Thursday, March 29, 2018

Progs Are Brain Damaged

Anonymous Conservative, take a victory lap
Psychologists conducted brain scans on a total of 93 adults (first they studied 48 Caucasian adults, 58% of whom were female, and then replicated the effects with 45 adults from diverse ethnic backgrounds, 67% of whom were female) and found that the size of the bilateral amygdala, which governs emotions, survival instincts, and memory, was strongly correlated with support for the existing social order.
If you haven't read AC's work, it's free again for two days (March 29 and 30): Evopsych Free Again For Two Days, Plus Julian Langness On Sale

An amygdala example AC gave in the his book was falling through ice as a child. As an adult, that person might walk on sidewalk with some ice on it and it would crack with a similar sound as the pond ice. With a healthy/normal amygdala, this person would have a sudden feeling of panic before realizing he's standing on the sidewalk. The amygdala deficient person would run back onto the frozen pond and feel nothing.

I think some subset of the environmentalist wackos are "conservative" in that they can project the risk from environmental factors the same way the dissident Right can project demographic threats or read ancient history and apply it to current events. The progressive is like a child who cannot assess risk or a fool whose finger keeps returning to the fire. They do not process the threat, they cannot conceive it, and even if you explain it to them step-by-step and they can follow the chain of logic and make predictions with it, their brain does not truly understand it. Just as you could explain falling through the ice to them or the risk of going to a dangerous neighborhood or country, or the negative effects of has no effect.

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