Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reactionary Americans

Right under the surface is America's reactionary tendencies. Check out the Pew poll on Breadwinner Moms. Clearly still a lot of support for stay at home mothers and breadwinner fathers. One of the only negative areas was the growing acceptance of single mothers, but I will take a wild guess and assume that rising numbers of single mothers are lowering the number of people who think single motherhood is a big problem. There are some areas of complete stupidity though. Reinforcing the argument that one must be smart to believe really stupid ideas, more educated people believe there's no problem if the wife out earns the husband. This is simply a denial or ignorance of reality.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Ambition Is Really To Do As Little As Possible

Unorthodoxy Propaganda

Attack Cartoons: Calm


Breivik Was Right

In response to riots in the city, the chief of police in Stockholm said "Our ambition is really to do as little as possible." The police kept the riots from spreading, but did little to stop them, foregoing non-lethal weapons such as water cannons. They were content to contain the blaze.

Ordinary Swedes became angry at police inaction and decided to stop the riots themselves.
Swedish Citizens Take to Streets to Defend Property From Rioting Immigrants
Faced by another night of terror at the hands of predominantly immigrant rioters,Swedes grown tired of the police’s inability to put an end to the unrest took to the streets Friday night to defend their neighborhoods.
The vigilantes were described as a motley crew of homeowners and concerned citizens, as well as neo-Nazi activists and football hooligans.
In the Stockholm suburb of Tumba the police decided to abandon their earlier non-intervention policy as a large group of police officers rounded up and dispersed a group of vigilantes trying to fend off rioters.
The decision to round up vigilantes while, according to Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving, ”doing as little as possible” to stop rioters, met with a wave of protests in various social media and on the Internet. Representatives of some vigilante groups contacted Fria Tider to give their view of last night’s events.
Sweden is broken, and all the Swedes know it. The State is their enemy, not the immigrants.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

First they came for the grandmas, and I did nothing, because I am not a grandmother

85-year-old arrested for shouting outside Mosque

To Build or Destroy? What is the Manosphere?

Vox comments on the "petty war" of the manosphere in Nihilists vs Civilizationists:
It's been interesting to see the blog comments devolve into a sort of petty war between what appears to be some flavor of MGTOW on one hand and a loose alliance of pro-male married women and traditionalist men on the other. Based on some comments I've received from some leading Game bloggers, this dynamic has appeared on other blogs as well.
......This is why the accusations of lotus-eating on the one hand and white-knighting on the other are both misplaced and ill-considered. Both nihilists and civilizationists are necessary to the process of first destroying, and then replacing, FI society. One need not agree with the other to respect and understand his - or her - role in the necessary, desirable, and, I would argue, inevitable, process.
Vox gets it exactly right. This is a process and both sides are needed, one to tear down and the other to build. Let me quote Nassim Taleb in Antifragile:
It took me a long time to figure out the central problem that Nietzsche addressed in The Birth of Tragedy. He sees two forces, the Apollonian and the Dionysian. One is measured, balanced, rational, imbued with reason and self-restraint; the other is dark, visceral, wild, untamed, hard to understand, emerging from the inner layers of our selves. Ancient Greek culture represented a balance of the two, until the influence of Socrates on Euripides gave a larger share to the Apollonian and disrupted the Dionysian, causing this excessive rise of rationalism. It is equivalent to disrupting the natural chemistry of your body by the injection of hormones. The Apollonian without the Dionysian is, as the Chinese would say, yang without yin.
.......I read Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy twice, first as a child when I was very green. The second time, after a life thinking of randomness, it hit me that Nietzsche understood something that I did not find explicitly stated in his work: that growth in knowledge—or in anything—cannot proceed without the Dionysian. It reveals matters that we can select at some point, given that we have optionality. In other words, it can be the source of stochastic tinkering, and the Apollonian can be part of the rationality in the selection process.
There is going to be an inevitable conflict between the pure Dionysian and Apollonians, but the Apollonians cannot build unless the Dionysians set to work.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Culture of Death Explained

Tearing unborn children limb from limb and crushing their skulls. The Progressive Way!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The rot is deep in the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church increasingly stands against the Cathedral, but sometimes we are reminded of how much sway the prince of this world holds over the Church.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Biden: Jewish leaders drove gay marriage changes

Biden says Jewish leaders in Hollywood, social media drove changing attitudes on gay marriage

Vice President Joe Biden is praising Jewish leaders for helping change American attitudes about gay marriage and other issues.
Biden says culture and arts change people's attitudes. He cites social media and the old NBC TV series "Will and Grace" as examples of what helped changed attitudes on gay marriage.
Biden says, quote, "Think — behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it's in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry."

