Sunday, May 14, 2017

Migrant Crisis Red Pills China

Outside In copies the main thrust of a worried progressive piece on the rise of "white left" as a slur in China. 白左

This is the explanation:
However, Chinese netizens’ fierce attacks against the ‘white left’ seem curiously devoid of experiential motivation, since all these problems that conservatives in the west are concerned about – immigration, multiculturalism, minority rights, and affirmative actions – are largely unknown to Chinese society.

I don't buy the affirmative action argument because Chinese (and other high-achieving Asians) in America dislike it, but it doesn't turn them right-wing.

Anti-Muslim policies of the government probably moved them in a reactionary direction. Anti-Muslim sentiment is on the rise in China. We found that the Internet fuels — and fights — this.

I suspect the migrant crisis was the red pill for China. Everything else was in play long ago, but nothing sparked a reaction like the one currently forming.

Once China realizes this can be useful in geopolitics, as it was for Russia, we'll be getting gold pandas to stack next to our commemorative Putin gold coins.

Consider the term "Manchurian blogger" officially coined.

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  1. The Chinese - for various reasons - are more capable of adopting a 'long view' strategy than we in the West these days.

    They'll certainly see that there's short term benefit from allowing, or aiding, the Western/White countries in their elite-led drive to imminent suicide. This will enable the to more quickly become World No. 1 - but only in the context of a largely degrading, barbarian run, world, as China's only real competitors (India's "potential" is rooted in a 'WE WILL BE KANZ!' mentality) are the White nations.

    They will hopefully see that there are infinitely greater medium-long term benefits from supporting White natives in their quest to avoid extinction and consequently being seen as a genuine friend and benefactor.

    And that's just considering cold blooded geopolitical considerations while removing any emotion or cultural affinity from the equation. It's fair to say that the overwhelming majority of the Chinese at least respect, if not feel affection for, traditional European/White civilization while feeling absolute hostility and rational fear of the low-IQ Muslim and African barbarians destroying it with the aid of the mentally ill Western Globalist elite.





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