Friday, May 05, 2017

Average Whites Are Superstar Americans

The worst aspect of collapse probably won't be the collapse itself. Most likely the decline will be slow and steady, punctuated by events such as rapid currency devaluation and perhaps a military loss. Instead, the worst thing will be the total complacency of everyone around you. They will view the collapse as the new normal.

Case in point, Vermont standardized test scores.
Vermont is smack dab in the middle of American white educational achievement, but because it is a mostly white state, it lands at number 11 nationally.

Anything and everything that appeals to a mass audience, be it a standardized test or the best selling items at Wal-Mart and Amazon, will be corrupted by changing demographics.


  1. Your "new normal" comment is spot-on. I think a likely model for our collapse is the post-WWII collapse of the British Empire. A 20 year decline in living standards punctuated by occasional military humiliations, labor unrest, and rationing.

    If we're lucky, that is.

  2. What's worse, the fact that non-Whites sully the culture or the fact that they pollute the gene pool? Discuss. . . .




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