Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Second Antebellum

America's adversaries no longer need to find spies in the intelligence agencies. Enough intel agents consider America's intelligence agencies the bad guy and are willing to do the work of the Russians and Chinese for them. Fifty years ago, dumping documents was the work of communist agents or communist sympathizers. Defeat of America was the goal. Then the commies won.

Now America's intel agencies are riddled potential leakers. Some are clueless leftists who think taking down the CIA is furthering progress, even though CIA is a key component in the Cathedral's machine. Others are anti-American leftists. Others are diversity hires. Others may be Amerikaners watching an agency turn on their countrymen. Some may be patriotic Americans who support the President, from whatever party. The government is at war with itself.

Wikileaks dumps CIA data.

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