Wednesday, January 17, 2018

No Shit

Frenemies on the Right
The tenets of National Socialism and the role of the word “nahtsee” in your rhetorical strategy are two distinctly different things. (This, by the way, is a Moldbuggian axiom: an ideology’s label and its structure must be treated separately.) Even if you don’t want a NatSoc metapolitical strategy or social policy, nothing is forcing you to go out there and nazi-bash, disavow, distance, or otherwise punch the people leftists identify as being to the right of you, politically.
If the right opened a restaurant, the left might say everything tasted like shit. They might say it was actual shit. If someone on the right proposed to serve actual shit, then it doesn't surprise that others said, "Get that shit out of here." Not because they give a shit what leftists think, but because they don't like shit.

Related update: Retconning History
As I mentioned below, there’s a growing myth in 21st Century America that white Southerners sympathized with Hitler. In reality, the South was most anti-Nazi part of the country.

Southerners were the most pro-England / anti-Germany with 76% agreeing that helping England win was more important than staying out of the war, while only 55% of Midwesterners prioritized England winning.

Another update:


  1. You're obviously one of the guys Quincy was talking to.

  2. Maybe. The conflating of "natsee" and national socialism is a two way street. I'm not convinced that Vox and Nazi bashers in general, are the bigger problem in that regard. I don't believe in surrendering language to the left. Racist is meaningless term, it has no non-leftist meaning. Nazi still has a definition besides "bad", even if the left and right abuse the term.




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