Sunday, August 06, 2017

Don't Have a Cow

India's culture war is advancing faster than anywhere in the world.

At one level, India’s beef ban is silly and frivolous. Surely, a nation that sees itself as an emerging superpower in the 21st Century has bigger things to worry about than to ask “Where’s the beef?”

And seen that way, the issue is silly, gimmicky and unsubstantial.

But there is another way of looking at it. Beef is just a symbol of a larger transition. This is much more than a war on meat. This is a great liberal democracy going through the process of redefining itself (against the expressed wishes of its founders) as a Hindu nation that has no time for the liberal tradition.

This is a much more fundamental change in India’s national identity than the world has realised. And this just the beginning. The transformation will continue, with profound consequences, not just for India but for the entire region.
Taleb explained how the dictatorship of the small minority works. In this case, the Hindu majority is being more intolerant and defeating the Muslim minority because Hindus care about cows than Muslims care about eating/exporting beef.

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  1. The Progressive media in India (Cathedral's minions here) have suppressed the fact that there is a massive cow smuggling racket all over India, most of the victims of which are the Hindu farmers. Cow smugglers (predominantly Muslims) have even killed policemen in some cases, and many farmers/cattle owners. Scores of farmers have seen their livelihoods being snatched away with no action taken by "Progressive" state police in most cases. Some of the affected farmers have got together and beaten up / lynched the smugglers and thieves which has been blown us by the Progressive media as "Hindu Intolerance fomented by the right wing BJP". Beef ban (due to the cow being holy etc) was put in place decades ago by the now Progressive Congress party which has been reduced to 44 seats in the 543 member House. But the Congress while it has lost elections, still has informal power i.e. mainstream media, large sections of the judiciary, academia, NGOs, left wing activists/environmentalists/animal rights people etc so their views are dominant. Hindus are not reactionaries for the most, mainly conservative with no clue about institutional control except for some folks on twitter /social media.




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