Inappropriate online ads

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Da Manosphere circa 2013 zlzozozl
(1) Man up and marry those buttocked sluts (Blue Pill William Bennett)
(2) Build a life of butthext buttthexting beta’s future wives lzlzozozlz (PUA)
(3) Forsake butthext and all owners of said buttholizozlzlzo (MGTOW)
(4) Be patient and pray 4 da buttcocking to stop (Traditional)
(5) Try to stop the buttehxting from within da matrix (MRA)
(6) Let them eat bbutthext. (Neocon)
(7) She says she’s only been buttehxted seven times by four guys and is as good as new as she repented and da minister forgave her as he was one of da four guysz. (Churchian)
(8) voyage beyond da butthext and Read the GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN and restore honor to civilization via a renaissance lzlzlozlz. (GBFMster)
what is the manosphere? da manosphere summarzied by daGBFM

Friday, May 17, 2013

Progressives Defend Their Megatherion

After the Gosnell case, more abortion doctors are being exposed. Below is a video of employees discussion how they watched the doctor murder children. These women knew it was murder, they didn't want to go into  the room with him, yet in the end they did it. It was their job, and after all, it's a fetus, not a baby.

Progressives will claim it's a outlier, an extreme case, but it isn't. They want to pick out a few pints from the ocean of blood and tell you this part is wrong, shouldn't be here. But the rest of the blood spilled by that rampaging Megatherion is fine, that was woman's choice.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's about time

A Brief History Of Cycles And Time, Part 2
Did the U.S.S.R. disappear overnight? No. It took time, the exact amount of time for people to recognize, test, explore, and adjust their behavior. For some slower, and others more quickly. That is to say it took years, each piece unfolding one person at a time, one personal realization and event at a time in their own order. Once the nation collapsed, did it suddenly reform into the functional and rising state Russia enjoys now? No. Again, it took time, decades of unfolding from 1991 until 2013, another whole generation, one "turning."
Not until those who carried the template of the old ways passed away and new, younger people with new thinking replaced them. Not one of them could have stopped it or hurried it along although many tried, no different than any other time in history. As for the other guy, it’s always been clear that we’re all in this together. If your neighbors have a problem, then you have a problem whether down the street or in the world. This is why we all help each other best we can according to our abilities, in our own time.
What we as bloggers and far-seers have been trying to do is to change the aggregate, which cannot be done. The aggregate WILL change, but it can only change in its own schedule. We can continue to tell the truth, but after decades of status quo, we should not expect our words to change the world, our nation, or to some extent even our community. The only thing we can realistically change is ourselves with our own actions, and that is where all real change comes from, one person: one action at a time. 6 billion tiny events, tiny tipping points, changing minds who realize themselves one by one.
So what revolutionary act can you make today? If you read, or similar sites, you already know the direction of history and what may be needed by you and the nation in the years ahead. What can you do to fill those gaps and prepare in your own life? Because the Wheels of History, although grinding exceeding slow, do get there in the end, made up of the decisions of billions of human actors.
You may not be able to change your nation or the desperate situation we find ourselves in, but each of you can change yourself. You can make your own lifeboat in the midst of our own national challenge or "collapse." Only through that individual preparation could we find a million safety nets which prevent collapse.
And if that is all that’s asked of you, it’s good, for that’s all that’s possible.
Start today. It’s time.
Understand this. You have decades to prepare. Don't rush. Build your base carefully, slowly, methodically. Do it right. Build it to last. Do not seek to solve problems at the top, seek to solve the immediate problems before you. When they are solved, new problems will present themselves. Confucius listed the five relationships as Ruler and Ruled, Father and Son, Husband and Wife, Elder Brother and Younger Brother, and Friend and Friend. The Reaction will take place first in these 4 relationships, the last is out of individual control because it will happen when the society is ready for it. That could be 10 years from now or 100 years from now, but the work begins today.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Cathedral Goes Insane

H/T again to the prolific Sailer. Allegations of violence darkened Cleveland suspect Ariel Castro’s American dream Having 3 sex slaves might be some guys' fantasies, and fantasies are like dreams, right?

Empire of Lies

Sailer is on the case: Obama Administration announces it's been lying about deportations
Recently, an Obama Administration ICE spokesperson announced that the Administration wasn't deporting illegal aliens. Why? Because big employers of illegals were concerned that rumors that it might start was discouraging new illegals from coming to America.
Perhaps you've heard Democrats or liberal bloggers talking about Obama Admin deportations being higher than under Bush. Well, not so much. And Bush wasn't doing much in the way of deportations to begin with......

And oh by the way, the IRS official who admitted to targeting conservatives (and now Jews too) was lying too: IRS Conservative Witchhunt Started In 2011 With High-Level Officials Involved

Oh and Guess What’s Hidden In The Immigration Bill? A National Biometric Database For Citizens. I wonder if Rubio read that part.

