Friday, March 31, 2017

Separating Church and State in China

China tries to stop Islam from expanding.
Ban on beards and veils – China’s Xinjiang passes law to curb ‘religious extremism’
The law, which takes effect ­on Saturday, bans a wide range of acts including wearing veils or “abnormal” beards, without specifying the term. It will also be illegal to refuse to watch state television and listen to state radio, or prevent children from receiving national education – activities deemed “manifestations” of ­extremism, according to the ­official news website

Among them: using religious instead of legal procedures to marry or divorce or meddling in other people’s weddings, funerals and inheritance; interfering with or sabotaging the enforcement of family planning policies, and ­deliberately damaging national identity cards, household registration books or the currency. ­Applying the concept of Halal in non-food-related areas or using it to intervene in other people’s secular lives is also considered an extremist act, according to the law.
China clearly understands Narrative. China also understands the need for compulsory state education. They provide free schools like the Americans do, but the Muslims are tougher to indoctrinate with anti-religious narrative. Finally, China understands that religion is expanding into areas of State control.

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