Tuesday, January 30, 2018

David Brooks Wants to Replace You

It seemed like there was a brief glimpse of hope there! Like when the African rapists used condoms and Pope Benedict XVI said that was a good sign because it showed they had some morals. The media widely interpreted that as the Pope being pro-condom. And so here we had a little optimism that David Brooks was learning, but alas, 'twas but a moment.

Turns out Brooks wants to replace America with not-America because not-America is more American than America.

The East Germans of the 21st Century
That’s because when you wade into the evidence you find that the case for restricting immigration is pathetically weak. The only people who have less actual data on their side are the people who deny climate change.
But if you believe in climate change you would be for zero population growth, hence zero immigration...We can forgive Brooks on this one since we know Progressives use environmental policy for political aims, they don't actually care about CO2 emissions or development.

Brooks quickly takes a dark turn:
You don’t have to rely on pointy-headed academics. Get in your car. If you start in rural New England and drive down into Appalachia or across into the Upper Midwest you will be driving through county after county with few immigrants. These rural places are often 95 percent white. These places lack the diversity restrictionists say is straining the social fabric.

Are these counties marked by high social cohesion, economic dynamism, surging wages and healthy family values? No. Quite the opposite. They are often marked by economic stagnation, social isolation, family breakdown and high opioid addiction. Charles Murray wrote a whole book, “Coming Apart,” on the social breakdown among working-class whites, many of whom live in these low immigrant areas.
That escalated quickly.
One of Murray’s points is that “the feasibility of the American project has historically been based on industriousness, honesty, marriage and religiosity.” It is a blunt fact of life that, these days, immigrants show more of these virtues than the native-born. It’s not genetic. The process of immigration demands and nurtures these virtues.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa there Mr. Brooks. Uh, there's uh, a certain ethnic group that uh, immigrated here, and uh, well they've been at war with these American virtues for about 100 years...
Over all, America is suffering from a loss of dynamism. New business formation is down. Interstate mobility is down. Americans switch jobs less frequently and more Americans go through the day without ever leaving the house.
This sounds pretty serious Mr. Brooks. Maybe we should focus on the problems eating away at the very core of America? Nah, fuck em!

Cutting to the punch:
Progressives say Republicans oppose immigration because of bigotry. But it’s not that simple. It’s more accurate to say restrictionists are stuck in a mono-cultural system that undermines their own values: industry, faithfulness and self-discipline. Of course they react with defensive animosity to the immigrants who out-hustle and out-build them. You’d react negatively, too, if confronted with people who are better versions of what you wish you were yourself.
Mr. Brooks finds a grain of truth in there: the current model of development forces intelligent people out of rural areas. And it becomes a self-reinforcing cycle in many places because the morons left behind don't understand basic things like how to run a small town government. In some of these towns, the government is the largest employer. Policy is designed to protect government jobs, taxes go up to pay their bloated salaries, benefits and pensions.

Fertility rates also play a role. Many of these areas are depopulated. Nothing will bring them back. Economics is involved too. What happens to the mining town when the mine closes, or the factory town when the factory closes and moves down South or overseas? These town were built on economics and they died because of it. If you look at the long history of those towns, you see stagnation, a burst of activity, and a return to stagnation. Those places have reverted to their natural state. Free trade's wholesale destruction of the manufacturing sector plays a role, but many of the rural areas in the north were first hit by factories moving south.

Everywhere, there is deep cultural rot. One doesn't fix a broken home by importing an intact home. There are real problems in America and the evidence from Richwine and your own common sense tells you immigrants are assimilating just fine into degenerate lifestyles that breaks down largely as it does among the native population. The bulk of immigrants will assimilate into the most dysfunctional native subcultures, accelerating social decline. Economic and political decline proceed in slow motion until they reach a tipping point.

Taking a big step back, the real reason why Mr. Brooks and others in power want immigration is because as soon as the doors are closed, the economy will crumble. Much of the economy's growth comes from housing demand and strains on public services. Once immigration ends, that demand evaporates and even reverses if there are deportations. Fertility rates collapse below replacement. The lack of growth and debt burden immediately move from a problem to a crisis. Uber and Amazon can thrive in deflation because they can earn money as incomes fall. Companies such as Facebook decline rapidly along with national wealth. As in Japan, the economy can "grow" even as GDP falls, per capita income can rise, standards of living can improve. Debt will spiral out of control unless cuts are made to entitlements, welfare and defense spending.

Maintaining their wealth and power is the only goal of the current crop of elites. They do not care for anyone in the country, not even their own base. (Notice the Democrats now fracturing as Latinos learn they were only a bargaining chip.) It used to be that poor rural whites were the bargaining chip, and so urban Democrats feigned sympathy to advance socialism. They were the cudgel used against the bad whites from places like California who wanted more capitalism. Now the populations have changed. The poor whites are bad whites, they can go die now. The new face of socialism is here.

If I had to bet, I'd wager someone figures out a way to sell socialism to bad whites (drop the cultural stuff, overtly pro-gun, silent on religion maybe). Or flipped, the GOP offers something like full socialism and attracts enough Hispanics to win a landslide, and then sets about looting the financial and technology sector. Or think about how inflation is needed to balance America's books. The sectors that benefit most from uncontrolled inflation are hard assets like energy, agriculture, deeply indebted sectors such as utilities and industrials. It's not hard to imagine how that might play out politically, the sides are already aligned against each other. That supposed right-wingers [or should I type (((right-wingers)))] are viciously attacking their own side suggests a tipping point is approaching.


  1. A simpler way to look at it is as media economics . Brooks is selling the same shit that he was selling at the Wall Street Journal the stuff that his hedge fund masters want to read .

  2. Lets send a billion Mexicans and blacks to Tel Aviv. He wants them. Lets send them to his homeland.




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