Democracy: Changing the Face of Lies.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Megatherions Rising From the Mud

The big headline story of the IRS targeting conservatives. Lost in all the talk is the utter failure of supporting the Republican party. What good is a political party if it cannot protect you from government persecution? Do you think the Republican party will go after the IRS the way the NAACP would go after it if there were charges the IRS was targeting blacks? Then, the firing of Jason Richwine. His crime was science. See NYT: Dr. Richwine guilty of not being oblivious to the obvious. The supposed "right-wing" columnist from the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, piled on. Exactly like Derb affair, when John Derbyshire was axed by supposedly right-wing National Review for talking honestly about race. Who do you support? The Beast or the Beast's minions? There is no good in Washington, D.C. and New York, only the Beast and his minions. Even those we thought would fight, like Jim DeMint, fold when coming face to face with the Beast.

Democracy in Action!

People worried about immigration reform were too pessimistic. Lindsey Graham blames immigration woes on south-of-the-border 'hell holes'
We have a Canadian border.... Why are we OK up there and not OK to the south?… Why is one a problem and the other is not? Because Canada is a place where people like to stay. They like Canada. We like Canada. We love to have them visit. They want to go home because it’s a nice place,” said Graham. “The people coming across the southern border live in hell holes. They don’t like that. They want to come here. Our problem is we can’t have everybody in the world who lives in a hell hole coming to America.” Fortunately for Graham, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) was there to step in and assure the committee, and anyone listening to the hearing, that “while there’s poverty in Mexico and some really poor areas, it’s not a hell hole.” Moreover, he went on to suggest that Graham himself didn't mean to describe Mexico as a "hell hole." But Sessions' attempt at damage control was quickly undermined by Graham, who responded by saying: "You’re right. I wasn’t slandering Mexico; I’m just talking about all the places people want to leave, for whatever reason.”
This is one of the Gang of Eight senators pushing immigration reform! H/T: Sailer

Forget printable guns, how about printable bioweapons?

IRS Apologizes For Targeting Conservatives During 2012 Election

Organizations were singled out because they included the words "tea party" or "patriot" in their applications for tax-exempt status, said Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt groups. In some cases, groups were asked for their list of donors, which violates IRS policy in most cases, she said. "That was wrong. That was absolutely incorrect, it was insensitive and it was inappropriate. That's not how we go about selecting cases for further review," Lerner said at a conference sponsored by the American Bar Association. "The IRS would like to apologize for that," she added. Lerner said the practice was initiated by low-level workers in Cincinnati and was not motivated by political bias. After her talk, she told The AP that no high level IRS officials knew about the practice. She did not say when they found out.
I don't believe it wasn't politically motivated, not in an election year. Also, it was in Ohio, a battleground state. And did low level people really decide to do this on their own or do they get a message from above through unofficial channels? And if they can use the IRS to politically target conservatives, what other branches of the government will also target conservatives, or other "enemies?" And do note that this wasn't some policy paper, they carried out these actions. This isn't hypothetical like DHS saying military veterans are potential terrorists, this is government acting on these plans.

How the stock market works in 2013

This is reality. This 5 minute video shows 0.5 seconds of trading activity in Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) shares. You are watching 1 millisecond of trading activity for each second in the video. If you set it to the highest resolution (the little gear on the bottom of the video) and set it to full screen, you can watch the price change. There's more explanations below the video. This is why there was a flash crash and there will be another one that it could even send the entire stock market to zero for a day. These guys have replaced the market makers who used to be the people on the floor in the exchange and who had the responsibility to make a market, i.e. buy your shares if no one else wanted them. For taking on this risk (in a crash they have to keep buying as stocks drop), they earned small differences between the bid and ask everyday. Now, they are replaced by High Frequency Traders (HFT). computers running algorithms that trade millions of shares in seconds. Except unlike the market maker, they have no duty to buy or sell to you. So when the market goes haywire, they turn off the computers. There are some estimates putting these trades at 70-80% of total volume or more. When they turn off, the market shuts down.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

More overseas petitions to the HQ of global government, the White House

Chinese petition Obama on invasion, poisoning and tofu
At last count, five China-related petitions have been started over the past three days. Two urge US military intervention: one to liberate the Chinese people and the other to liberate the people of Hong Kong.

Systematic collapse underway

Must read: Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever Vox's take: The conspiracy theorists were right
The reason all of this information is finally coming out is because the system is breaking down. The scale of the efforts required to attempt salvaging the players precludes any ability to keep everything behind the veil of genteel respectability while the straightforward demands for access to taxpayer funds and bank deposits prevents any attempt to confuse matters by appealing to their complexity.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Democracy in Egypt

Egypt Investment Collapsing as Citizens Turn Into Vigilantes
“Fear is big business nowadays,” Hussein said. “People buy the guns because they’re afraid. People buy the guns because they want to scare others. We’re in a jungle now.” More than two years after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, the proliferation of weapons and a spate of vigilante killings, violence and sexual attacks are eclipsing the hope born from the revolt.

