Sunday, July 09, 2017

Chinese Notice Baizuo Picked Up By Westerners

Baizuo is another great word for Chinese great netizens to contribute to English.

Baizuo is Chinese vocabulary, the word specifically refers to some naive Westerners, they are well educated, but only to meet their moral superiority and promote peace and equality. White left only concerns issues such as immigration, ethnicity, LGBT (lesbian Lesbians, gay men Gays, bisexuals and transgender) and the environment. They are very obsessed with political correctness, they are for the cultural diversity, and even the introduction of some of the more backward Islamic values. Chinese people think that the West white left are ignorant and arrogant, sympathize with the world, feel that they are savior.

The word "white left" is more like a vocabulary that reflects the ecology of the Clinton population, which is derived from the people who support Trump in the Chinese network during the 2016 US presidential election.

For the support of Hillary white left the ecological groups, the Trump support of the Chinese people even more profound than the Americans to understand, see more thoroughly. The reason is mainly to support Trump's Chinese people in the history of modern Chinese history and political society developed when the epiphany. They seem to see that contemporary politics in the United States is playing back the foolish moments of the history of the transformation of modern Chinese history. This is why the Chinese people generally appreciate and accept Trump in the emotional reasons, because the wisdom and wisdom of the Chinese people can easily determine Trump's "let the United States once again great" means on behalf of the country and the nation's main, And interest.

The word "white left" represents the political wisdom of rational Chinese people for the first time in history to transcend Western political wisdom. They are soberly aware that the white left is the foolishness of the self-disintegration, self-collapse, self-destruction of the Western society, and that there is no vigilance and consensus on the entire Western media and the intellectual class, because they themselves have been left The This profound understanding of Chinese rational netizens has great historical significance in the history of political thought.

The destruction of the country, such as South Africa, is completely destroyed by the hands of the world's white left; the destruction of society, the family and the individual.
On Baizuo

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