Friday, September 29, 2017

Christian Nationalist America

Yesterday, I tossed out a protest idea centered around Christianity and the public square. Today, the news reports two more attacks on Christian symbols.

Bible Verse on Bench In Memory of Virginia Teen Must Be Removed
They decided to highlight his love for baseball and installed a bench next to the baseball field at his school, Randolph Henry High.

According to television station WSET, included on the bench is a scripture from Philippians 4:13 which reads, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

But the Charlotte County School Board said the Bible verse is a violation of school policy and must be removed from the bench.
No one complained, but the school's lawyers think it should go.

Federal judge rules cross on Lehigh County seal is unconstitutional
A federal judge ruled Thursday the large yellow cross at the center of Lehigh County’s seal violated the Constitution, which will likely force the seal’s redesign.

In a 23-page decision, Judge Edward Smith begrudgingly ruled in favor of The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based organization that promotes the separation of church and state.

In 2014 and 2015, the foundation threatened to sue Lehigh County if it did not remove the cross from the seal. The cross’ presence, it argued, violated the Establishment Clause, which forbids government from favoring one faith over others or prohibiting religious practice.

Stephen Meholic, David Simpson, John Berry and Candace Winkler — all Lehigh County residents and members of the foundation — joined the suit as plaintiffs. The four testified that they were opposed to the seal or found it unwelcome or offensive, according to court documents.

Commissioners refused to back down to the threats. In a resolution unanimously passed in 2016, commissioners argued the cross needed to be viewed in historical context. The cross, they said, represented the Christian settlers who colonized the region. The foundation filed suit last year as a result.

In his ruling, Smith said the cross was a passive symbol that did not coerce anyone into adopting Christianity or establish a county religion. However, existing case law required him to find that the county was honoring the settlers because they were Christians, which violates the Establishment Clause.

“This welcome ruling should settle the matter and get the seal redesigned to be inclusive, to ensure that it does not continue to send a message that only Christian citizens are represented or welcome,” she said.
It makes much more sense to remove those people from Lehigh County, if they are so offended by their neighbors. The Lehigh Commissioners should take a page from Judge Roy Moore and design an even more "offensive" symbol.

In any event, if you can't defend a widely popular symbol, you'll fail at defending less popular symbols such as Confederate statues.


  1. It's difficult to watch, even as an outsider who has mixed feelings about the faith. Modern Christians simply do not appear to have the will to defend their religion and, paradoxically, have engaged in explicitly ultra-heretical revisions of their orthodoxy just to maintain some semblance of standing with the left establishment. Perhaps these two symptoms are the embodiment of the abandoned faith withering on the vine, but my reading of history tells me it was the various Churches who left the faithful, rather than the other way around.

    1. Protestant sects that turn modern die within a generation or two. A similar process is underway in the Catholic Church. Those who remain are the more faithful and committed members. Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the Catholic Church becoming much smaller, but more faithful, as Europe fully abandons Christianity.

    2. SSPX and other notable exceptions exist, but the rule seems to be that American churches are growing via Mestizos into greater liberation theology while European churches are doing the same with Africans. As I suggested above, I don't think Europeans abandoned the faith. The Church abandoned the European faith, following the cultural revolutions of the 1960s, and the parishioners reacted to this by slowly leaving in turn over the next several decades.

      What further events will unfold is not certain to any mortal, but I do feel certain in saying that if Churches do not reform, they will become theologically unrecognizable. Neither the civilization nor the faith of Europeans can be simulated by any other peoples.

    3. The faithful don't leave the church. The church leaves them. That's why those churches die. They are theologically unrecognizable in the present and they will all be dead in a generation or two. Find the most fundamentalist church and you can see what theology will look like in the future.

      Protestant churches die when they abandon Christ for the world. Catholic churches don't because the faithful stick with it even through its faults. They fight because schism isn't allowed.

      The Mestizo-infused churches are extending their life. They will eventually die too. I don't know how Africans are in Europe, but in Africa they tend to be far more traditional than the European church.




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