Monday, May 01, 2017

How to Destroy the Alt-Right

Give it what it wants.
“As the white population becomes a smaller majority and ultimately a minority, there is going to be more white panic. It’s not super-common as a natural democratic process. How will people deal with that? Whites would be a power majority in economic and politics, which creates a dangerous-imbalance power dynamic, like the dangerous sectarian resentments seen in some Middle Eastern conflicts. That’s why I’m not super-optimistic about this, unless we can allow some room for a legitimate expression of white identity. White self-interest that doesn’t discriminate against others, that isn’t racist toward minority groups. A stark understanding of “You’re a racist or non-racist,” is not a good idea and not sustainable.”—Shadi Hamid, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and author of Islamic Exceptionalism
Reverse demographic changes and ease up on anti-white rhetoric, and support for the Alt-Right would weaken considerably. This is impossible under current conditions, because all men literally created equal. Plus, the power imbalance is rising as the Third World hordes lower average income, exacerbating the impact of automation, but the upper classes remain heavily white. This creates more racial tensions with identity politics even if the left cools it with the anti-white remarks. If the left instead goes into diversity overdrive (as the trend indicates), it expands the pool of elite whites denied power, while simultaneously delegitimizing and weakening elite status and radicalizing the white lower classes. A white counter-elite representing dispossessed whites will rise. Where the left gets it very wrong is in thinking this will be based on white left-right politics, instead of racial and ethnic identity politics. Ideological tension is weakening and identity is replacing it.

Finally, if the left did acquiesce to a white identity, there's no reason why it wouldn't logically dominate the country and eventually reassert control. Colonization in most of the world ended because whites stopped colonizing countries, not because whites were defeated. Creating the conditions of colonization at home means the whites will never quit.


  1. >A white counter-elite representing dispossessed whites will rise.

    This is the part that rings implausible within your narrative. I don't say this with any undue hostility but it is the reason neither left nor right of the political establishment take the white "panic," as seriously as you suggest they should. National and State politics are fairly well locked down. Candidates like Trump are, as illustrated over the last several weeks, not true outsiders. True outsiders who do not respect the general establishment bent are not allowed to make it onto ballots. Insurrection of the sort you're describing is not impossible; however, it is sufficiently outside the realm of predicted possibility that it isn't treated as a great concern.

    As everyone knew from 2008 onward, the left would forever wed itself to diversity and the minority coalition vote since that is the fastest growing voter bloc. The open question, answered two weeks ago, is what the right would ultimately do about it. And that is clearly to let the demographic shift happen and either fold into the DNC one-party-state OR attempt to re-imagine their party ex post facto. From what we can readily observe with the well-heeled republican elite families, I believe their strategy is to re-consolidate as a mestizo-majority party.

    1. That's a fair prediction if inertia wins and the probability is high assuming the economy motors along as it did since 1945. My baseline assumption is that economy, society, culture, politics bear a strong resemblance to the 1850s and 1920s. Whatever is "sufficiently outside the realm of predicted possibility" is where I place my bets.




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