Friday, July 28, 2017

Honorary White Nationalists in Beijing

First Chinese created the term Baizuo for stupid white leftists. Now China's capital of Beijing is infested with White Nationalists who complain of #FakeBeijingers moving in and destroying their city.

No Man’s City – A Chinese Blogger’s Powerful Essay About The “Fake Lives” of Beijing Residents
The essay describes how Beijing has changed into a city that is overrun by ‘outsiders’ and no longer belongs to the ‘old Beijingers.’ Chinese state media say the essay, which is now censored, polarizes the relations between Beijing’s locals and immigrants.
You are not fully red-pilled until you understand that racism doesn't exist. At all. Bigotry is real. You can have irrational dislike or hatred for people and things. But if you were bigoted against sports cars, a progressive would claim you hate the color red.

"Racism" is the cumulative effect of rational, self-interested behavior. The term "white privilege" has some truth to it because if you focus on yourself and your family, your community, your church, the results are "racist" in the sense that you and yours are successful, but somewhere out there, a similarly self-interested person or group isn't.

Steve Sailer described progressive thinking about outsiders as "leapfrogging loyalties." If you care about those near you, the result is "racism." Only by harming those closest to you, by behaving against your interests, can you somehow help others. In effect, it is white supremacy since it places all power and agency with whites, which is why PoC have "race fatigue" and partially why they're sick of Baizuo cultural products.

Most of the Cathedral arguments look downright retarded once you sub out a white American and black American (or Mexican immigrant) for a Chinese in Beijing and A Chinese in a village 100 miles from Beijing. It turns out progressives don't have universal arguments. They have extremely provincial arguments that are retarded outside of the specific cultural/political context. It's why there's lots of retarded ideas such as "white women can't be raped", or the various racial pride entries at Wikipedia:

IF you take progressive thinking to its logical conclusion, Exit is the "ultra-racist" position. If you spend all your time thinking about how to get a rocket to Mars, how to create a superior cryptocurrency, or how to unite a nation that believes in the ancient Rights of Englishmen, you are the "scariest" of the "racists."

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Peak Baizuo

Even PoC are praying their contact with Baizuo ends swiftly.

Post-ALA Race Fatigue
Its been 5 straight days of being tone-policed and condescended to and ‘splained to. Five days of listening to white men librarians complain about being a “minority” in this 88% white profession–where they consistently hold higher positions with higher pay–because they don’t understand the basics of systemic oppression. (They’re librarians. You’d think they’d know how to find and read a sociology reference, but whatever.) Five days of having “nice white ladies” tell you to be “civil” and “professional” when you talk about the importance of acknowledging oppression and our profession’s role in it.

Even with well-meaning white people, friends even, it’s been exhausting; the fatigue is still there. Five days of having white colleagues corner you to “hear more” about the microaggressions you’ve suffered and witnessed, not because they want to check in on your fatigue, but because they take a weird pleasure in hearing the horror stories and feeling superior to their “less woke” racial compatriots.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

White Progressive Cultural Market Collapse

I saw the news of a Confederacy show and knew it would be garbage progressive nonsense.

But it isn't Alt-Right trolls that might get the show cancelled before it starts.

Backlash for HBO's slavery series 'Confederate' intensifies on Twitter
But it's one Daily Beast writer Ira Madison III called dangerous in a heated era of increased hate crimes. "This is white nonsense...we finally had an Oscars ceremony where a black film won Best Picture (Moonlight) without having slaves or servants in it," he wrote. "But I guess HBO’s eyes are still fixated on 12 Years a Slave."

"It is exhausting to think of how many people at HBO said yes to letting two white men envision modern day slavery. And offensive," tweeted Roxane Gay.

They are far from alone. Twitter at large castigated HBO's decision, resoundingly asking: Why, in such a divided political era (in which the Confederate flag debate still rages on), do we need this show? And why would HBO put such a concept in the hands of two white male show creators who have previously been criticized for a lack of representation of people of color on GOT, and shocking portrayals of rape and violence against women?
One tweet in the article:
Can you imagine how much harmful imagery they're gonna produce?
This is literally true. All the slavery movies made young black people hate whites even more.

