Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Hunting For Growth

Convergence killing NASCAR
Many NASCAR fans warned of this when NASCAR decided to stop focusing on its core audience in order to reach out to the new fans who, as many predicted, proved to be almost entirely imaginary. And if you think NASCAR's management is going to learn from their catastrophic failure, then you really don't understand how SJW convergence works.
Convergence happens when you appeal to a mass market. Everyone converges on the same target audience and thus converges on the same type of product/programming.

Hunting for growth wasn't a big issue 30+ years ago because there was still organic population growth. Now the population is holding steady and certain demographic groups, such as whites, are shrinking as a percentage of the population. Let's say you're Nascar or the NHL, you pull out a demographic chart and see that your market will only grow at 1-2% per year if you can hold your share of the market. But there's a much bigger pie if you can appeal to non-whites.

The Sailer Strategy is a good one for a high margin business. If the NHL decides it's the sport for upper middle income whites, they would drive up their share of white sports fans as other leagues such as the NBA turn them off.

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