Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Russia, Rice and the Police State

According to the latest reports, the Obama Administration spied on the Trump campaign for more than a year. Why is difficult to say, but the administration was also accused of using the IRS for political persecution. Other departments such as the EPA were also accused of partisanship under Obama. The DOJ...

They didn't expect Trump would win.

When Trump won, they knew they were screwed. They couldn't cover their tracks, so they invented a Russia narrative to cover up the story. They knew their worthless toadies in the MSM would report whatever lies they spewed as gospel. Hence the concoction of a Russia connection to Trump. A giant smokescreen designed to create an after-the-fact explanation for spying on political opponents.

Or it could be the political spin about Russia and Trump spurred an attempt to create a false connection. Even before the Russia lie, Trump was attacked for saying "nice" things about Putin. The Obama Administration might have been looking for any dirt they could find on Trump. A phone call or email with something connected to Russia that could be leaked to a reporter who then whips up a false narrative.

Finally, it's possible the Russia story is unconnected. That it was cooked up by others with access to Rice's treasure trove of unmasked data.

As for the politics, progressives are defending Rice saying she did nothing illegal.

That's an odd route to take.

There's a greater amount of political collusion between Mexico and the entire progressive establishment, including the media, on the topic of immigration. Or maybe they're all secretly working with ISIS, trying to help them get terrorists into the country. A national security issue. Trump could have the NSA unmask all personal communications of all Democrats, NGOs and major media employees. And all those judges ruling against Trump's travel ban. Once the files are open information, criminal wrongdoing of any kind could be passed on to the relevant authorities: FBI, DEA, state & local police.

That's the power of NSA data collection. A complete and total violation of constitutional rights is one step away once this personal information is accessed by the government. Progressives are cheering it because they were in charge.

Progressives are why we can't have a nice country.

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