Friday, March 23, 2018

David Brooks Trolling Again

I don't want to do another post on David Brooks, but he wrote this sentence this week:
How does being Latina influence how you read a black writer like St. Augustine?
In an article titled, "Speaking as a White Male…"
His conclusion:
Our whole education system is based on the idea that we train individuals to be critical thinkers. Our political system is based on the idea that persuasion and deliberation lead to compromise and toward truth. The basis of human dignity is our capacity to make up our own minds. One of the things I’ve learned in a lifetime in journalism is that people are always more unpredictable than their categories.

But the notion that group membership determines opinion undermines all that. If it’s just group against group, deliberation is a sham, beliefs are just masks groups use to preserve power structures, and democracy is a fraud. The epistemological foundation of our system is in surprisingly radical flux.

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