This is the collapse of the White Progressive. There's no audience for their cultural products anymore. Whites don't want to hear their moral lectures, PoC are tired of their obsession with other White people. When there are many Narratives, there is no main Narrative. A show about the Confederacy would need to appeal to middle class white America. It would be the perfect vehicle for mocking Baizuo. North and South exist side-by-side for 150 years in peace, but now the Baizuo are agitating for war. Slavery isn't legal today, but cheap labor is the next step up from slavery. SJWs are the abolitionists of the current year. And so on...

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trying to Prosper Among Nigerians Like Trying to Farm in Antarctica

The Economist argues for global colonization by the West and East Asia. Just kidding! But you could be forgiven for thinking that after reading the headline.

A world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer
“Making Nigerians stay in Nigeria is as economically senseless as making farmers plant in Antarctica,” argue Mr Caplan and Mr Naik. And the non-economic benefits are hardly trivial, either. A Nigerian in the United States cannot be enslaved by the Islamists of Boko Haram.
Trying to prosper among Nigerians is like trying to farm in Antartica. Thanks for the meme!
To clarify, “open borders” means that people are free to move to find work. It does not mean “no borders” or “the abolition of the nation-state”. On the contrary, the reason why migration is so attractive is that some countries are well-run and others, abysmally so.
Right, you need to migrate the colonial armies into these resource rich nations full of people who are so low IQ they would try farming in Antarctica.
It is very hard to transfer Canadian institutions to Cambodia, but quite straightforward for a Cambodian family to fly to Canada.
I disagree. We could have an African nation with functional Canadian institutions within one generation of colonization. We've done it before, we can do it again. Si, se puede.
The quickest way to eliminate absolute poverty would be to allow people to leave the places where it persists.
True. Taking someone out of a poor economy and putting them in a rich one would immediately make them wealthier. But there are a lot of negative effects on the entire populations of the countries sending emigrants and those accepting immigrants. Whereas colonizing a nation has very limited downside. The losers are only the current ruling elites, and only if they fight. If they accept their new role as intermediaries between the colonial government and their people, it could be quite lucrative. Win-win!
In some European countries, such as Sweden, migrants are more likely to get into trouble than locals, but this is mostly because they are more likely to be young and male. A study of migration flows among 145 countries between 1970 and 2000 by researchers at the University of Warwick found that migration was more likely to reduce terrorism than increase it, largely because migration fosters economic growth.
The Cathedral propaganda works wonders.
Would open borders cause overcrowding? Perhaps, in popular cities like London. But most Western cities could build much higher than they do, creating more space.
Building up increases population density. Higher population density = overcrowding.
And mass migration would make the world as a whole less crowded, since fertility among migrants quickly plunges until it is much closer to the norm of their host country than their country of origin.
After a couple of generations. Wouldn't it be easier for the colonial government to enforce forced contraception?
Look at the way America has changed, mostly for the better, as its population soared from 5m mainly white folks in 1800 to 320m many-hued ones today.
Nope. The many-hued people didn't show up until the 1970s. America's space program went into the crapper shortly thereafter. Peak America was overwhelmingly white.
Newcomers from illiberal lands might bring unwelcome customs, such as political corruption or intolerance for gay people. If enough of them came, they might vote for an Islamist government, or one that raises taxes on the native-born to pamper the newcomers.
But think of the GDP.
If the worry is that immigrants will outvote the locals and impose an uncongenial government on them, one solution would be not to let immigrants vote—for five years, ten years or even a lifetime. This may seem harsh, but it is far kinder than not letting them in. If the worry is that future migrants might not pay their way, why not charge them more for visas, or make them pay extra taxes, or restrict their access to welfare benefits? Such levies could also be used to regulate the flow of migrants, thus avoiding big, sudden surges.
Do they ever think past one generation?
“Open borders would make foreigners trillions of dollars richer,” observes Mr Caplan. A thoughtful voter, even if he does not care about the welfare of foreigners, “should not say...‘So what?’ Instead, he should say, ‘Trillions of dollars of wealth are on the table. How can my countrymen get a hefty piece of the action?’
I think they've made a really strong case for colonization here. Let's put those Scots-Irish to work. First, figure out how not to repeat the past 100 years of decolonization. If our descendants feel guilty and destroy everything, including their own nations, then it is better to do nothing.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Chinese Notice Baizuo Picked Up By Westerners

Baizuo is another great word for Chinese great netizens to contribute to English.

