Thursday, March 09, 2017

Progressive Admits White Genocide Is The Goal

I agree with Vox that white genocide isn't great rhetorically because of what the word brings to mind (mass executions). Based on the U.N. standard though, using demographic replacement to reduce the political power of the natives counts as genocide. The Chinese do in Xinjiang and Tibet, and now Progressive Democrats admit they do in the United States.
And the demographic shifts that Democrats so patiently—and foolishly—counted on to change everything will now be stalled and undermined at every turn. A few years of Republican border and refugee policies, and we’ll be headed back to the ever-whiter America that preceded Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 immigration reforms.
Progressives openly admit their ideas are not popular, rejected by the American people. The only way to advance their agenda is to commit genocide against the native population. He even cites the 1965 turning point.

The author of the piece is not a wacko leftist, but an ordinary run of the mill Progressive.

My suggestion for a Bluexit is federal city states. Keep the cities as part of the contiguous United States, but do not allow them to vote for President, Senate or House (less rights than DC, which will remain the capital). They will be given extensive liberty in terms of local control. Enough that they will be able to become more leftist as the rest of the nation becomes more rightist.

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