Sunday, March 11, 2018

Equality Turns Into Identity

If someone has a voice, but nothing intelligent to say, identity becomes their argument. Equality plus democracy leads to identity politics because mean IQ. Every argument they have is wrong, but you can't say they're not a worker, black, female, homosexual or white. Identity is the last refuge of the idiot. Most people are idiots.

When everyone plays identity politics, it is not democracy. It is international relations.


  1. In defense of it:
    1. The kin, the Tribe and the Nation are based on Genetic and Cultural Identity, often nuclear to the person, not something you can choose or for sale.
    2. Within homogenous countries, the individual flourishes precisely because there's no need to play this game of identity politics.
    3. In a context of identity politics being played by everybody but your group, you either play it too or face death.
    4. This is a necessary step of separation and (self)segregation, so that you can see who's with and without you in a context of a dying empire.
    5. Democracy never proved to be good as a system. Both in high Athens, high USA, and Rome, "Democracy" was only for the rich, white, educated, land owner - a de facto Aristocracy in everything but the name. Monarchies without a Royal Family, but with rotating Nobles.

    1. Identity politics is inevitable in the current situation. Any policy you push might get you called racist because most minorities are leftist. When Poland and Japan negotiate, they don't discuss how they are pro-Polish and pro-Japan, they push their agenda that is obviously pro-Poland and pro-Japan. Certain minorities make no progress because they're sold horrible policies by Baizuo who appeal to their identity.




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