Friday, July 28, 2017

Honorary White Nationalists in Beijing

First Chinese created the term Baizuo for stupid white leftists. Now China's capital of Beijing is infested with White Nationalists who complain of #FakeBeijingers moving in and destroying their city.

No Man’s City – A Chinese Blogger’s Powerful Essay About The “Fake Lives” of Beijing Residents
The essay describes how Beijing has changed into a city that is overrun by ‘outsiders’ and no longer belongs to the ‘old Beijingers.’ Chinese state media say the essay, which is now censored, polarizes the relations between Beijing’s locals and immigrants.
You are not fully red-pilled until you understand that racism doesn't exist. At all. Bigotry is real. You can have irrational dislike or hatred for people and things. But if you were bigoted against sports cars, a progressive would claim you hate the color red.

"Racism" is the cumulative effect of rational, self-interested behavior. The term "white privilege" has some truth to it because if you focus on yourself and your family, your community, your church, the results are "racist" in the sense that you and yours are successful, but somewhere out there, a similarly self-interested person or group isn't.

Steve Sailer described progressive thinking about outsiders as "leapfrogging loyalties." If you care about those near you, the result is "racism." Only by harming those closest to you, by behaving against your interests, can you somehow help others. In effect, it is white supremacy since it places all power and agency with whites, which is why PoC have "race fatigue" and partially why they're sick of Baizuo cultural products.

Most of the Cathedral arguments look downright retarded once you sub out a white American and black American (or Mexican immigrant) for a Chinese in Beijing and A Chinese in a village 100 miles from Beijing. It turns out progressives don't have universal arguments. They have extremely provincial arguments that are retarded outside of the specific cultural/political context. It's why there's lots of retarded ideas such as "white women can't be raped", or the various racial pride entries at Wikipedia:

IF you take progressive thinking to its logical conclusion, Exit is the "ultra-racist" position. If you spend all your time thinking about how to get a rocket to Mars, how to create a superior cryptocurrency, or how to unite a nation that believes in the ancient Rights of Englishmen, you are the "scariest" of the "racists."

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