And while the country arms for civil war and anarchy, the government is running out of reserves to pay for food imports. When hunger came to Egypt
Egypt's finances have been in free fall since the mid-2000s, when prices for food and other essential imports soared while export earnings for cotton and other products stagnated. At $60 billion, the country's trade deficit is a seventh of its gross domestic product. The 40% fall in the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound from 6 to the dollar late last year to 8.25 on the black market last week will raise the cost of imports even further. The half of Egyptians that lives on $2 a day no longer eats beans, let alone milk products. The price of fava beans, the country's second-most important food staple, has already risen by 40% this year, to 5,000 Egyptian pounds (US$728) per ton from $3,000 Egyptian pounds in January. Imports of proteins have collapsed, according to the Egyptian Gazette

“Everything You Have Learned in School is Wrong”

“Everything You Have Learned in School is Wrong”
Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from about the ghastly predicament in which young Norwegians find themselves within heavily culturally enriched districts of Oslo. Well-off natives can afford to move to safe, pleasant white enclaves, where they may send their children to school among white native speakers of Norwegian. Less affluent citizens are not so fortunate, however, and are forced to endure the humiliation and degradation of the Multicultural behavioral sink in which their political masters have consigned them to live.
Read it all at Gates of Vienna.

I take your point very well

H/T: Mish Shedlock

Sunday, May 05, 2013

USG is the global government;Chinese and Malaysians petition the White House for help

You may remember Koichi Toyama trying to run for president in 2008, figuring that since America is the global government, he should be able to run from the 51st state: Japan.
Here are two more pieces of evidence I came across today. The first is a petition by Chinese citizens to have a suspected murderer extradited back to China. Invest and deport Jasmine Sun who was the main suspect of a famous Thallium poison murder case (victim:Zhu Lin) in China
In 1995, Zhu Ling as a Tsinghua university student was found out to be purposely poisoned twice by lethal chemical: Thallium, which leads to her permanent paralysis. It was indicated that Sun, her roommate, had the motive, and access to the deadly chemical. Jasmine Sun was investigated by police as suspect in 1997. But resources show that the case was mystically closed due to her family's powerful political connections. Resources also show that she changed her name and entered USA by marriage fraud.
To protect the safety of our citizens, we petite that the government investigate and deport her.
For more information on the case, please visit:
Who Poisoned Zhu Ling?
Zhu Ling (poisoning victim)
Education For Life – a tragedy, not a story
This is making speedy rounds on the Chinese version of Twitter and there are already enough signatures to force a response, assuming the White House will respond to Chinese citizens. Malaysians are also petitioning the White House. Democracy crisis in Malaysia: foreign workers were employed for fraud voting in Malaysian General Election.
Dear all,
We are the concerned citizens of Malaysia, and hereby we are writing you a letter, which we need your attention urgently and international solidarity supports.
The regime of Malaysia's National Coalition Front (Barisan Nasional), had bribed to the official recruitment agency of Bangladesh, to allow a huge number of Bangladeshi workers (estimated about 600,000 people) deported from their homeland to Malaysia for such despicable and non democratic action.
We are hereby requesting ladies and gentlemen to provide solidarity supports and necessary assistances for us, to ensure the election can be conducted in clean and fair manners. For more information and evidence, here is the news link:
Long live democracy.
Kuan-Ping Ang and etc
Interestingly, the former is still going around the Chinese net, but the latter was deleted by censors.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Why Wait For Your King/State?

Have you heard of Aga Khan?
Forbes describes the Aga Khan as one of the world's ten richest royals with an estimated net worth of $800 million USD (2010). Additionally he is unique among the richest royals as he does not preside over a geographic territory.[1] He owns hundreds of racehorses, valuable stud farms, an exclusive yacht club on Sardinia,[19] a private island in the Bahamas, two Bombardier jets, a 12-seat helicopter,[20] a £100 million high speed yacht named after his prize racehorse,[21] and several estates around the world, including an estate called Aiglemont in the town of Gouvieux, France, north of Paris. His philanthropic institutions, funded by his followers, spend more than $600 million per year – primarily in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.[22] In 2007, after an interview with the Aga Khan, G. Pascal Zachary, of the The New York Times, wrote, "Part of the Aga Khan's personal wealth [used by him and his family], which his advisers say exceeds $1 billion [USD], comes from a dizzyingly complex system of tithes[23] that some of the world's 15 million Ismaili Muslims pay him each year [one of which is called dasond,[23][24] which is at least 12.5% of each Nizari Ismaili's gross[23] annual income] – an amount that he will not disclose but which may reach hundreds of millions of dollars annually."[6]
Most of the reactosphere is concerned with secession or the failures of democracy. This is starting at the end. The beginning is to act with common purpose.



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