Saturday, March 04, 2017

The Cathedral's Existential War with Islam

Al-Qaeda likes Steve Bannon so much, they put him on the cover of their official newspaper
The way al-Qaeda tells it, the West is locked in an existential war with Islam. This is how the terrorist group justifies its violence and its fundamentalist ideology. And now it has found a Westerner to back them up — top Trump adviser Steve Bannon.
Everyone on the dissident Right is aware of this howler. Islamic fundamentalists justify their violence because some people in the West say they don't want Muslims in the West. Meanwhile, the Cathedral pumps out sodomy, fornication and blasphemy 24/7 through all forms of media and drops bombs all over the Middle East.
Bannon graced the cover (above the fold!) of the most recent al-Qaeda-linked Al Masra newspaper. That prominence, University of Oxford researcher Elisabeth Kendall told Quartz, is “striking.”

The piece focused on Bannon's views of Islam, saying he believes that “the forces of Islam cannot be stopped by peaceful means.” The paper cited a conversation Bannon had with a Danish journalist in May 2016. It also claimed that Bannon believes that the struggle is really between Christianity and Islam, not just Islam and the West. And it suggested that Bannon has “lost confidence in secular Europe, and sees Muslim immigrants as partially responsible for the retreat of traditional Christian values.”
I can see how a Muslim might be offended at being blamed for a retreat of Christian values since Muslims didn't cause the retreat (initially) and they, like many Christians, would blame it on the Church and secularism. Muslims arrived late to the collapse. They're gaining ground quickly because Christianity already largely collapsed. Given time, Christianity will revive itself, but not if is exterminated by Islamic jihad. Jihadists will not use violence if they don't need to, but if other avenues of advance are closed, they will resort to violence.

This article ends like traditional "fake news," with the conservative truth buried at the end:
People are saying that Trump shows America's true colors, he said. But it's nothing new. These same sentiments existed under Obama, they say, even though his rhetoric was less inflammatory. “They'd rather Trump than Obama, a snake who hides what he's doing,” Stalinsky said. Terrorists sympathizers say, “We're grateful to have Trump removing Obama's mask.”

The message, Stalinsky says, is this: “There's a new fool in the White House.” But he's just replacing an old fool. And the goal — “to ignite the ground under America's feet” — remains the same.
Jihadis don't care who is in the White House, hatred of Americans remains as high as ever. But that isn't news. The one thing the MSM needs is news. No news, no advertisements, no profits. If they can't find any news, they manufacture it.

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