Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The Cost of Ethnic Cleansing

When It Comes to White Homeless, Chinese Immigrants Slightly to the Right of Qin Shi Huangdi

In fighting homeless camp, Irvine's Asians win, but at a cost
A week earlier, county officials announced that they were considering placing emergency homeless shelters in Irvine as well as in Laguna Niguel and in Huntington Beach. All three cities immediately fought the plan, but the opposition was most fierce in Irvine.

Many of the loudest voices in the movement to block the shelter plan were Chinese Americans who came together through social media apps and various community groups. They were joined by immigrants from South Korea, India, Mexico and the Middle East, along with some whites.

It was a big political victory for the diverse opposition from Irvine. But it also came at a price, with some accusing the residents of intolerance and simply wanting to keep the homeless out of their own cities without offering an alternative solution.
These immigrants spend roughly zero hours per week debating Baizuo, reading Baizuo media, whining about Baizuo policies or trolling Baizuo on social media. They pay zero costs in the sense that Baizuo mean for defending their property rights because they don't care what Baizuo think. When Baizuo policies invade their world, they react with a righteous defense of their property, their communities and their children. Sometimes they lose, but they win far more than right-wing whites who are losing their neighborhoods. The immigrants did not try to create Chinese nationalism, they defended their property rights, and other immigrant groups joined with them. Why wasn't a right-wing white leading the charge? Maybe because they don't speak Chinese, that is possible. But had someone stepped up to defend the city, they would have received support from the immigrants.

White nationalism would fail in Irvine, California because of demographics. Irvine has more Asians than whites. A white-dominated city would be "white nationalist" if it acted in its self-interest. Why make complex political arguments and engage in difficult fights with Baizuo, when you can make easy arguments such as, "Do you watch your daughter raped? Do you want increased robberies? Do you want your son beat up at school? Do you want drugs being offered to your children? Do you want the spread of hepatitis? Do you want trash everywhere? Do you want the city to become a shithole and watch your property values collapse?"

Whites who would be on your side either do not know "hate facts," are afraid of being called "racist," or they explicitly/implicitly accept Baizuo morality and believe they should suffer all this because being "racist" is worse. The first step to stopping the demographic destruction of the USA is restricting immigration. Many immigrants understand the effect on wages. They do not want Third World, high crime, welfare using immigrants coming into the country. You go to war with the army you have, not the army you want.

Grasshopper, the #AltRight needs immigrant outreach.


  1. Naked self interest is the prize of diversity

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