Monday, April 03, 2017

White Birth Rate Holding Up

Audacious Epigone: Majority of US births are to whites

The whitest states are Montana, West Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho. Kentucky and Iowa are surprisingly high as well. Alabama too.

Politically the outlook still isn't good. AE points out that if California leaves, the white share of births rises from 53.7% to almost 60%.

Instead of secession, think expulsion.

Although geography isn't broken down, it's also the case that most non-whites are in cities.

Reverse migration is possible!

Steve Sailer points out how a measly $2.6 billion in corn exports from the U.S. killed 1.9 million jobs in Mexico. Conservatively impacting at least 6 million Mexicans. If 1 million of them moved to the U.S. and collect $10,000 in welfare benefits or other social spending, that's $10 billion in annual costs to the USA.

To Make America Great Again, make Mexico Great Again. China is more of a threat to Mexico than the USA because it takes away low skill labor that might otherwise be employed in Mexico. Redirecting jobs to Mexico to raise Mexican wages is a sound policy. As Mexicans voluntarily leave the United States for higher wages in Mexico, low-skill wage rates in the U.S. rise.

Carrots and sticks.

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