Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Neoreaction Warned You

Update: Trump pulled the Alt-Right's ass out of the fire at today's press conference. It sounds like the left might suffer the most assuming this indicates the DoJ will impartially deliver justice. Also, Terry McCauliffe should be worried since The Virginia State Police were the ones forcing Alt-Right rally-goers into the Antifa. Most of what I wrote earlier still stands. If Trump wasn't in office, it would have been a bigger disaster. If the rally had kicked out the Nazis so that Trump could say there were no Neo-Nazis there, he could have unloaded entirely on the left today. Press questions begin around 10 minutes.

Also for posterity, here's what was happening before Trump spoke: right-wing websites and Alt-Tech sites such as Gab were hit with massive DDoS attacks today. Daily Stormer was kicked off GoDaddy and tried hosting with Google, was denied. Discord kicked "Nazis" off the site. Several corporate CEOs quit Trump's economic council because he didn't condemn the rally hard enough. Intel, Merck and Wal-Mart are three I know of. Now they look like big asses after the Narrative did a 180. Finally, another Confederate statue was torn down in Durham by a mob. Now the Sheriff says all found will be prosecuted. Lincoln Memorial was vandalized as well.

Some other takes: Charlottesville Was a Massive 4GW Failure

Defeat is an orphan and many are criticizing the failures of the Charlottesville rally. For one, the main event on Saturday didn't even take place. However, there was one benefit. Some will not believe that the fire is hot and must put their hand into the fire. Some disaster was always going to befall the AltRight. Whether the White Nationalists learn from it or not is another question, but if they do, the net outcome could be positive.

Some thoughts:

1. The Alt-Right has no accountability. There are various groups with different leaders, but there is no accountability. When any project or event goes down the tubes, the people involved in organizing should be removed from leadership if they don't have the good sense to step down. I can't remember where I saw it, but I recall Derb once writing about how British cabinet members would resign whether they were responsible or not following a political disaster.

2. There's a lot of evidence implicating the police as the guilty party. Pax wrote about it here: Here’s How Virginia State Police Facilitated Violence At Charlottesville. There's also the account from the civic nationalist contingent (they literally call themselves that in the video) there to protect the rally-goers' rights. Charlottesville Aftermath. The Truth on What Happened These are mostly blue pilled guys who are pro-police. They report the police were treacherous in their behavior.

3. As VoxDay has said, the Alt-Right is inevitable. History is moving in favor of chaos and revolution. Some people look far ahead and plan for the future. Some people want to ride the populist wave and attain status by getting in front of the mob. Some people don't really want to debate their ideas, but through accumulation of popular support, push their agenda. If your solution to democratic failure is selecting new leadership by popular appeal to a fringe movement over-represented with fringe people and fringe ideas, well, good luck.

Additionally, White Nationalism benefited from the left calling everyone racist and because it spoke truth on race. White Nationalism is ultimately superfluous once everyone accepts the reality of race/ethnic/religious differences. If everyone on the dissident Right agrees with the 14 words, then white nationalism was successful. The one good idea white nationalists had is widely accepted, therefore white nationalism is no longer useful as a movement or should focus its energy on red pilling more people on race.

4. Right-wing activism doesn't work as explained by Mark Yuray in Social Matter last year. Normie rallies supporting Trump are probably fine if there's no fringe right-wing fingerprints, but anything far out will be targeted and spun negatively. The media tried to spin Trump rallies negatively and failed because normie GOP voters identified with the rally-goers.

Right-Wing Activism Always Fails

5. Pride cometh before the fall.

Antidem says he will delete his take on Charlottesville, so here's one good bit for posterity:
It should also be said that in the day since the rally, the messaging coming from UTR has become even more confused; a jumble of them crying that they were the innocent victims and crowing about how much ass they kicked.
I'm not going to tell people to put their physical safety in danger, but given its position in society, the AltRight should make itself more sympathetic. Everything said about the Nazi imagery and the rest is being said by others.

6. Most of the people who are not AltRight, but might be, are Christian. They are American nationalists. Selling bacon in Mecca is not a good business plan. Hanging signs or chanting "get your bacon here" will cause you to lose customers at Mecca even if you're selling water to thirsty men.

