Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The GOP's Final Cuck

The GOP blew it on healthcare. The House healthcare bill repeals the individual mandate and tax, but allows insurers to charge 30 percent more on people who have gaps in coverage. The GOP cucked for the insurance industry, an industry that is in bed with the Democrats.

The GOP also gives tax incentives for buying healthcare. This will increase healthcare costs, not lower them.

To reform healthcare, laws going back to World War II have to be repealed. Back in WWII there were wage controls and companies could not give workers wage increases. They paid out healthcare benefits instead. America's screwed up healthcare financing system is one of FDR's many gifts still paying dividends.

Since the GOP controls government and major tax reform is on the table, the GOP could tax healthcare benefits, but adjust the tax rate lower to account for it. People receiving very large healthcare benefits would pay a little more in taxes, but most people would pay less. Following the rule change, workers would demand cheaper health insurance and more cash wages. Healthcare spending would decline. Costs would follow.

Conservatives deficit hawks also appear clueless from reports. Some people would lose coverage as part of an ACA repeal. Instead of biting the bullet and paying to keep people covered for a few years, these conservatives want to cut people off. The deficit is being driven by permanent spending programs, not temporary spending increases. Paying to make a clean and total repeal of the ACA possible is a good investment. Instead, America gets a half-assed law that drives up costs. Next time Democrats win, they will further expand Medicaid, undoing whatever cost savings conservatives think they're achieving.

The major fallout from the GOP cucking on healthcare is the U.S. dollar will turn to toilet paper in the next 25 to 30 years. Possibly in the next 10 to 15 years if the next U.S. dollar cycle low (~2024-2026) is followed by continued decline in the dollar. Deficits will grow wildly in the coming decade once the GOP loses power, there is a recession, and Democrats build on existing welfare and entitlement spending.

There is still time to salvage the mess. Perhaps President Trump, the post-cuck Rand Paul and others will put together a new bill. But the cucks in the GOP have already blown a major opportunity and wasted two precious months of time. They have given Trump supporters enough reason to primary all of them in the 2018 midterms.

America is too diverse and too fractured to govern. The GOP's unwillingness to use its power is the clearest signal. In order to rule, one must make enemies with half the nation because the nation is truly divided. The GOP as elected is mostly made up of cowards.

Jim comments: Why Ryancare will not work
Ryancare requires that insurance cover people with pre-existing conditions. That is not insurance, that is a handout. If the government is going to give people handouts, should be done openly through government funded hospitals and the like. If you rope private enterprise into giving handouts, you will find that this turns out to be a stupendously expensive way of providing handouts, not a cheap way.

Ryancare is the continuing ratchet leftwards, Ryancare is Republicans doing their jobs as tax collectors for the welfare state, where Democrats create unfunded entitlements, and Republicans proceed to make white middle class males pay for them.
AKA, cucks.

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