Tuesday, March 27, 2018

You Say Immigration, We Say Treason

Economists, politicians, migrant activists, big business and cuckservatives are a powerful force, but all they have is power. Their actions are based on lies. Once the ball starts rolling downhill on them, it will gain speed as everything they claim is shown false and the lives of ordinary Americans rapidly improves.
Why Pay in Idaho Is Rising at the Fastest Rate in the Nation
Workers in Idaho are leading the nation in earnings growth, thanks in part to a buoyant job market and pockets of labor shortages that are putting upward pressure on wages.

many of the industries adding jobs at a solid clip are also experiencing labor shortages, contributing to upward pressure on wages as employers seek to attract and retain workers, said Jan Roeser, regional labor economist at the Idaho Department of Labor.

“Every HR professional out there is being quizzed as to how can we retain our best and brightest, how can we attract our best and brightest,” Ms. Roeser said.
Those who advocate for mass immigration are enemies of the people and enemies of economic recovery.

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