7. Yuray also wrote How To Passivism. Also from Free Northerner: Passivism.

The best thing the dissident Right has going for it right now is Alt-Tech. Alt-Tech is not leading with street activism, it is leading by building new companies.

8. Along those lines, the Cathedral has lots of power. You defeat it by draining its power. By spending very little in the way of resources. Online trolling may have wrecked Twitter's business and could eventually ruin Facebook because of their hamfisted responses. Trump defeated the media and Clinton by spending very little money, they spent billions of dollars and billions more in credibility. I read that CBS was interested in buying CNN if AT&T spins it off following a merger with Time Warner. If I was them, I'd rebrand it.

9. Finally, as the Hestia Society says: become worthy. Lower your time preference and build something. Become Anti-Fragile so that when you are attacked by the left, it redounds to your benefit.


  1. 1. Nobody would show up to an event if they didn't like the organizer so that's accountability of a sort. You can gripe that there's no central command, but given the tenuous state of right wing politics, I think that's a bit much to ask. Such people have a fairly long history of being neutralized.

    2. Yes, I think it's abundantly clear that all the blame goes to the state rather than the organizers. Of course, the media will never dare mention this, but their narrative is not something we have to repeat.

    3. Vox is wrong on most counts. South Africa is proof whites will allow society to be destroyed around them without organizing in to defensive ethnic blocs. More importantly, there is no incentive for non-whites (asians and jews aside, perhaps) to acknowledge biodiversity. Failure to acknowledge that is a massive boon to them in the form of justifying redistribution.

    4. Sample size and all that. Right wing activism in an analogous context to modernity is hard to come by and difficult to define. All one can honestly say is that current year rightist activism is mostly about showing the public the left's reaction, which will always be genocidal and over-reaching. eg. Sharpton now calling to de-fund the Jefferson memorial.

    5. The video I saw didn't include any swastikas and yet all in attendance were branded as nazis and white supremacists. One has to wonder how sound this advice is, given this effectively calls for no public events to which agitators might show.

    6. I'm not sure how Christians or American nationalists would be offended by anyone who was set to speak at the rally. From what I know the speakers themselves were mostly Christian. Given that none of them actually got to speak, it's odd to complain that they alienated anyone.

    7. Passivism requires infiltration, which is not possible due to whites being actively discriminated against in most influential public and private institutions. Parallelism is an alternative, but state power easily destroys these if they become politically dissident. Alt-tech has had little to no political impact and its clientele is almost exclusively drawn from activists on the right.

    8. Draining power is a game that plays out over a longer time horizon than you have. Trump will be out of office in a few years and his successor is virtually guaranteed to be nothing like him. Will you troll these major companies to death in that time? I doubt it.

    9. Magical thinking. Lower time preference is a virtue, as is building secure finances and a local support network, but none of those things necessarily has any impact on the macro level politics which can break you. Like it or not, there is no realistic way to make localism happen without a major federal level change. Whoever controls the federal government can exercise massive pressure on the subordinate levels of society.

    tl;dr: Without right wing activism to trigger the left into a fit of over-reach, there is little hope of swaying the middle in time to prevent a disaster. While Unite the Right could have a lot better, the reaction it elicited from the left can't be written off as merely bad press. The left is now beginning another cycle of purity spiraling and that is just what the doctor ordered to convince those normal christian Americans that the "anti-racists," of the world aren't egalitarians with good intentions, but genocidal barbarians who will use any excuse to destroy.

    1. Fair points. I agree with your conclusion that right-wing activism is most effective when it causes holiness spirals. But the left also advances this way, by taking two steps forward and one step back. They often overreach, conservatives go to sleep, and then they advance again. Removing Washington's statues is as crazy as gay marriage in 1990.

    2. I can't argue with that caveat. You're certainly right about conservatives going to sleep and now they're openly on the side of the communist activists. What I would say is that, demography and time being limited, such a gambit is likely all dissident politics has going for it.

  2. According to Issac, who obviously has figured out the future, its hopeless. I should prepare for the end. Seems kind of pessimistic to me.




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