Baizuo is Chinese vocabulary, the word specifically refers to some naive Westerners, they are well educated, but only to meet their moral superiority and promote peace and equality. White left only concerns issues such as immigration, ethnicity, LGBT (lesbian Lesbians, gay men Gays, bisexuals and transgender) and the environment. They are very obsessed with political correctness, they are for the cultural diversity, and even the introduction of some of the more backward Islamic values. Chinese people think that the West white left are ignorant and arrogant, sympathize with the world, feel that they are savior.

The word "white left" is more like a vocabulary that reflects the ecology of the Clinton population, which is derived from the people who support Trump in the Chinese network during the 2016 US presidential election.

For the support of Hillary white left the ecological groups, the Trump support of the Chinese people even more profound than the Americans to understand, see more thoroughly. The reason is mainly to support Trump's Chinese people in the history of modern Chinese history and political society developed when the epiphany. They seem to see that contemporary politics in the United States is playing back the foolish moments of the history of the transformation of modern Chinese history. This is why the Chinese people generally appreciate and accept Trump in the emotional reasons, because the wisdom and wisdom of the Chinese people can easily determine Trump's "let the United States once again great" means on behalf of the country and the nation's main, And interest.

The word "white left" represents the political wisdom of rational Chinese people for the first time in history to transcend Western political wisdom. They are soberly aware that the white left is the foolishness of the self-disintegration, self-collapse, self-destruction of the Western society, and that there is no vigilance and consensus on the entire Western media and the intellectual class, because they themselves have been left The This profound understanding of Chinese rational netizens has great historical significance in the history of political thought.

The destruction of the country, such as South Africa, is completely destroyed by the hands of the world's white left; the destruction of society, the family and the individual.
On Baizuo

Friday, July 07, 2017

The Left Flees from the West

Will the Flight from White be supplanted by the Flight from the West?

The Racial and Religious Paranoia of Trump’s Warsaw Speech
The West is a racial and religious term. To be considered Western, a country must be largely Christian (preferably Protestant or Catholic) and largely white. Where there is ambiguity about a country’s “Westernness,” it’s because there is ambiguity about, or tension between, these two characteristics. Is Latin America Western? Maybe. Most of its people are Christian, but by U.S. standards, they’re not clearly white. Are Albania and Bosnia Western? Maybe. By American standards, their people are white. But they are also mostly Muslim.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Federalize American Cities

Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Seattle are a few of the cities that should be federalized and allowed to operate as independent cities. They would retain the right to vote for House members and President, but lose representation in the Senate. Or if they demanded even greater independence, they could give up all representation and operate as largely autonomous units.

A Declaration of Urban Independence
My wife’s words made me realize something else too: As disenfranchised and hopeless as Trump’s election had made us feel, his voters had been feeling the same way for a long time. While Trump’s victory was partly the consequence of a stagnant economy and growing economic anxiety, it was even more the result of growing resentment against the more open and “permissive” liberal values toward women, minorities, immigrants, and the gay and lesbian community that are characteristic of the country’s most prosperous urban regions.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that as disastrous as Trump’s presidency was likely to be in many respects, it also presented a unique opportunity. If the GOP-controlled federal government isn’t going to help our cities—and under Trump, it is likely to work actively against their economic interests, not to mention the interests of the poor, minorities, women, gays and immigrants who live in them—then our cities will have to do the job themselves.
White Supremacist Liberalism is on full display:
On Inauguration Day, when President Trump spoke of the “carnage” in America’s cities, urban liberals were miffed and mystified: Had he not been to a city lately? Our reference points are the urban revivals of cities like New York, Boston, Washington and San Francisco, whose once-gritty streetscapes and working-class neighborhoods are now transformed into bespoke, boutique playgrounds for the wealthy and the creative class. But, the other, forgotten America that Trump spoke about—where “rusted-out factories” are “scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation”—is all too real.
I'm actually a little shocked by that paragraph. How deep must one be inside the Cathedral bubble to not know Trump was talking about black crime?
In 2016, Trump claimed the electoral system was working against him, but the truth is the opposite. Going all the way back to Thomas Jefferson, America has had an anti-urban bias that is deeply ingrained, a seemingly unshakable conviction that big cities are not the engines of wealth generation that they are, but elitist, wasteful and libertine, overrun with crime and corruption, and crowded with unproductive, government-dependent immigrants and minorities. That bias is built into the structures of state legislatures and Congress, which grant disproportionate power to suburban and rural voters—today’s Republicans.
Damn those opiod-addicted worthless white trash rednecks sucking up government welfare! How great would the cities be without having to live with rules drawn up by Christian fundamentalists, racists, misogynists, homophobes and trailer trash?
Even if Trump does collapse after one term or less, though, America will remain at a stalemate. Blue and Red America will continue to batter each other for as long as anyone can foresee, and neither side will really get its way. All we can look forward to is our quadrennial low-grade political civil war, and an endless seesawing between Blue and Red teams, neither able to consolidate their power and enact sustainable agendas. “The anger and resentment and hostility has been going up steadily since the ’90s and spiking up in the last year or two,” the social psychologist Jonathan Haidt told me in February. “It just seems fairly hopeless that we are going to somehow come to understand each other and work together.”

