Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Groundwork for Diaspora Already Exists

Polish National Alliance
Since 1880, when the PNA began providing insurance protection for Americans of Polish origins and ancestry, their families, friends and neighbors, nearly two million men, women and children across our land have benefited from belonging to our great PNA family -- both by owning quality life insurance and by taking advantage of our many excellent fraternal programs.

By Laws
As long as you believe in those ideals, you can be a member of the PNA. (The bylaws are also interesting in context of the debate over Posterity and Civic Nationalism.)

Imagine a patchwork of organizations operating under the umbrella of a larger skeleton organization that handles common issues (such as legal defense or political action []). Similar to how Europe is breaking apart, you could snowflake as much as your want on your individual identity, or if allowed, join in with a larger identity group (being of good character, pro-Polish and pro-Poland is enough for the PNA).

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