Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Look Inside the Cathedral

There's no big conspiracy theory. There's not even necessarily a conscious agenda.

Someone cooked up the Russia lies, but now it has a life of its own. Different parts of the Cathedral are running their own protocols.

Here is a CNN producer discussing how the Russia story is bullshit.

What drives the stories? Ratings. What drives the ratings? Viewers.

CNN is Soylent Green. It's feeding the viewers their own paranoia.

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  1. Their ratings haven't been improving as a result of parroting deep-state propaganda at an increasingly frantic pace. And the fact everyone from CNN to Fox took the flagrant bullshit and ran with it suggests there is indeed an agenda, if not a conspiracy, to push it.

    The Cathedral in aggregate is an unruly mass of bad ideas, but the legacy media are largely catelized into the hands of a few dozen big political players and they just to happen to have a similar background.




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