If our country is so divided that neither side can prevail, then can we possibly figure out how to coexist? Can Blue and Red America learn to accommodate their legitimate differences? The only way to do that is to pare back the power of our increasingly dysfunctional nation-state and give it to cities and localities. As a surprisingly diverse mix of figures on both the right and the left are now saying, America needs a devolution revolution.
Cities are already thinking about it:
When I asked Barber what would happen if Trump made good on his promise to punish sanctuary cities by withholding their federal subsidies, he proposed a truly radical response: “If that happens,” he said, “Cities ought to begin to withhold their taxes.” He added that the cities that make up the Global Parliament of Mayors—a sort of localist version of the United Nations that Barber founded to allow city leaders to address critical issues like climate change, immigration, pandemic disease, inequality and terrorism—had agreed to provide funding to U.S. sanctuary cities to make up for any cuts the Trump administration might inflict on them. What he was proposing was nothing less than a kind of urban nullification, a rejection of Trump’s assault on cosmopolitan America.
If those cities are foreign, it's technically treason. Probably not a good idea to give the God Emperor an excuse to charge your city with treason. "The skyscrapers burned like candles on the God Emperor's birthday cake."
By lowering the stakes at the national level, devolution is perhaps the only conceivable way Red and Blue America can respect one another’s differences and coexist. Want lower taxes? Fine, but you’ll have to live with fewer services too, because blue cities will no longer subsidize you. Don’t like Obamacare? Fine, you don’t have to take it. But the uninsured that live in your red states will know who is to blame for their plight. Don’t like transgender people having the right to use the bathroom of their choosing? Fine, make your red cities and towns bastions of transphobism—but don’t impose your intolerance on the rest of us. We can agree to disagree, as long as both sides are willing to live with the consequences. Liberal cities will keep their tax dollars at home and spend them as they see fit.
Acting a little bit like progressives goes a long way. Cause 1% of the pain felt by conservatives for decades and suddenly secession, federalism and devolution of powers are popular on the left.
There are no one-size-fits-all solutions: What New York and San Francisco need to grow denser and more affordable is far different from what Houston or Phoenix need to rein in sprawl, or what Detroit and Cleveland need to rebuild their economies. Diverse, clustered, geographically uneven countries like ours have the best shot at succeeding when local communities can create their own policies and strategies that best address their unique needs and challenges. Cities are the places where the rubber of economic development policy hits the road—and thus where they are tested and modified and honed. They are our true laboratories of democracy.
Let's do this:
It may be hackneyed to say a crisis is a terrible thing to waste, but Trump’s presidency provides both a defining crisis and a real opportunity to recast both our urban and our national governance. During the New Deal, Franklin D. Roosevelt forged a new kind of partnership between the federal government and the cities. It’s time to do so again, but this time on a wider scale and in reverse. It may be the only thing that can save us from ourselves.
The Right must make hay while the Sun shines. As soon as progressives have the Presidency again, they will explain how totalitarian terror unleashed from the Oval Office is not only legal, but morally justified.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Groundwork for Diaspora Already Exists

Polish National Alliance
Since 1880, when the PNA began providing insurance protection for Americans of Polish origins and ancestry, their families, friends and neighbors, nearly two million men, women and children across our land have benefited from belonging to our great PNA family -- both by owning quality life insurance and by taking advantage of our many excellent fraternal programs.

By Laws
As long as you believe in those ideals, you can be a member of the PNA. (The bylaws are also interesting in context of the debate over Posterity and Civic Nationalism.)

Imagine a patchwork of organizations operating under the umbrella of a larger skeleton organization that handles common issues (such as legal defense or political action []). Similar to how Europe is breaking apart, you could snowflake as much as your want on your individual identity, or if allowed, join in with a larger identity group (being of good character, pro-Polish and pro-Poland is enough for the PNA).

