Monday, June 12, 2017

Why You Need a Narrative

Comey fallout weighs on the GOP
But one senior GOP aide said that lawmakers aren’t holding out much hope of changing Trump’s Twitter habit, despite Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) publicly expressed hopes that there be “less drama” from the White House.

The aide quipped that getting Trump to tweet less is like “tilting at windmills.”

Republican lawmakers are under increasing pressure as, four months into Trump’s first term, they cannot point to any major accomplishments besides conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch's confirmation to the Supreme Court. Instead, Trump’s political problems have distracted from the agenda.

Republicans have publicly downplayed Comey’s testimony, but privately they’re nervous that they’re burning through the legislative calendar while remaining deadlocked over healthcare reform. Meanwhile, unfinished work on tax reform, infrastructure investment and the budget piles up behind it.

The biggest frustration for many Republican lawmakers is that Trump has helped keep the controversy in the headlines by picking fights with the media on Twitter instead of keeping the focus on his own agenda or simply staying quiet at key moments.
Republicans buy into the Cathedral's Narrative. They are the Outer Party for a reason. Back in the 1980s, liberals made fun of Reagan for reading Human Events.

Reagan’s Newspaper
For more than 40 years, Ronald Reagan’s favorite newspaper was HUMAN EVENTS, which he said “helped me stop being a liberal Democrat.”

When he discovered White House aides were blocking its delivery, President Reagan arranged for multiple copies to be sent to the White House residence every weekend. He made clear HUMAN EVENTS’ importance to him by marking and clipping articles and passing them along to his assistants.

Reagan relied on HUMAN EVENTS, he explained, for its “aggressive reporting, superb analysis and one of the finest collections of conservative columnists.” He routinely sought its guidance on critical issues like taxes and strategic defense.
Unlike Reagan, Trump watches "the shows." The media can pull him into a ridiculous Russia story, and the Outer Party go along with the MSM narrative. This Russia story must be serious, it's in the WaPo and NYTimes!

We remember what liberals said and what they really think about Ronald Reagan
Pat Buchanan, who served as President Reagan’s communications director, put it this way: (H/T Human Events):

Frankly, Reagan was more concerned about what you guys said at HUMAN EVENTS and what they said in the Washington Times, than what they said in the New York Times.
An alternative Narrative exists, many in fact, but the GOP and Trump are still following the Cathedral's lead on too many issues.

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