Tuesday, April 18, 2017

No Platform for Aristotle

And she also had a problem with the quote from Aristotle.

“But he’s one of the most important philosophers who ever lived!” my friend said.

“Yes, he has contributed to the long history of patriarchy, and that’s why he has to be removed.”
In frieze, former Goldsmith’s student Casper Jade Heinemann represented SDLD50’s position with a construction from bell hooks: the enemy was “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.” She argued: “contemporary art is structurally dependent on right-wing sentiments inasmuch as such sentiments are intrinsic to current economic and social formations… I, and others in similar positions of relative privilege, have been complicit in a cultural discourse predicated on exclusion that implicitly or explicitly upholds white supremacy and misogyny, and which many of us continue to socially and economically benefit from.”

The reality is that international contemporary art promotes multicultural left-wing sentiments, for obvious reasons: it is a State-supported, global capitalist industry. Capitalism isn’t itself racist, sexist, or right-wing: it’s beyond ideology because it sells ideology, and the more manufactured it is, the more capitalist. Capital liquidates patriarchy because it it liquidates tradition and nature in insatiable hunger for profit — that is Marx’s argument. It’s anti-racist — it annihilates all human differences into quantitative units; on the same basis, if feminism lowers wages, and creates consumer markets, it’s pro-feminism.

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