Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Movie Everyone on the Alt-Right Should Watch

Stone of Destiny a great pro-nationalist movie made in 2008. It tells the story of Ian Hamilton and the heist of the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey.
The Stone, originally used for the coronation of Scottish monarchs, had been removed to England by Edward I in 1296 to bolster his claim to the throne of Scotland. After the Acts of Union 1707 between Scotland and England, it was used for the coronation of British monarchs. As such, Hamilton's action in returning the Stone to Scotland was applauded as a symbolic triumph for Scottish nationalism. The Stone was turned over to the Church of Scotland, which surrendered it to English authorities in April 1951. Hamilton and his accomplices were charged, but never prosecuted. The Stone was eventually returned to Scotland in 1996, with provision for subsequent use in the coronation of British monarchs.
According to the film, the act revived nationalist sentiment in Scotland, which if true means it has lasting impact into the present day.

The Scottish example is applicable to the U.S. because there is an American identity that has been lost or re-purposed. Christian symbols are snuffed out. One idea I had after watching the movie was to erect a cross on public land (the best would be ground that used to be Christian and now isn't) in an politically unfriendly city, but possibly religiously friendly one (such as Irish Catholic filled Boston or maybe a very left-wing city in the South). The toughs who want a physical confrontation can keep the Antifa away. The goal would be to keep the cross erect for as long as possible, to inspire massive support to keep the cross erect, and inspire more crosses to go up around the nation. Invite Christians of all denominations to pray at the cross and help form a human shield when the police eventually come to tear it down. It could be done as an "MIT-level" prank, erecting an extremely heavy cross or in such a way that authorities needs days to disassemble it. No violence except to protect the faithful. Prayers of intercession on behalf of the United States of America, asking Jesus to heal our nation and help restore it to order.

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  1. With the thoughts you'd be thinkinDecember 15, 2017 at 12:51 PM

    Sounds like the Peace Cross. A WW1 memorial for 49 dead men which is a big cross in a public park in Maryland, that has been ordered to be taken down.




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