Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Help Wanted at TWiR

Nick B Steves is looking for volunteers to help write This Week in Reaction:
Calling all NEETs…
This whole process takes about 20 hours per week. It’s 20 hours I don’t actually… ya know… have. And that’s why I’m asking for your help, dear NEET or otherwise industrious person who wishes to have a hand in the creation of this “social glue” of The Reactosphere®

I propose to divide the work up into beats. There are several beats that’d I’d like to hold onto for strategic reasons, but there are several I would be happy to farm out to an industrious minion or two or three or four. Beats are somewhat negotiable, but they need to be helpful… to me. Following only your favorite blogger is probably not going to be helpful… unless that blogger happens to be Porter, Evolutionist X, SoBL, Jim, or Quas Lacrimas, who already have their own delineated subsections within the TWiR… in which case you may have just found yerself a beat!

Barring those, the two most critical beats I need help on are the “Orthosphere Beat” and the “Arts & Letters Beat”. Each of these include a large number of sites the output of which and the applicability of which varies from week to week.

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