Thursday, December 28, 2017

Max Boot Preen, Preen, Preens! in Foreign Policy

Max Boot writes in Foreign Policy: 2017 Was the Year I Learned About My White Privilege

Steve Sailer comments: Mr. Invade the World / Invite the World Discovers White Privilege Under Trump
Well, live and learn. A quarter century is enough time to examine deeply held shibboleths and to see if they comport with reality. … In the last few years, in particular, it has become impossible for me to deny the reality of discrimination, harassment, even violence that people of color and women continue to experience in modern-day America from a power structure that remains for the most part in the hands of straight, white males. People like me, in other words.

But not exactly like me.

In case you missed it, here's Tucker Carlson taking apart Max Boot in under 10 minuets. Although he isn't responding to the article above, Tucker rebutted Boot back in September: "to dismiss people who disagree with you as immoral, as is your habit, isn't a useful form of debate, it's a kind of moral preening..."

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