Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Alt Right - What Went Wrong?


  1. What went wrong was: Bloggers and Vloggers from fringe movements tried to associate themselves with a growing counter-movement of people who were active since Rockwell and Pierce's time and were gaining traction and popularity with the youth.
    Then these Bloggers and Volggers see that this growing movement is "too rightwing" for them to handle, pervert the facts to say that they were actually the founders of this movement and that it got perverted (wrong, they inserted themselves in an already established audience and demanded this audience to adapt to them, not the contrary) when what happened was actually the contrary.

    We hate Richard Spencer (a Duginist), Vox Day, TRS, Ramzpaul, and every other self-declared leader or Jewish agent like Cernovich as well.

    If these "Alt Right" or "Alt Lite" types want to cuck out, let them, they're being a liability with this defeatist behaviour.
    But we ALL know what's their point: They're loosing their PayPals, they're only here for the money, I say fuck them.

  2. What amuses me the most of the alt-lite seems to be saying the DNC donors have subverted the alt-right, which is a polite way of saying "the Jews subverted the alt-right." The narrative is almost identical to WN 1.0's description of events, the alt-lite is just not willing to draw the logical conclusion of their accusations.




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