Thursday, November 30, 2017

Blanco Fuera

The New Redemption Of Ham

Progressive messaging in America is an inversion of this Blanqueamiento idea. The concept of the old slave’s sins being washed away with the birth of a baby accepted as white by society has been repackaged as the sins of the white born with racial original sin being washed away with the birth of a non-white child. Absent in the progressive message is a strong push for the glories of an American identity. While Brazil was forging a Brazilian national ethos, a desire to destroy the native American identity drives the progressives.

This is a self-defeating feature within this religious message. There is no utopia being created in this act. This is not spun as positive creation, but deletion. It is merely penance for the evil legacy Americans and destruction of the national conception.
Not Ennegrecimiento, but Blancofuera.

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