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Congratulations Illinois: You Beat California to the Punch

Illinois is mostly Trump country, but the shade of red lightens and then turns blue in Chicago. As is the case with many states in America, there is a power struggle between the rural Republicans and urban Democrats. The sides are too balanced in Illinois or perhaps their political structure is too democratic, or maybe they a little more incompetent. Whatever the reason, the state is now approaching total dysfunction.

Illinois Blows Budget Deadline, Pushing It Closer to Junk Rating
Illinois entered its third straight fiscal year without a budget as Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and Democratic lawmakers struggle to agree on how to rein in the government’s chronic deficits, pushing it closer toward becoming the first junk-rated U.S. state.

Illinois legislators failed to enact a budget by the end of Friday, the last day of the budget year. While negotiations continued and lawmakers planned to meet over the weekend, the failure marked a continuation of the unprecedented impasse that’s left Illinois without a full-year budget since mid-2015. Without a deal around July 1, S&P Global Ratings has warned that the nation’s fifth-most-populous state will likely get downgraded again, losing its investment-grade status.
Illinois has $14.7 billion in back payments. With GDP of about $800 billion, this is equivalent to about 1.8% of GDP. Illinois only collects about 4.3% of GDP in taxes and fees. it's backlog is 40% of the incoming tax revenue and 38% of the 2017 budget. If Illinois spreads out the back payments over a decade (with debt repaid by spending cuts), it would only require a 5% tax increase or 5% growth, or some combination, to fix it. That's not an insurmoutable problem. Its totally doable in a functioning state, dare I say even trivial as far as the math goes. But Illinois is not a functioning state. The back payments are a sign of dysfunction, not a one-time budget battle. There are unfunded pension liabilities, a growing annual budget deficit, a growing pile of debt. Illinois doesn't have a flat tire. The car is coming apart and a wheel is about to come off the axle.

A lot of investors are passive investors in 2017. Passive indexes have clear cut rules. If Illinois is cut to junk, any fund that holds only investment grade bonds must sell the Illinois bonds. Over the following 12 months, all of these funds will sell their Illinois bond holdings (muni junk bond funds will buy). Since everyone knows this will happen, they will sell their bonds as soon as possible. The average price of all municipal/state bonds will fall (interest rates will rise) because Illinois bonds are still part of the market. At some price (interest rate), investors would rather hold Illinois bonds at say 7%, than a California bond at 5%, especially if they think California finances are at least as bad as Illinois. Or, if you expect the U.S. Treasury to bail out Illinois, why not buy an Illinois bond at 7%, instead of getting only 3% on a 30-year U.S. Treasury.

If you don't think a bailout is coming, then you need a larger margin of safety to hold Illinois bonds. The price drops further, maybe you're looking at 8% or 9% interest (I'm using big numbers to make clear how investors react to pricing variation). A lot of state bonds are held within the state because of tax benefits. It's not bond holders in Texas or Japan who are hit hardest by a downgrade in Illinois bonds, but bond holders who are Illinois residents. That's before considering how higher interest rates chews up a larger share of the budget. Illinois' economy will contract outright or at least relative to the rest of the United States. A self-reinforcing cycle of collapse begins until a new level of stability is reached.

Illinois isn't the only dysfunctional state. Even states dominated by Democrats cannot function. Connecticut Democrats control the lower house in the legislature, have split control in the upper house, and control the governor's office, but Connecticut governor to control spending after budget fails to pass.
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy took control of the state's spending on Friday after lawmakers failed to pass a budget before a July 1 deadline due to discord over how to close a $5.1 billion shortfall over the next two years.

Connecticut, which has one of the lowest credit ratings of all U.S. states despite being one of the wealthiest by personal income, will continue operations under an emergency executive order signed in Hartford by Malloy, a Democrat.
The cost of diversity and progressive economic policy was pushed into the future with debt. The bill is coming due. Democrats want to use the federal government to pay for state spending. Either through inflation (borrowing) or tax increases at the federal level. Cuckservatives will side with them. Deficit hawks and "woke" GOPers will refuse bailouts. Without outside funding, the Democrats will eat each other alive with budget cuts. Or GOP-run states will eat their lunch. They'll poach their prime producers fleeing punitive tax increases.



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