Thursday, June 08, 2017

Pike in the Carp Pond

Be Thankful for the Pikes in Your Carp Pond
“The pike is a predator of the carp,” he said. “So, when the pike is around, the carp feel threatened and keep active."
Applied to Roman history:
Do you remember what happened to the Roman Empire? Around 147 BC, the Roman Empire was large and powerful. During the Third Punic War, the Romans were close to victory and they considered what to do with the city of Carthage. Two of the Senators – Cato and Nasica – argued about this. Cato pushed for the destruction of Carthage, while Nasica preferred to let it stand.


Because he knew that if Carthage was destroyed, Rome would no longer have a mortal enemy and the Roman people would become complacent. They become weak and useless, and their manly virtues and courage would fade away.

That began the fall of the Roman Empire.

Carthage was the pike; Rome was the carp.
Islam is the pike in the Western carp pond.

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