can the regime of those running things, in order to hold onto power, kill nine and a half million people who withdraw their consent?
Can they kill 3% of the people?
Lets be conservative.
Lets take 3% of the 3 percent:
– 3%
= 285,000
A bit over a quarter of a million American’s, who lets say, are die hard never give up, fight to the last bullet, tooth and nail, to the last man, “give me Liberty or give me death” patriots.
Would a legitimate constitutional government murder 285 thousand American souls because they withdrew consent?
Would a plurality withdraw consent of their government in the face of genocide on American soil due to actions of elected representatives?
Who would be legitimate?
What do you think?
And here we are today.
A plurality is growing, in the face of tyranny again.
It is out there.
It is waiting for you.
It will find you if you let it.
Can you sense it?
Then you are the plurality.
We are a nation today of approx. 315,469,000 people.
315 million Americans.
3% of this population figures out to a plurality of 9,464,070 sovereign Americans.
That is, nine million, four hundred sixty four thousand, seventy people.
No wonder those out to fundamentally destroy America, and those who enable and assist their bidding, are afraid of our arms, the tea party, the liberty movement, anyone who is not cowed or afraid of the monopoly of force or the illegitimate power of the present form of our government.
They are afraid of what the plurality will do to them for what they are doing to the plurality.
They are right to be afraid of the existential threat an aroused plurality represents to their power to rule over us. They are cunning in their pogrom of painting those who constitute the plurality of the people as domestic terrorists and enemies of the state. It is indicative of the extra-constitutional use of lawless diktat and regulatory fiat, that where legitimacy is paramount and systemic as a primal function of our government, there is no need or use of diktat or fiat. Legitimacy is a natural state.
I call our government illegitimate.
I say I withdraw my consent.
I believe those in power have no power because they never had any power to do what they are doing to my country to begin with.
I contend that without my consent, I am the plurality.
I am the plurality because I believe I am not alone.
That there is at least 9 million kindred Freemen just like me.
That right there is the real truth to power.

you are not alone, brothers and sisters
be the plurality
spread the word

Friday, November 01, 2013

The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics by Anonymous Conservative: Read It

Back in August I did a summary review of The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics. If you follow that link, you may be able to get a free copy. In that review I hadn't finished the book yet. After having finished it, I still am not qualified to say whether the science is correct or not. But what I do know is that I have seen the theory applied.
Read the book. Then, if you hadn't followed it, go back and read about VoxDay's run ins with the rabbits. That was a successful demonstration of the theory.



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