Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thetan Hunters of the West

DR3 or "Dems aRe the Real Racists" is an alt-right term mocking conservatives and cuckservatives.

Since racism is a term invented, defined and used by the left, anyone employing it is advancing a leftist agenda. (We're all leftists in America since about 1770, if not 1860. The South lost because it also accepts the leftism of 1770 and therefore cannot win against Yankees taking the leftism of 1770 to its logical conclusion. Neoreaction and redpilling are about waking up from this leftist world and seeing it through new eyes.) Racism narrowly defined as irrational bigotry and hate aimed at a group of people is not what the term describes. In almost every modern usage, it assumes some degree of equality that adheres to Blank Slate principles. If you judge individuals on the content of their character (as MLK said) and know that the Blank Slate is false, you are a racist.

Racism today is a far broader and nebulous term from the outside. If we use left-wing, progressive, college professor definitions though, it approximates to "being white." Minorities can't be racist and concepts such as "white privilege" are designed so that non-existent invisible racism can be described as some unconscious or subconscious force that even "Good Whites" don't realize exists within them. The Thetans in Scientology are a good approximation. These are souls of aliens destroyed in a horrific extermination campaign and they cling to the human soul, causing many emotional and psychological problems. Scientologists advance to a stage where they clear their bodies of Thetans. I am not joking when I say that believing in Thetans is less harmful than "white privilege." Snake oil is better than arsenic. Thetans are causing as many psychological problems as "white privilege" is causing oppression, but Thetans aren't screwing up society.

DR3 is tough to get away from though, because the implied logic of progressive beliefs reveals an ultra-supremacist belief system. Anti-whiteness is the keystone to the whole system. Progressives hate whites and whiteness (Christians), and everything is defined in opposition to this. This gives their belief system its own internal "logic" that operates like a crimestop or an abort code. When you reach a paradox or logical impossibility, stop the program and return to anti-white or insert anti-white into the code. Then continue.

But what if you don't accept that progressivism starts from anti-whiteness? If you take anti-whiteness out of the code, the program goes haywire.

Those Who Can See says in Governments Are Us
These days, things have gone so far that we're being told that not letting masses of Mexicans or Africans into our countries is the equivalent of turning away the Jews in 1940, or runaway slaves in 1840.

This is an astounding statement. Forcing a Mexican to be governed by other Mexicans, or a Senegalese to be governed by other Senegalese, is akin to committing genocide upon them. What a statement on the governing abilities of Mexicans or Senegalese! Perhaps Jefferson was onto something after all…
Without anti-whiteness, progressives have to believe foreign nations and foreign cultures are equivalent to Nazi Germany or the worst plantation that ever existed, run by a sadist who beat and tortured slaves for his own amusement. These cultures are riddled with hate, racism, genocide, crime, incest. Whatever vile thing you can think of, that is normal daily life in the Third World.

For those victims who leave and enter the West, Progressives teach them that they've gone from the frying pan into the fire. They will be targeted for abuse that exceeds the evils of their native land. They also don't belong in America. Progressives indoctrinate them in their Otherness. Multiculturalism and diversity are needed precisely because these foreign genocidal demons do not fit into WEIRD countries. "You're never going to assimilate brownie!" We have to carve out special positions for them, otherwise they'll be excluded.

The assault on Whiteness will never end because minorities can never become white. They are forever inferior in this model. The Liberal White Supremacist, the Baizuo, is their savior, their only hope for salvation. It isn't DR3 to the max, it is white man's burden and white supremacy to the max. The white man's burden assumed that it was white's duty to lift up these people to the level of whites. Progressives don't believe it is ever possible to raise them up so long as "Bad Whites" exist.

DR3 fails because it is a blue pill cul-de-sac, it teases a red pill and then pulls it away. DR3 is too far downstream of the problem to be an effective solution, or even very effective rhetoric because it contains too much of the blue pill. The red pill cuts through to the core. "Bad whites," "white privilege" and "Racism" are the Thetans of progressivism and equality. After taking the red pill, you can see that you are clear of Thetans (white guilt). But unlike a cult preying on wealthy idiots in Hollywood, this cult runs the universities, the media and government. Lunatics with the fervor of fundamentalists are destroying the very foundations of civilization in their hunt for Thetans.

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