Monday, April 09, 2018

Krugman Is Right

Unicorns of the Intellectual Right
Am I saying that there are no conservative economists who have maintained their principles? Not at all. But they have no influence, zero, on GOP thinking. So in economics, a news organization trying to represent conservative thought either has to publish people with no constituency or go with the charlatans who actually matter.

And I think that’s true across the board. The left has genuine public intellectuals with actual ideas and at least some real influence; the right does not. News organizations don’t seem to have figured out how to deal with this reality, except by pretending that it doesn’t exist. And that’s why we keep having these Williamson-like debacles.
The establishment (progressive) Right is collapsing into the left. The dissident Right is destroying them from the right. It is a confusing time for people like Krugman because he doesn't see intellectual energy, and if he doesn't see it, it doesn't exist.

Also, when the left and Mr. Krugman find dissent, they run away screaming. Krugman ran like a little girl from debates with dissident economist Steve Keen, who is waging a parallel war on established economic thinking. Dissident intellectuals such as Taleb are waging similar wars in other fields.

When the left comes across different opinions their response is to purge it. We are on the flipside of Mr. Krugman wondering if the NYTimes will hire intellectuals or descend further into Idiocracy.

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