Sunday, August 27, 2017

White Consumers: Please Take a Hike

You go bankrupt very slowly, and then all at once.

A few years ago sensitive people start noticing an increase in sexually ambiguous ads (brothers or two dads?) and minorities in ads.

In the last year or so, a lot of people started noticing the ads. If you tell a normie friend about it today and he watches TV tonight, he will be red-pilled.

If the Alt-Right is to mature in a healthy direction, it must turn the corner on outrage culture (the protest culture). Begging those in power to give you what you want doesn't work and projects weakness.

The first step past outrage is not caring. This is how it is. Accept reality as it is today.

Without a counter-voice, the outrage on the Left grows more powerful. The trend is obvious.

Not caring and a worsening trend very quickly turns to action: why don't we make our own products?

The outrage intensifies as straight, white, Christian customers leave.

Demographic trends and outrage culture on the Left will make certain that lost white customers never return. Companies can't afford to go chasing after whites.

The sweet spot is slow, steady burn of outrage that doesn't overheat and doesn't flame out, ensuring a steady stream of customers for years to come.

Advertisers move away from using pictures of white, straight customers for fear of being seen as racist or gay-hating


  1. There's an issue with this strategy: the progressive status quo is in a position to prevent competing institutions. Whether it's domain registrars, ultimate payment processor (just a few banks), or storefronts that require permits, the establishment has already demonstrated it won't allow dissident markets to grow organically.

    The good news is, you're too harsh on the alt-right and the nebulous matter of "protest culture." Protests aren't to beg for freedom, they're to draw a predictable response. Those normal white Christians see those thundering over-reactions from the establishment and their minions and that's what radicalizes them. They already know companies can't cater to whites anymore. What they need to hear is that the boss of that company is a dual-citizen who honestly promotes the destruction of white communities for it's own sake.

  2. Progressives can't stop the Right under existing law. Most of the business right is apolitical or cucks. They either ignore politics and get converged, or they refuse to take steps to remove leftist agitators.




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