Monday, June 05, 2017

New Crowdfunded Political Party

Initially the party serves to crowdfund the Alt-Right, but 10% of funds go to the Party for political activities.

What is Counter.Fund?

Counter.Fund is a crowdfunding platform built by and for the wider Alt-Right counter-culture.

10% of all the funding collected will be allocated to a party fund, and a parliamentary House of Lords (House of Shitlords?) comprised of the top fundraisers will convene regularly to spend that money on political action for the benefit of the movement. Counter.Fund is an experiment in catalyzing collective action across the wider Alt-Right.

Counter.Fund is ideological in its explicit dedication against Marxist political correctness and the globalist progressive Left.
Counter.Fund is built on a crowdfunding platform that allows recurring and one-time payments to registered Influencers via credit card, bitcoin, and PayPal.
Counter.Fund is self-governed because it is controlled by a House of Lords of the top Influencers who raise money on the site.
Counter.Fund is a political party because the House of Lords spends 10% of all the money raised on whatever it decides are the collective goals of the party.


Counter.Fund's mission is to create strong incentives and fertile conditions for collectivized political action amongst the atomized counter-culture right. The movement's distributed nature is an advantage but a vehicle for limited collective action will magnify its ability to project power.

A political party is an organization that collects dues from members to pursue collective political ends. Counter.Fund is an attempt to create the first natively internet political party that is built on crowdfunding and governed by those with the highest algorithmically measured political influence amongst its members.

Governance Structure
Counter.Fund's parliamentary House of Lords will be composed of the top Influencers as measured by money raised per month. The Lords will elect the 5 member Counter.Fund High Council to one year terms who advise the Chairman in all matters and have the power to hire and fire him. The Chairman manages operations of the platform, and administration of the party apparatus.

A forthcoming Counter.Fund Governance White Paper will be published before launch with details of all governance processes and comments will be requested from the community before as final version is ratified.

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